Truma AquaGo Tankless Water Heater

The Truma AquaGo is a tankless “hybrid” water heater with a small tank. The Truma AquaGo water heater can be found in the Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion and the Winnebago Forza. Instant, constant, endless – the Truma AquaGo instant water heater supplies hot water reliably around-the-clock for showering, rinsing, and hand washing in your Winnebago View, Navion or Forza. The Truma AquaGo instant water heater is the most powerful appliance on the market, yet it is characterized by its compact dimensions, straightforward operating procedures just like your water heater at home, its maintenance-friendly internal components, and numerous safety features.

Truma AquaGo Tankless RV Water Heater

The small tank in the Truma AquaGo holds the heated water in a tank before sending it on its way. The tank mixes the water to level out the temperature. This allows you to avoid that initial cold blast of water. The Truma AquaGo ensures the cold water never makes it to the tap — it gets mixed in with hot water so you get a nice even temperature in your shower.

Unique Features of the Truma AquaGo System

  • Constant water temperature at 120 degrees, even with high flow rates of 1.5g/pm to as low as 0.4 g/pm
    •  No adjustments necessary


  • The only instant water heater utilizing hybrid technology with a temperature stabilizer (mixing vessel)
    • The industry’s only true instant water heater ensuring hot water at every tap, any time
    • Adjust water temperatures like at home for greater comfort
    • When showering, a constant hot water temperature is maintained even after the water is turned off and then back on again so no risk of scalding or temperature fluctuations.


  • At 60K BTUs, it is the most powerful RV water heater on the market
    • Microprocessor controlled stepless burner that modulates between 20,000 BTUs and 60,000 BTUs depending on the incoming water temperature and flow rate
    • Highly efficient, take a 20 minute shower each day for a month straight on a 20lb. propane tank


  • Simple maintenance with “Easy Drain Lever”
    • Quick winterization, no water stains and no need for any special tools
    • Reusable filter cartridge protects the internal components
    • No Anode to replace
    • The only water heater in the industry with exclusive decalcification technology which extends the life and maintains performance.

Call a Lichtsinn RV consultant today to find out more about the Truma AquaGo tankless water heater found in the Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion and the Winnebago Forza.

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