Truma Combi Eco Plus Furnace & Water Heater

Now featured in the 2016 Winnebago Travato 59K is the Truma Combi furnace and water heater!

Truma launched North America’s first forced air LP gas furnace with integrated water heating function, the Truma Combi™. Thanks to its compact dimensions, energy-efficient technology and quiet operation, the Truma Combi™ has been the best-selling RV furnace in Europe and Australia for more than 20 years.

High energy efficiency
The Truma Combi™ boasts an excellent energy efficiency of approximately 90%. This means that the energy stored in propane is converted into heat virtually without loss. “This results in very low LP gas and electricity consumption for the furnace and boiler”, explains Gerhard Hundsberger, CEO of Truma Corp, “making the Truma Combi™ a product that is environmentally-friendly and easy on your wallet.”

Strong performance
The Truma Combi™ is available in four models: the eco and comfort version operate on propane and rated at 14,300 and 20,400 BTU/h thermal output respectively. The eco plus and comfort plus models include an electric option with three operating possibilities of: propane, electricity or both propane and electricity. The “plus” models are equipped with 1,700 W electrical heating elements at 120 VAC. In all modes, the furnace operates extremely quietly and maintains a constant, comfortable room temperature without variations. Three microprocessors provide intelligent temperature control in the device and ensure maximum safety. One processor controls performance while the other two monitor safety.

Optimum warm air distribution
The Truma Combi™ is very compact and, at 35.1 lbs, the most light-weight heating system on the market. The remote cowl-kit requires a minimal wall cut-out diameter of 3.27” and provides flexibility in installation at different locations of the vehicle such as small storage spaces, closets, beneath beds or benches. Four air outlets on the heater and a special insulated duct system ensure optimal and uniform warm air distribution throughout the vehicle.

Easy-to-use digital control panel
The digital LCD control panel “Truma CP plus” offers great operating ease and ensures a pleasant climate in the vehicle. The near silent, variable speed fan can be set between four operating modes: “Eco”, “High”, “Boost” and the fan only “Vent” mode. The boost function heats up the RV 15% quicker ensuring a pleasant room climate in no time. A “Boost” function is also available for the boiler, providing longer showers with shorter waiting times. Additionally, all functions can be set easily and conveniently thanks to a programmable timer. For instance, it is possible to program a lower room temperature at night or activate the hot water “Boost” function an hour before you wake.