UltraSteer, the industry’s first full line of fully integrated and precision-tuned tag axles to react to turns and other maneuvers of the coach, establishing a new standard of RV ride and handling.  With an ordinary tag axle and even some steer tag axles every turn causes tire scrub or wear on the rear tires. With UltraSteer when the driver turns the coach, the wheels on the tag axle follow the idle turning pattern, this results in up to a 17 % reduction in the curb to curb turning radius as compared to an ordinary fixed tag axle (tightest in the industry). Forward-mounted tie rods and correct steering geometry enable the inside wheel to have a 12 degree turning angle and follow the ideal turning path, eliminating tire scrub. In addition Ultrasteer Auto-Locks to straight at 20mph, providing full control and precise maneuvering in all conditions. Other UltraSteer highlights include: optimized rubber bushings that increase suspension life and reduce maintenance as well as a QuickAlign feature that allows for easy alignments.


Ultrasteer is designed for premium RVs and is only available from Freightliner Custom Chassis (F Triple C).  It offers a wide range of benefits to luxury motorhome manufacturers including:* I-Series and B-Series configurations to provide optimum flexibility with coach floorplans.  It is also compatible with both disc and drum brakes.  Numerous advantages set UltraSteer apart from other steer systems including up to a 17% tighter turning radius which is a 140% improvement over other manufacturers designs.  Rather than being an aftermarket add-on Ultrasteer was designed by F Triple C engineers to be fully integrated into premium RV chassis.  While other chassis have rear mounted tie rods at F Triple C they have developed a forward mounted tie rod design that enables the inside wheel to have a 20% tighter turn angle than other steering systems. This allows the wheels to follow the ideal turning pattern which eliminates tire scrub, provides more accurate steering and matches the steering path of the front suspension.  In contrast to inboard-mounted shock absorbers, Ultrasteer’s outboard-mounted design is more reactive to roll input which improves handling and turns and maneuvers such as sudden lane changes.  The UltraSteer B Series features wide track suspension arms which increase lateral stiffness over narrow track suspension arms that improve overall handling and safety.  From safety and comfort to reduced tire wear and lower maintenance there is a new standard in premium ride and maneuverability.  UltraSteer handling luxury with precision exclusively from Freightliner Custom Chassis.



A straight beam axle and wide track suspension arms provide increased lateral stiffness, delivering improved handling and safety in turns and sudden maneuvers while offering OEMs flexible floorplan options.


An independent suspension on the tag axle provides enhanced overall ride quality and stability, with a comparable weight capacity and turning angle to the B-Series.


Credit:  Freightliner Custom Chassis