What are the Solar Capabilities of this Winnebago RV?

If you spend time camping and traveling in an RV, solar panels can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and convenient way to use electricity on the go. Solar panel systems generally require little to no maintenance and provide a dependable source of electricity when the sun is shining.

Winnebago Motorhome Solar Power

The primary purpose for solar panels on an RV is to recharge your batteries when not connected to shore or generator power. A solar charging system can charge your batteries for hours unattended.

Many RVs have a portable solar charge controller to plugin portable solar panels on the exterior wall of the coach. This allows you to bring additional solar power with you and use it as you need it.

Below we have listed Winnebago Motorhomes and the amount of factory installed solar power they include or that can be added.


The Winnebago Solis is built on the RAM ProMaster Chassis and is known for its interior floorplan flexibility and extended 4-season camping features. Winnebago Solis 59P and 59PX floorplans that include a pop-top loft sleeping area are each equipped with a 220-watt flexible surface solar panel with controller. The 59P and 59PX floorplans, without a pop-top loft sleeping area, are equipped with a 170-watt solar panel with controller. The solar controller on the Solis can handle up to 450-watts.

The Winnebago Travato is also built on the RAM ProMaster Chassis and is known for its energy and fuel-efficient systems along with its streamlined features. Each of the Travatos floorplans is equipped with a 215-watt solar panel and solar charge controller with junction box and plugs so additional solar panels can be easily added up to 450-watts in the 59G | 59K and up to 600-watts in the lithium powered 59GL | 59KL.

The Winnebago Revel is another Campervan model and is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 Diesel Chassis. The Revel is known for its function fueled design powered by the reliability of a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and the freedom of on-demand 4WD so going off-road is never off the table. The Revel is equipped with a (2) solar panels, (1) 115-watt and (1) 100-watt, providing 215-watts of solar in the Revel. The solar controller on a Revel can handle a maximum of 450-watts.

The Winnebago Era is also built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 Diesel Chassis. The Era is known for its innovation and is designed to be reliable and powerful with on or off-road capabilities and premium interior styling. The Winnebago Era is equipped with a 200-watt solar panel and controller that can handle a maximum of 450-watts.

The Winnebago Boldt is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 Diesel Chassis as well. The Boldt is known as an energy and fuel-efficient, diesel-powered Campervan equipped with a great deal of storage and spacious floorplans making it the perfect blend of innovation and comfort. The Winnebago Boldt is equipped with (2) 115-watt solar panels and a solar controller and a junction box and plug so that additional portable panels can be easily added up to 600-watts total.


The Winnebago EKKO is the newest of the Winnebago Class C Motorhome line. The EKKO combines the efficiency of a Campervan, the added capacity of a Class C coach and the enhanced capability of AWD to create not just a new model, but an entirely new type of RV. The Winnebago EKKO is equipped with (2) 170-watt and (1) 115-watt solar panels. If you choose the EKKO equipped with the pop-top loft sleeping area it is instead equipped with a 220-watt flexible surface solar panel. The maximum solar wattage that can be placed on the controller in the EKKO is 450-watts.  

The Winnebago View and Winnebago Navion are Class C diesel Winnebago Motorhomes. The View and Navion boast luxurious details and features throughout coupled with industry-leading amenities. The View and Navion floorplans each include (2) 100-watt solar panels with a controller and a junction box and plug so that additional portable solar panels to be easily added up to 450-watts total.


The Winnebago Vista and the Winnebago Sunstar are each Winnebago Class A Gas Motorhomes. The Vista and Sunstar combine time-tested, road-proven Winnebago quality with a strong heritage of innovation. The Vista and Sunstar include solar panel wiring prep with a three-way solar plug-ready port located on the roof and a single port in the exterior bay so that up to 450-watts of solar can be added to the Vista and Sunstar in the future. You may also choose to add the option of a solar panel system to your Vista or Sunstar.

The Winnebago Adventurer is a Winnebago Class A Gas Motorhome. The Adventurer is packed with user-friendly features and floorplans that offer large living spaces and ample storage. Standard in the Adventurer is a solar panel/battery charger prep kit allowing for the easy addition of solar. You may also select the optional 115-watt solar panel. The controller on the Adventurer can handle up to 450-watts.

The Winnebago Journey is the premier Winnebago Class A Diesel Motorhome.The Winnebago Journey was designed for luxury travel and entertaining with stylish and modern refinements from the front to back of the coach. While the Journey does not come with solar included as a standard feature, you may choose the option to add (3) 115-watt solar panels to the roof of your Journey which are included when you select the Lithium System upgrade option. The controller on the Journey can handle up to 450-watts.

Don’t worry if your RV doesn’t already have Solar or doesn’t have enough solar power. You can also decide to add solar power to your RV after you have purchased it. Each year Lichtsinn RV certified RV technicians install solar power to dozens of already purchased RVs. Lichtsinn RV is an approved AM SOLAR installer focusing on after-market Solar and Lithium Power installations. Call a Lichtsinn RV consultant today to find out more about the solar power available in your next RV.

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