What are Azdel Onboard RV Composite Panels?

Winnebago is known for making reliable, technologically advanced and comfort-driven RVs. One of the many materials that Winnebago uses in Winnebago Class A and Winnebago Class C models that supports these advances, are the Azdel Composite Panels. These panels improve your RVs construction and performance capabilities.

Winnebago Azdel Composite Panels

Water and moisture damage top the list of the most common RV issues requiring major repair. The Azdel Composite Panels help to minimize this risk. The Azdel Panels are produced using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV.

Azdel Composite Panels are half the weight of a traditional Luan plywood. What is Luan? Luan is an RV trade name for underlayment plywood traditionally found in a motorhome wall. Often, the smells, mold and mildew that we all associate with water damage in a motorhome are the result of damage to the Luan. Azdel Panels are built from a superior material that does not mold or mildew and at half the weight of Luan, provides for easier towing and better fuel-efficiency .

Benefits of Azdel Onboard Composite Panels

  • Azdel Composite Panels are lightweight yet durable. They are half the weight of wood and therefore provide fuel-savings!
  •  Azdel Composite Panels are free of Formaldehyde, Mold and Mildew. Therefore they do not grow mold, mildew, or emit toxic fumes. So you can breath easy with piece of mind as you travel in your Winnebago.
  • The Panels are water resistant and do not delaminate. Water will not cause fiber decomposition on the composite panels, so there is no rot or warping. Wet/dry cycles can affect wood bonds and diminish structural integrity in other manufacturer’s wall materials.
  • Azdel Composite Panels are unaffected by freezing and warming cycles. Therefore temperature and humidity changes are tolerated and the Azdel Composite Panels are not damaged from freezing and thawing cycles which is another common cause of delamination.
  • Azdel Panels are sound and energy absorbing. These porous Panels absorb the sound waves instead of transferring them through vibration of wood panels such as in competitors models. This sound absorption provides for a quieter ride. The Panels also have superior insulating properties.
  • Azdel Composite Panels are puncture and impact resistant so they are durable and stay strong. They will not experience adhesive failure from fluctuating temperatures that can weaken bonds in competitor’s models.
  • Azdel Panels are sustainable. There is no deforestation that occurs for its production.

Azdel Onboard is one of the many features that make Winnebago the Motorhome manufacturer of choice for many RVers. Call a Lichtsinn RV consultant today to learn more about the Winnebago quality difference.

Watch this Video to learn more about Azdel Composite Panels

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