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There are several reasons to buy your next RV from Lichtsinn RV – one of which is our Factory Fresh Winnebago Motorhomes with ZERO delivery miles. New Winnebago Motorhomes from Lichtsinn RV have No Delivery Miles or Tow Car Stress on them as we are located just 1 mile from the Winnebago Factory in Forest City, Iowa. We do not use delivery services like other dealers in which drivers live in the RV during the many hours of transportation and tow their own personal car with it during the crucial Engine Break-In Period.

Picking up your brand-new Winnebago motorhome is a day filled with excitement as you explore and test every component, part and gadget in your new RV. After you wrap up your day at the dealership, you are given the keys to your new RV and you are off to enjoy your first night in your motorhome. As you hit the open road, you look down and realize your brand-new Winnebago already has 1,000+ miles on it… But how is that possible if the Winnebago is new? RVs are too big to be transported using semis, so RV manufacturers hire drivers to drive an RV from where it is built to the dealer. So, if you don’t buy your Winnebago from Lichtsinn RV your RV will arrive with hundreds to thousands of miles on it.

No Delivery Miles

A dealer that is more geographically proximate to you might not tell you about how crucial the first 1,000 miles is for engine break-in because your Winnebago could arrive with 1,000 miles or more on it before you even step foot inside the coach. The chassis manufacturers have recommendations for breaking in the engine. When you purchase from Lichtsinn RV you can control the critical break-in period and not leave it up to a delivery driver towing their personal vehicle across the country. When you pick up your new Winnebago at Lichtsinn RV, we will provide you direction on how to best break in your RV during that crucial break in period as you head home or wherever your next destination may be.

In addition to the miles, a driver spent extended time in the RV to get it to the dealer. During that time they may have had food, drinks, or lived in your new RV. While we don’t have delivery drivers, your health and safety is important to us, so at Lichtsinn RV we disinfect the surfaces and air in each RV prior to any team member entering inside the RV and prior to customer delivery.

Lichtsinn RV is the only dealership, where you will be the first to drive your factory fresh Winnebago Motorhome.

There are so many reasons to buy your next RV from Lichtsinn RV because you will Experience the Best!

Experience the Best℠ at Lichtsinn RV, the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the last five consecutive years. Lichtsinn RV is located 1 mile north of Winnebago Industries in Forest City, IA and we proudly sell new Winnebago motorhomes and pre-owned RVs from various manufacturers. While at Lichtsinn RV, you can expect no delivery miles on new RVs, a complimentary half-day educational orientation of your RVexcellent guest reviews, an assigned support team from sales, parts, service and the business officesuperior accommodationsno-hassle pricing and competitive financing. See our extensive new and used inventory here.

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