Winnebago EKKO Top 7 Off-Grid Ready Features

The Winnebago EKKO, with the enhanced capability of AWD, creates not just a new model, but an entirely new type of RV. The EKKO is built on the Ford AWD Transit Chassis and includes enhanced safety features. This all-weather and all-season RV is built with adventure at its core and off-grid adventure on its mind. The AWD EKKO is a power-house for rugged adventures and allows you to go off-grid when adventure awaits.

EKKKO Off Grid

We have compiled our favorite Top 7 Off-Grid Ready Features found in the Winnebago EKKO.

  • Cummins Onan QG 2800i Gas Generator – The new Cummins Onan 2800i ultra low quiet and ultra fuel-efficient generator is compliant with National Park allowed noise levels. This generator is extremely fuel efficient. It is fuel injected and achieves this by operating at 2400 to 2900 rpms compared to 3600 in prior model levels. The new generator has a smaller footprint and a lighter weight at 113 pounds versus the previous models at 125 pounds. The new generator can power the high efficiency ducted air conditioning system in the EKKO at approximiately 0.2 gallons per hour or five hours on a single gallon. At night since air conditioners rarely operate in a 100% duty cycle the generator should power a typical energy efficient high efficiency ducted air conditioning system with less than two gallons of fuel for the entire night.
  • (1) 320-Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Battery with the option to add (1) additional 320-amp hour Battery – The standard Lithionics battery with a 320-amp hour battery provides 4133-watt hours of usable technology. This is paired with a Cummins Onan 2800i ultra low quiet ultra-fuel efficient generator and supplies fuel off of the top three quarters of the fuel tank. The combined dual batteries provide a total of 640-amp hours (8,266-watt hours) which then deletes the available generator and provides a sealed storage compartment where the generator would have otherwise been located.
  • (2) 170-Watt and (1) 115-watt solar panels (455 Total Watts) – Camp almost anywhere with the EKKO’s 455-watts of Solar allowing you to go off-grid for extended periods of time.
  • 2,000-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter – This inverter powers the AC, microwave and all outlets in the Winnebago EKKO.
  • Dedicated Second Alternator to Charge Coach Batteries – The Balmar XT-Series under the hold alternator found in the Winnebago EKKO has a state-of-the-art design to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. It provides power of 170 amps and charges the lithium coach batteries at a peak rate of 2,000-watts.  While stationary the alternator, at idle, provides 100-125 amps of power to charge up to 1,700-watts delivering incredible charging power in a compact, RV friendly package. It includes dual fan cooling and a high airflow frame and will recharge the Lithium Batteries in under 2 hours.
  • Large Tank Capacities – Large Tank Capacities allow extended off-grid usage.
    1. 50 gal. Freshwater
    2. 51 gal. Gray
    3. 40 lbs. LP
    4. 31 gal. Fuel
  • Cassette Toilet – Cassette toilets offer a portable tank that you can remove from your EKKO. It is the size of a small suitcase and comes with rollers. This portable black tank can be emptied virtually anywhere—public restrooms, dump stations, etc. so you don’t need to rely on a dump station as you would with a black tank.

The Winnebago EKKO combines the efficiency of a camper van, the added capacity of a Class C coach and the enhanced capability of AWD. Find out more about the Winnebago EKKO from a Lichtsinn RV Consultant today!

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