Winnebago EKKO vs. Leisure Travel Wonder

Winnebago RVs provide quality and innovation that many manufacturers attempt to replicate. Because most RVs across multiple manufacturers are built on the same chassis and many manufacturers attempt to duplicate interior floorplans, we are often asked about the differences between some Winnebago motorhomes and their “counterparts” from other manufacturers. One such example includes the Winnebago EKKO and Leisure Travel Wonder.

Both the EKKO and Wonder are based on the Ford Transit van chassis with a 3.5 EcoBoost V6 engine. However, the Wonder does not include AWD as a standard feature and instead requires an additional fee for an AWD-equipped chassis while this is standard on the EKKO.

Continue reading to learn about why Winnebago’s innovations and standards set the the Winnebago EKKO apart from the competition.

Winnebago EKKO Floorplan

Winnebago EKKO

Key Specifications 

  • Exterior Length – 23′
  • Exterior Height – 10′ 6″
  • Freshwater Capacity – 50 gal.
  • Fuel Capacity – 31 gal.

Key Features

  • Standard AWD Ford Transit Chassis
  • Large Exterior Heated Gear Storage
  • (2) 170-watt Solar Panels and (1) 115-watt Solar Panel for a total of 455-watt hours
  • Standard Lithium Power
  • All-Season Insultation in Roof, Walls and Floor
  • Optional Pop-Top Sleeping Area
  • Optional Batwing Awning
  • Optional Luggage Rack (n/a with the pop-top)
  • Optional Exterior Kitchen
Leisure Travel Wonder Floorplans

Leisure Travel Wonder

Key Specifications – 

  • Exterior Length – 24′ 9″
  • Exterior Height – 9′ 11″ (including air conditioner)
  • Freshwater Capacity – 33.5 gal. (W24RL & W24FTB) 36.5 gal. (W24RTB)
  • Fuel Capacity – 25 gal.

Key Features – 

  • Optional AWD Ford Transit Chassis
  • Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus Water Heater
  • Table Mount System
  • Ultraleather® Upholstery
  • Optional Lithium Batteries
  • Optional FENIX NTM®

The Leisure Travel Wonder includes three separate floorplans with vastly different layouts but similar shortcomings. The floorplan that is most similar to the Winnebago EKKO is the RTB floorplan with two twin beds in the rear of the RV – the two other floorplans are the RL which features a rear lounge and FTB which includes twin beds at the front of the floorplan behind the cab seats.

For our comparisons, we will primarily be focusing on the Wonder RTB floorplans because it has the greatest similarities to the EKKO.


One of the most important differences between the Leisure Travel Wonder and Winnebago EKKO are the unmatched off-grid and all-season capabilities of the EKKO. The EKKO was built with year-round use in mind and includes many all-weather features that ensure your camping season doesn’t have to end when the temperature drops. One of the most important features is that all the water systems, including tanks and water lines, are located inside the coach. Other examples include extensive all-season insulation in the roof, sidewalls, floors and doors, dual-pane acrylic windows, insulated exterior compartments, and the large heated and insulated rear gear garage.

Comparatively, the Leisure Travel Wonder has none of these capabilities, effectively ending your adventures when the temperature starts to drop.


The EKKO includes a Cummins Onan QG 2800i gas generator. It also includes a 320-amp-hour lithium ion battery with a battery pack heating system. A dedicated under-the-hood second alternator charges the coach batteries. You have the option to remove the generator if you wish or add an additional 320-amp-hour lithium ion battery which requires you to then delete the generator. The EKKO has a 2,000-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter and (2) 170-watt solar panels or a 220-watt flexible surface solar panel if you add the pop-top to the EKKO. The EKKO is equipped with numerous power sources to ensure you EKKO is powered regardless of the temperature.

By contrast the Leisure Travel Wonder has AGM batteries which require more maintenance than Lithium batteries and include just 400-amp hours. Lithium does not come standard, but a lithium battery upgrade of dual 100 A-h 12V lithium battery is available as an option. Similar to the EKKO, the Wonder also has a 2,000-watt Inverter but has a Cummins Onan 4.0 kW Gas Generator.


Both the Winnebago EKKO and Leisure Travel Wonder RTB floorplan include the passthrough exterior storage at the rear of the RV. The EKKO has an impressive 65.3 cu. ft. of exterior storage including its expansive heated rear gear garage. Inside the gear garage you’ll find an L-track cargo tie down system, 110V/12V charging ports, Molle Gear organizer panels and LED lighting.

Also, one convenient and optional addition to the EKKO is the exterior kitchen that includes a chest style refrigerator/freezer, a 2-burner LP cooktop, flip-up counter extension, quick connect faucet, collapsible sink, and an LP quick-connect hose. This significantly extends your outdoor camping experience once you reach your destination. This is not an available option on the Wonder.


Starting in the front of both models, in the dining/seating area, you’ll note that both the EKKO and Wonder RTB floorplan have four seats, the swiveling cab seats and two additional seats. For dining, the EKKO features a fold-down table that can easily be lowered and stored behind the driver seat while the Wonder has a lagun table that takes up valuable space to store. However, the two bench seats in the Wonder cannot be used while the vehicle is in motion, as they do not include safety belts. On the Winnebago EKKO, the passenger seat includes a removable and adjustable work table that also functions as additional galley counter space when swiveled. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes the EKKO stand out against the competition.

In the Leisure Travel Wonder, the galley is an “L”-shaped with Corian countertops and includes a countertop extension. However, this extension folds down from the wall directly over the additional seat behind the driver cab seat, effectively removing that seating area as an option when you are using the additional counterspace.


Among Winnebago’s greatest strengths is their attention to detail when it comes to maximizing space without sacrificing comfort and amenities. This is best exemplified in the Winnebago EKKO’s bathroom, which features a pivoting wall that allows the sink and medicine cabinet to be aligned over the toilet and reveal a spacious shower area. Combining these two functions, the EKKO offers significantly more space throughout the rest of the floorplan.

In contrast, none of the floorplans for the Wonder use space-saving features in their bathrooms, as all three separate the shower from the sink and toilet, effectively doubling the amount of space taken up by the bathroom.


Both the Winnebago EKKO and Leisure Travel Wonder RTB floorplans feature (2) twin beds that can be converted into a larger bed. Even though the exterior of the more maneuverable EKKO is a full 9 inches thinner than the Wonder, the bed in the EKKO, when converted, is a full 6 inches wider for more sleeping surface area.

The sleeping area in the EKKO allows for a queen-size bed when the twin beds are converted with the Flex Bed system. The default configuration of the sleeping area features twin beds equipped with the WinnSleep® System. This allows for significant passthrough space on the exterior and extensive storage underneath the two beds. Also, between the (2) twin beds at the rear of the EKKO is an additional cushion that, when flipped, functions as a nightstand between the (2) twin beds with cupholders. Because the beds are raised, this increases the extensive gear garage storage on the exterior of the RV.

Another advantage of the Winnebago EKKO is the optional addition of the pop-top. This provides a significant addition to available sleeping space that comfortably sleeps up to two people.

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