Winnebago Installs Truma Combi on Class B Motor Homes

ELKHART — Truma today announced that Winnebago is exclusively carrying the Truma Combi across their touring coach line of the Era, Travato and Paseo.

“Winnebago has always been a leader in the market, and we are constantly looking for innovative products to bring to our customers,” said Russ Garfin, Winnebago product manager for the Class B and C lines. “We follow the European market as well, looking at trends and ideas, so it was an easy choice to add the popular Combi to our Class B motorhomes.

“Our customers love the near silent operation and the amazing efficiency of the furnace and water heater. The high quality design and trouble free performance allows our customers to focus on enjoying the outdoors,” he added. “Having the Combi as a standard on the Era, Travato and Paseo shows Winnebago’s commitment to quality and reliability on all the systems we use.”

The Truma Combi was released for North America in January 2015 and offers both propane and electric heating of water and air.

“The Truma Combi is the standard in motorized vehicles across Europe and is a robust product with more than 10 years in the market in its current configuration,” said Mark Howlett, Truma vice president for business development. “Not only is it near silent when running, it offers manufacturers, like Winnebago, flexibility in design, as it doesn’t need to be mounted through the side-wall.”

“Partners like Winnebago continue to push the innovation and development at Truma and we are excited to be a part of their continued success in North America,” he added.

SOURCE: Truma press release

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