Winnebago Revel Lithium Ion Battery Use Best Practices

The Revel Class B diesel motorhome by Winnebago allows you to travel down roads others might not even try! This off-road capable camper van is built on the 4WD version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with features such as a power lift platform bed that raises up to reveal a spacious gear garage, a cassette-style toilet to minimize weight, and many more innovations giving outdoor enthusiasts so many choices all while going off-road and off-grid.

The Winnebago Revel is equipped with (1) 320-amp-hour Lithionics battery with a dedicated second alternator under the hood to charge the system to extend your off-grid use. The Revel’s state of the charge battery management system includes information on voltage, amp and wattage usage, battery  and BMS temps and you can manage all of this via app management.
Winnebago Revel Lithium Ion Battery

The Winnebago Revel’s 320 ah Lithium Ion Battery key features include:

  • 30% more capacity than prior years, now providing 4,133-watt hours
  • Ability to crank engines
  • Reserve Capacity = 10% Reserve
  • High and low voltage cut off
  • High and low temperature control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity and App

Listed below you will find best practices maintaining your Winnebago Revel Lithium Ion Batteries.

TURN BATTERIES ON:  The Lithionics battery on/off switch is located on top of the lithium battery.  Then to ensure the converter is charging the batteries from the Revel being plugged in, the rotary converter switch on the left back wall should be turned on.   Indicators on the inverter/converter indicate that the batteries are charging. Depending on the state of the batteries, the lights will flash in different sequences. Rapid flashing indicates the battery is using reserve power and should be re-charged.   You can also verify this in the app via Bluetooth paring in the Lithionics app for your smartphone or table.   If you prefer not to remove the panel on the drivers side gear garage to press the battery switch on/off, we can install an on/off switch for you with our master certified technicians so that it is conveniently located next to the converter rotary switch.

CHARGE BATTERY SYSTEM (Driving) – Do not turn the batteries off while vehicle is on. There is a one minute delay between starting the engine and the alternator engaging. The alternator will engage and charge the batteries when they are between 12.8v and 13.1v. The alternator stops charging once the house batteries have shown sustained voltage of 14.2v.

  • Shore power – Make sure the batteries are turned on and that you are plugged into shore power to charge using the 30amp connection on the outside of the coach.
  • Solar – With the batteries on, ensure the solar disconnect switch is turned to the on position. This switch is located between the Lithionics battery switch and the Zamp solar controller on the wall behind the dinette. The Zamp solar 215-watt panel is a trickle charger to help keep the batteries topped off.


Search in the App Store or Google Play store “Lithionics Battery Monitor” and download the free app. The batteries can be monitored through the app after being connected via Bluetooth.


The Winnebago Revel is equipped with a 2,000-watt inverter/charger. The inverter disconnect switch must be turned on to allow the batteries to be charged through shore power. Generally, this switch should remain in the “on” position at all times. The disconnect switch is located on the rear most panel on the driver side in the back of the coach near the floor. To activate the inverter or to use the outlets or A/C, turn the inverter on at the panel located above the solar controller on the wall behind the dinette.


When the batteries shut down due to low charge, they can be turned back on in “reserve” to operate the coach but should be recharged before they shut down again. Reserve is the last 10% of the batteries’ capacity. Running through the reserve power to shut down again is abusive to the batteries.


  • Turning off – If the coach is going to be stored in cold weather, it’s best to have the system charged 50% or more.
  • Temperature of batteries – No heat pads are needed as the Revel’s Battery Management System has internal heat.

Call a Lichtsinn RV sales consultant today to find out more about the Winnebago Revel and its Lithionics Smart Lithium Batteries. The true 4×4 Revel opens up a world of possibilities with off the grid capabilities and complete four-season comfort in the #CamperVanLife #VanLife revolution!

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