Winnebago Revel vs. Pleasure-Way REKON

Winnebago has always led innovations in mainstream RV design, so it is no surprise that they have taken over the off-road, adventure van market as Class B motorhomes head off the beaten path. Rugged enough to tackle the trail while still providing the comforts of home in one tough package, adventure vans have flourished over the years.

Winnebago’s Revel is the leading camper van for when your adventures are both on and off the pavement, but how does it compare to the visually similar Pleasure-Way REKON? A question we sometimes receive is “What is the difference between the Winnebago Revel and the Pleasure-Way REKON? 

Both the Winnebago Revel and Pleasure-Way REKON are built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis. Although there are other similarities between the two – such as an included private wet bath and gear closet, gear garage, and swivel seats – the differences between the two are significant and what sets the Winnebago Revel apart from the competition. We have listed the key differences between the Winnebago Revel and the Pleasure-Way REKON below.


Winnebago Revel

With only two exterior openings, the Winnebago Revel provides more efficient insulation. Also, your freshwater hook ups are located inside of the coach which helps minimize damage caused by freezing water tanks and lines.

Pleasure-Way REKON

In contrast, the Pleasure-Way REKON has multiple exterior openings which results in higher heating and cooling losses. Also, many of the plumbing connections are on the exterior of the coach and exposed to freezing temperatures.



Winnebago Revel

The Revel is equipped with multiple, dual-pane, acrylic, awning-style windows that act as a thermal barrier and reduce heating and cooling loss, while also providing a greater amount of airflow.

The Revel’s Hydronic Heating System provides comfortable, quiet heating and is controlled by a user-friendly LED touchscreen panel.

Pleasure-Way REKON

There is only one window on the REKON located on the sliding entry door of the REKON and it is not operable. The cargo nets for storage and the barren rear doors make the interior feel more like a garage or a storage unit instead of a place to call home.


Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel offers a flexible galley space that adapts to your needs with a removeable counter extension, exterior table and access to the 3.0 cu ft. refrigerator from inside or outside of the coach. A large stainless-steel sink with a fixed faucet and additional drawer space are included. The foldable, exterior flip down table is a cable driven system for better use in non-level environments

Pleasure-Way REKON

As for the REKON, there is no designated galley, and the kitchen area is decentralized. The only option for expanding your available space is to remove the cushion from the driver-side bed frame and fold it down to work as a kitchen counter. The sink is mounted below the counter which is likely to cause issues or malfunctions. A typical RV refrigeration system is not included and the “refrigerator” that is included is a 2.1 cu ft. fridge/freezer chest box that is only accessible from inside of the coach when tied down.


Winnebago Revel

The included bench dinette in the Revel is equipped with (1) three-point seatbelt, (1) lap seat belt, available storage behind and below, and a pedestal dinette table that swivels and is removeable for convenient stowing. These features allow you to entertain up to 4 people when the front-cab seats are swiveled around.

Pleasure-Way REKON

The REKON does not include a designated dinette space. The “dining area” is instead a flip down workstation, between the driver and passenger seats and the seats must be swiveled for use. 

Bedroom & Gear Garage

Winnebago Revel

The Revel’s space-saving “Power Lift” bed provides extra storage underneath when it is raised. The included mattress is supported with Euro slats for greater comfort and air flow.

The gear garage measures 49” x 79”, providing ample room for sleeping when the power lift bed is loweed. The gear garage floor has removable tie-down anchors for securing gear, molded pockets, and cargo cubby with RAM Tough-Track mounts to allow full customization of your garage space to suit your needs.

Pleasure-Way REKON

The included bed space in the REKON is a murphy bed system – the two bed areas fold down from the interior sides and are designed for sleeping lengthwise.

The gear garage area in the REKON measures 44” x 72” which limits the amount of sleeping and storage space for your equipment. Securing and storage options include an L-track tie-down system and cargo net storage which does not provide as much security and durability when compared to the Revel.


Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel boasts a permanently-mounted 21 gal. grey water tank as well as an exterior wash station with water pump switch. Located in one central location, the water control panel has easy-to-read diagrams for winterization, city/tank fill, and more.

Pleasure-Way REKON

Included with the Pleasure-Way REKON are two (2) portable, 5 gal. grey water tanks that must be hooked up to use the shower or sink. Also, it does not have a water control panel, and both the wash station and city fill are on the exterior of the unit, which is a major disadvantage compared to the Revel.


There is no option to add a ladder or luggage rack to the Pleasure-Way REKON, while the Revel provides both as standard features.


Winnebago Revel

The Revel’s Timberline hydronic furnace and water heating system fuels from the chassis diesel tank. The Revel’s Hydronic Heating System provides comfortable, quiet heating and is controlled by a user-friendly LED touchscreen panel.

You can add an optional Coleman Mach 10 NDQ quiet air conditioner than that can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth and keeps the insulated interior cool.

Pleasure-Way REKON

The Pleasure-Way REKON does not have a roof air conditioner, and the Truma VarioHeat furnace and Truma AquaGo water heater run on propane. These take up valuable space inside the coach and add the task of refueling your propane tank, which is an unnecessary and avoidable concern.

There are many differences between the Winnebago Revel and Pleasure-Way REKON that, in the end, set the Revel apart. Contact a Lichtsinn RV consultant to learn more and forge ahead on an adventure in a new Winnebago Revel.

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