Winnebago RV Production Quality Advantages

Winnebago has been a leader in the RV industry for over 60 years. Winnebago RVs are designed and built around you, with superior craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing technologies and steel-focused construction to enhance safety and reliability. From groundbreaking RVs to game-changing features to the spacious floorplans, Winnebago Innovation is unrivaled for continuous industry firsts in vehicle technology and design.

Key Winnebago Quality Advantages are listed below.

 Steel Superstructure Components:

  • SuperStructure cab design surrounds the cab area with a sturdy steel framework.
  • Seats and seatbelts are bolted to steel.
  • Windshields are installed automotive-style with urethane for added durability, strength and safety.
  • Appliances and cabinets are mounted to steel.
  • A steel firewall separates and protects the engine from the passenger compartments.
  • Interlocking joints evenly distribute the weight of the roof along the entire span of the sidewall. This results in the Winnebago “empty shell” being so strong it doesn’t need internal reinforcement.

Watch a video to learn more about the Winnebago SuperStructure HERE

One Piece Laminated Block Foam Roof (Fiberglass or Dicor)

  • 10 year/12 year Warranty dependent on model
  • Provides superior strength and longevity

E-Coating (Winnebago’s proprietary multistage full immersion electrocoating system)

  • Helps to minimize corrosion
  • This process is also used by leading automotive companies to protect their vehicles from corrosion.
  • The process involves charging each part with an electrical charge which attracts the protective coating, causing it to be “plated” onto the part.  The result is a uniform thickness of protective coating.

Watch a Video to learn more about Winnebago E-Coating Process HERE

SmartSpace Design Approach

  • CAD aided design to ensure a precise fit for all components and reduce wasted space in each RV.
  • Winnebago manufactures their own holding tanks, so they can size and shape them to fit precisely into the space allotted.  This ability frees up surrounding space for additional storage.
  • Design Innovation with Furniture and Storage Solutions including innovations such as the Dream Dinette, Rest Easy Sofa etc.
  • Winnebago’s has its own in-house Stitchcraft area where the furniture coverings are cut and sewn to the perfect dimensions.

Watch a video to learn more about Winnebago SmartSpace Design HERE

Winnebago Built

  • 70% of Winnebago motorhome components are made in-house vs. outsourcing
    • This allows Winnebago to ensure that parts will be available for years to come
    • This allows Winnebago to engineer precisely what is needed including benefits such as: ease of making the part fit exactly where it’s needed within the available space and allows Winnebago to distribute weight more evenly, which makes your motorhome handle better.
  • Winnebago manufactures components like water tanks, compartments, heat ducts, etc. in the Winnebago rotational molding facility.
    • Winnebago produces more than 3.5 million pounds of Rotocast goods annually. Each Rotocast molded component is designed to precisely fit its specific application and location.
  • Winnebago uses a Spin-Weld process to literally fuse the fittings to water tanks at a molecular level so they become part of the tank.

Ease of Ownership

  • Information and Parts Accessibility:
    • Wires are clearly labeled for easy identification – every 8/10 inches
    • Every part and component has a label with full part information for replacement
    • Owners have access to owner’s manuals and diagrams in online library
  • GoLife Perk Members – Winnebago GoLife Perk Club members receive exclusive savings, camping discount memberships and additional special benefits.
  • Coachnet Roadside – 1 year included

Experience and History

  • Winnebago has been in business since 1958. They have a long history in the RV industry.
  • Unmatched RV Testing Facilities:
    • Test Track
    • Gravelometer
    • Water Test
    • Drop Test
    • Shipout Inspection

Watch a Video on the Winnebago Drop Test HERE

  • Winnebago boasts the strongest brand value in the RV Industry. This is a benefit to you as it flows through to a higher resale value vs. other RV manufacturers.

Winnebago strives to set the standard for quality in the RV Industry. Winnebago’s quality advantages set them miles apart from other RV manufacturers. Contact a Lichtsinn RV Consultant today to find out more about the Winnebago quality advantages found in your RV of choice!

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