Winnebago Superstructure with Interlocking Joints

With so many RV manufacturers out there, how do you narrow down the right manufacturer and then the RV that is right for you? An important question to understand is what kind of company stands behind your RV. Winnebago Industries was incorporated in 1958 and since that time has been a leader in the RV industry. With a focus on Quality and Innovation Winnebago’s Customer centric approach is one that continues to make it a leader in the RV industry.

One of the many Innovations from Winnebago is the Winnebago Superstructure.

Winnebago Motorhome Superstructure

You may have noticed that the majority of older motorhomes still on the road today are Winnebago models. One of the reasons for this is many other manufacturers use subpar materials such as wood to perform structural functions. Winnebago uses steel and aluminum for its structure and calls this the Winnebago Superstructure.

What makes the Superstructure so super?

One of the key components of the Superstructure are Interlocking Joints – Winnebago extrudes and utilizes specially designed interlocking joints to evenly distribute the weight of the roof along the entire span of the walls. Winnebago uses a specially designed interlocking joint to connect the floor, sidewalls, and roof to evenly distribute the weight, so the motorhome “empty shell” is so strong it doesn’t need internal reinforcement.

Some manufacturers utilize wood studs for framing to save cost. Some may use aluminum, connecting the flat sides together in a less structurally stable joint called a “butt” joint. In this construction method, all of the weight of the walls is placed on the screws as pressure and weight force the walls apart from travel on the road.   Many competitors rely on simply screwing and gluing their sidewalls and roof together. But with all the weight borne only by those screws, the resulting structure is so weak it requires interior walls and cabinets for stability.

Interlocking Joints

In the above pictures, you can see a real life example of this critical framing application in action. Winnebago utilizes interlocking joints in every motorhome they manufacture. This adds rigidity and structural stability to reinforce the shape of the motorhome.

In the competitor photo above the common method is shown, sometimes used even in so called “high-end” motorhomes. In the example, you can see that screws are used to connect the wall and roof. However, the roof is simply laid on top of the wall. This setup allows for outward pressure as a 10,000+ lb. motorhome travels down the freeway.

The pressure of a giant 10,000+ lb. box moving down the road creates torsion or a pressure to twist or bow. This is why homemaking construction methods are not appropriate for a motorhome.

Winnebago utilizes more automotive manufacturing processes than any other manufacturer in the RV industry. In a Winnebago, you will find precision cut parts, assembled with purpose not just for aesthetic, but built to last.

The result is that even Winnebago’s most affordable motorhomes offer structural stability that is unmatched even in more expensive alternatives.

The Winnebago superstructure design is what keeps you safe and protects the integrity of your motorhome so that it will continue to provide the experiences you enjoy for years and years beyond the competition.

See the Winnebago Drop Test where the strength of the motorhome by dropping it on it’s head. All cabinetry and items in the structure are secured in place and must remain unmoved during the test. Winnebago Drop Test

Winnebago Drop Test

Winnebago Drop Test Video

The Winnebago Superstructure is just one of the many reasons why Winnebago is the Motorhome manufacturer of choice for many RVers.

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