Winnebago Travato Top 15 Enhancements for 2019

Winnebago introduced several new enhancements in the Travato 59G and 59K for 2019.  In this video, we discuss the top 15 enhancements for 2019.

  1. New Interior Colors – In 2019, Winnebago introduced two new interior colors – Bleu and Mecca. Both neutral interior colors have the option of  Macchiato, a high-gloss lighter brown Technoform cabinet, or Noce, a matte dark brown Technoform cabinet color.
  2. Added Windows –  A large kitchen window has been added in the galley of the 59G. This window allows for extra light in the 59G floorplan, but does not open since the sliding door will cover it when the door is open. Winnebago added two windows at the head of each of the twin beds in the 59K. Winnebago standardized the size of the windows in the 59K and 59G this has allowed for added insulation in the sidewalls of the Travato.
  3. Euro-Cassette Style Windows – The all-new european-styled cassette shades offer full blackout and a thermal break for insulation. The bottom up and top down shades offer privacy and ventilation the shades are highly insulative. You can also leave the shades open and awning style window out even when you are away from your Travato.
  4. 1,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter – This new inverter will provide power to household appliances, including the compressor refrigerator and microwave, off of the dual AGM maintenance-free group 31 batteries.
  5. 200-Watts of Zamp Solar – In 2019, Winnebago increased the standard solar in the Travato to 200-watts of Zamp Solar on the roof, with availability to plugin a portable panel on the side and roof.
  6. Large 7.3 ft3 Compressor Refrigerator – The Winnebago Travato 59G is now equipped with a large 7.3 ftCompressor Refrigerator Nova Kool with a separate freezer. The Winnebago Travato 59K maintains its compressor refrigerator.
  7. Locking Storage Compartments – In the 2019 Winnebago Travato, a lockable storage compartment has been added to the floor of the 59G underneath the dinette and between the cab seats in the 59K.
  8. Positive Lock Latching – Both the 59K and 59G have now added positive lock latching to all of the high-end Italian Technoform cabinetry.
  9. Bamboo Flooring in Bathroom – Both the 59K and 59G have added a removable bamboo shower platform that creates a spa-like feel in the Travato and is water resistant.
  10. King OmniGo Antenna – This omni-directional over-the-air HDTV antenna picks up signals from all directions without having to adjust the device. This also allows for more room on the top of the Travato for added solar panels.
  11. Added Seatbelts – Exclusive to the 59K, two new seat belts have been added to driver’s side twin bed increasing seating in the 59K from two to four.
  12. Rear Storage Compartment – Exclusive to the 59G a rear storage compartment has been added and is accessible when the coach’s rear doors are open.
  13. Exterior Shower with Hot and Cold Water – Also in the 59G, we have added hot and cold capabilities to exterior shower.
  14. Standard Side Screen and Solar – In the Winnebago Travato 59G and 59K, we’ve standardized commonly ordered features including the sliding screen door and the 200-watts of solar. 
  15. New Options – Two new options have been added to the Winnebago Travato 59K and 59G for 2019 – true leather cab seats and dual-pane acrylic awning-style windows. The true leather cab seats available in the Travato 59K and 59G are designed to work with the integrated seat airbags and coordinates with the Ultraleather in the coach. The other new option is dual-pane acrylic awning-style windows with a thermal break for added insulation. They are awning style windows, so they can be used in the rain or when you are away from the coach for added ventilation.


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