Winnebago Travato vs. Roadtrek Zion

Winnebago RVs provide quality and innovation that many manufacturers attempt to replicate. Because most RVs across multiple manufacturers are built on the same chassis and many manufactures attempt to duplicate interior floorplans, we are often asked about the differences between some Winnebago motorhomes and their “counterparts” from other manufacturers. One such example includes the Winnebago Travato and the Roadtrek Zion.

Both the Winnebago Travato and Roadtrek Zion are built on the reliable and easy to maneuver Ram ProMaster® van chassis, equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 gas engine. With 276 horsepower, a nine-speed automatic transmission, and 250 pound-feet of torque, this chassis guarantees that you are ready to take on everything your RVing adventures have in store. These two motorhomes may look similar on the outside, but there are many very key differences between the two.

Winnebago is a recognized leader in the RV industry. Designed with superior craftsmanship, advanced manufacturing technologies, and steel-focused construction for enhanced safety and reliability, Winnebago motorhomes offer unparalleled quality. In terms of vehicle technology and design, Winnebago innovation is unmatched for continuously introducing groundbreaking RVs to the market.

Continue reading to learn about why these innovations and standards set the the Winnebago Travato apart from the visually similar Roadtrek Zion.

Winnebago Travato Floorplans

Winnebago Travato

Key Specifications 

  • Exterior Length – 21′
  • Exterior Height – 9’4”
  • Freshwater Capacity – 18 gal.
  • Holding Tank Capacity – up to 13-gal. (gray); up to 12-gal. (black)
  • Fuel Capacity – 24-gal.

Key Features

  • RAM ProMaster Gas Window Van Chassis – 3500 XT
  • Pure3 Energy Management System with Lithium-Ion Energy Pack
  • 3,600-watt Inverter
  • Low Profile Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ Air Conditioner with 13,500 BTUs
  • Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System
  • All-Weather Insulation

Roadtrek Zion Floorplans

Roadtrek Zion

Key Specifications – 

  • Exterior Length – 20’9″
  • Exterior Height – 9’5″
  • Freshwater Capacity – 37 gal.
  • Holding Tank Capacity – up to 14-gal. (gray); up to 8.5-gal. (black)
  • Fuel Capacity – 24 gal.

Key Features – 

  • RAM ProMaster Gas Window Van Chassis – 3500 XT
  • 400 AMP Lithium Battery System
  • 3,000-watt Inverter
  • 11,000 BTU Roof Mount Air Conditioner
  • Automatic Propane 16,000 BTU Furnace


The Winnebago Travato provides superior insulation with automotive-grade, block foam insulation in both the ceiling and sidewalls. This allows for improved temperature control, reduces heat or cool air loss and even provides noise reduction. The Travato also has available dual-pane acrylic insulated windows that extend your camping season as the weather changes. By comparison, the Roadtrek Zion does not have this level of insulation.

Some similar features include heavy-duty magnetic screams for rear and sliding doors, as well as a 13′ powered awning on both models.


Both units feature swiveling cab seats which makes entertaining from cab to coach convenient; however, with the mid-coach placement of the bathroom in the Roadtrek Zion, the driver seat is completely blocked when swiveled, making it inaccessible for interacting with your guests. Comparatively, all Winnebago Travato floorplans, which include options for a rear bath and rear-corner bath, allow for easy conversation for the whole family. With the 59GL floorplan in particular, you have ample and close entertaining space with the inclusion of the bench seat behind the cab for a large, dedicated lounge area. With the addition of the adjustable and removeable pedestal table, which also includes pop-up outlets, your workspace, entertaining, and dining area availability is even further expanded in the Travato.

Another example of Winnebago’s attention to detail involves the window shades. The Travato uses MCD shades and blinds that are reliable and easy to use as they glide up and down with just the touch of a finger. In comparison, the Zion has string cassette shades that are difficult to move and much easier to become damaged from casual use.


Located behind the driver’s seat, the Roadtrek Zion’s bathroom makes entertaining more difficult and is yet another example of how the motorhome fails to maximize its space.

The wet bath in the Travato includes an Oxygenics® showerhead, porcelain toilet with foot pedal and sprayer, extensive storage and a powered roof vent. The Travato also includes a removable bamboo floormat to help prevent slippage. In comparison, the placement of the sink in the Zion makes movement difficult. There is also less storage access available when compared to the Travato.

Also, the Travato boasts weather-protected waterlines, heated tanks and the Eco-Hot® water system allowing you to cut down on water waste and waiting time for hot water. The easy-to-use water panel in the rear of the Travato centralizes your control valves, connection points and exterior wash station.


Both the Roadtrek Zion and Winnebago Travato include multiple floorplans, and there are sleeping area differences between each.

The Zion offers two floor plans that provide minor differences in the sleeping areas. One option includes two facing sofas that convert to separate twin beds with a cushion base while the other features a forward facing power sofa that converts to a king size bed. Although the size of the king bed is well-suited, the placement of the storage in this area provide limited to no access when the bed is extended – another example of how space-saving efficiencies were not properly implemented.

The Travato also has two total floorplans, the 59G and 59K which then both have lithium alternatives, the 59GL and 59KL. The Travato 59K and 59KL include two twin beds with the WinnSleep system that combines a superior two-layer foam mattress with a European slat suspension system to increase comfort, relieve pressure and improve air circulation. The passenger side bed in the Travato 59KL includes storage underneath. This floorplan also includes the Flex Bed System that allows you to convert quickly and easily from the twin beds, measuring 28″x80″ and 28″x74″, to a single king-sized bed measuring 74″x76″. The 59G and 59GL floorplans offer a large Murphy+ bed that conveniently folds up to the wall lengthwise when not in use to provide ample storage and a spacious walkway.


The Winnebago Travato 59GL and 59KL are equipped with a lithium-ion 3-module energy pack with the Pure3 Energy Management System. With this system, you can enjoy over 9,000 usable watt-hours of clean, quiet power (expandable to over 12,000 usable watt-hours.) The Pure3 system also includes Bluetooth hardware that allows you to monitor estimated running time, charging status, and more. The batteries may also be charged by the chassis engine by using the dedicated alternator.

The Winnebago Travato also has a generator option for those not interested in lithium power. The 59K and 59G floorplans are equipped with a 2,800-watt Cummins Onan QG gas generator that uses 1,000-watt inverter technology for cleaner power while using less fuel and producing less noise than earlier generator models. These floorplans also include 2 deep-cycle Group 31 AGM maintenance-free batteries.

The Zion has a similar but less efficient setup with an under-hood alternator and includes a 400 AMP lithium battery system.


The Winnebago Travatois equipped with the Truma Combi® Eco Plus Heating System that includes (2) 850-watt electric heating elements that offer hydronic coach heat and hot water on demand. This system includes both propane and electric heating modes and runs on gas mode for self-sufficient use, in electrical mode at the camp site and in mixed mode when outside temperatures are low. The Eco Plus System used very little electricity and in the summer it heats just the water without running the furnace.

The Travato also includes the Coleman Mach 10 non-ducted, quiet air conditioner that can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth and keeps the insulated interior cool. The Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ is a 13,500 BTU air conditioner that is 4-6 decibels quieter than previous models. In comparison, the Zion has a 11,000-BTU traditional air conditioner that is louder and less powerful than the Travato’s system.

Despite the Winnebago Travato and Roadtrek Zion being built on the same chassis and having objectively similar floorplans, the Travato is superior due to Winnebago’s commitment to quality and reliability in their products.

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