Winnebago View and Navion vs. Leisure Travel Unity

When compared with other manufacturers, Winnebago can boast that their attention to detail and many innovations help them stand out from their competition. The Winnebago View and Winnebago Navion are a couple of the many models that exemplify this superior level of quality. We are often asked what are the differences between models with similar floorplans across other manufacturers, and the Winnebago View and Navion are often compared with the Leisure Travel Unity. Both manufacturer models are built on the ever-reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis and are Class C motorhomes. However, this is where their similarities end.

The Winnebago View and Winnebago Navion are available in identical floorplans. For purposes of this Blog, we will refer to the Winnebago View, however, the same details are applicable for the Winnebago Navion as well.

The Leisure Travel Unity is available in six floorplans, however, for this blog we will be using the MB (Murphy Bed), CB (Corner Bed), and TB (Twin Bed) for our comparison, as these three floorplans most closely match the available floorplans in the Winnebago View. Even so, it is important to note that the other Unity floorplans include the Travel Van’s lounge system which greatly inhibits the convertibility and utilization of the living spaces, and most importantly, increases the price drastically without any significant benefits.

Continue reading to learn about how the Winnebago View compares to the Leisure Travel Unity.

Winnebago View Floorplans

Winnebago View

Key Specifications

  • Exterior Length – 25′ 6″
  • Exterior Height – 11′
  • Interior Height – 6’8″
  • Freshwater Capacity (gal.) – 30 (24D) / 37 (24J) / 31 (24V)
  • Fuel Capacity – 24.5 gal.

Key Features

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis
  • Three Floorplans
  • Available Theater Seating (24D & 24J) | Available Dual Recliners with Table (24V)
  • Cross-Coach Storage (24D & 24J)
  • SuperShell Sleeper Deck
Leisure Travel Unity Floorplans

Leisure Travel Unity

Key Specifications

  • Exterior Length – 25′ 1″
  • Exterior Height – 10′ 6″ (with A/C)
  • Interior Height – 6’5″
  • Freshwater Capacity (gal.) – 25.6 (MB) / 36.5 (CB) / 36.5 (TB)
  • Fuel Capacity – 24.5 gal.

Key Features

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis
  • Six Floorplans
  • Leisure Lounge System
  • Cross-Coach Storage (TB only)

As previously mentioned, both the Winnebago View and Leisure Travel Unity are built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter Chassis. The proven Sprinter Chassis incorporates the latest Mercedes-Benz safety features and, with its fuel-efficient turbo-diesel V6, provides plenty of towing power. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter VS30 Chassis includes over 30 active and passive safety features including Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist Distronic, Active Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Assist, and more. This chassis also comes equipped with MBUX Hey Mercedes voice guidance and artificial intelligence services.


Both the Winnebago View and Leisure Travel Unity include extensive exterior storage so none of your toys and gear are left behind when you head out on your adventures. While the two of the three floorplans of the Unity have a slightly higher storage compacity compared to their most similar counterpart in the View, this increased amount of exterior storage proves to limit the efficiency of the available storage as well as sleeping and seating areas on the interior. This may result in the gear that you would prefer to store inside may have to be stored on the exterior instead.

An exterior ladder is standard in the View while it is an option in the Unity. The Winnebago View also includes Mud Flaps as a standard feature to help keep mud and road debris off of the View.


One of the first and most important features that set the Winnebago View apart from the majority of their competition is the inclusion of the Winnebago exclusive SuperShell Sleeper Deck in each floorplan. This insulated, fiberglass cabover bunk adds an additional sleeping area and measures 49″ x 75″. The Leisure Travel Unity does not provide anything equivalent to this flexible sleeping solution. This area in the View can be used as either a sleeping space or additional storage area.

As mentioned, we are comparing the Winnebago View floorplans with those that are most similar in layout to the Unity. The View has three floorplans, including the View 24D with the Murphy+ bed, 24J with a corner bed and the 24V with twin beds with flex bed system. Respectively, these will be compared with the Unity MB (Murphy Bed), CB (Corner Bed), and TB (Twin Bed).

The Winnebago View 24D is the most popular of the View floorplans and includes an easy-to-use electric-powered Murphy+ bed with deluxe queen mattress, gel foam topper and the Euro-suspension system to increase comfort. While the murphy bed in the 24D floorplan can be lowered with the push of a button, the murphy bed in the Unity MB must be setup manually.

The Unity MB is another example of how Leisure Travel has not maximized the available space within this compact Class C motorhome. The 24D includes a separate dinette area plus the sofa seating area that can be accessed when the murphy bed is raised. This is done without sacrificing space for the included full bath. In contrast, the Unity MB loses all available seating beyond the cab seats once the bed is lowered and prevents easy access from the front and rear of the coach. This results in the View 24D being able to sleep up to four while the Unity MB can only sleep two, a disappointing number for a Class C motorhome.

Similar issues arise when comparing the remainder of the floorplans, and the inclusion of the cabover bunk proves to be one of the Winnebago View’s greatest assets. The View 24J and the Unity CB each offer the corner bed and a convertible dinette for sleeping, but the cabover bunk continues to provide more sleeping and storage capacity then is available in the Unity CB.

The View 24V and Unity TB, both include a twin bed setup in the rear and are able to convert the beds to a larger sleeping area. However, the TB floorplan requires the purchase of a optional inflatable bed in order to make the front dinette into a sleeping area. By comparison, the View 24V includes this functionality standard. It is also important to note at the Unity TB does not include a slide-out causing for less living space than in the 24V.


Comparing the interiors of RVs with similar floorplans is where Winnebago consistently excels. Through innovations in design and use of space, they are famous for being able to take advantage of each square inch and multiple-use spaces to provide the most efficient home-on-wheels.

In the Leisure Travel Unity, the galley is one of the most noticeable disadvantages. While each floorplan of the View includes ample counterspace, the amount of counterspace available in the Unity is incredibly limited. Even with the flip-up counterextension included in the MB and TB floorplans, attempts at making a meal similar to an at-home experience are incredibly unlikely. Comparatively, the galley within each View floorplan is designed for efficiency while still providing you the comfort of interacting with your guests in the available seating areas or cab seats while you cook.

Each of the Unity floorplans can seat only 4 people when including the front cab seats, while the Unity TB can seat only 3 if the countertop extension is raised. In contrast, each View floorplan can comfortably seat 4 people and the 24D floorplan can actually seat 6.

Continuing on to the galley, both the View and Unity include a microwave/convection oven. At first glance it may seem the Unity has nicer countertops with the Corian Solid Surface Countertops. However, the weight of these countertops takes up valuable CCC. The View boasts durable, lightweight laminate countertops instead. The Leisure Travel Unity includes a 2-burner LP range top with glass cover while the View provides two cooking options with an Induction and an LP range cooktop, also with a glass cover. The refrigerator/freezer in the Unity is only 6.7 cu. ft. while the View boasts a capacity of 10 cu. ft. The View also includes nice touches like the accent lighting on the cabinets, lighted soft close drawers and an integrated paper towel holder.


Both the Winnebago View and the Leisure Travel Unity include a full bath in each floorplan. The comparable floorplans even have the bathrooms situated in similar areas, however the ease-of-access and comfort differ greatly. On first observation, it is apparent that the bathrooms in the Leisure Travel Unity are placed in tight spaces, the bathrooms in the three Unity floorplans are simply not comfortable for daily use. When comparing the View 24D and Unity MB, for example, the toilet location in the MB sits in a tight space between the corner shower and wall behind the galley. This provides another example of available square-footage not being utilized to the fullest in Leisure Travel designs.

Both the Winnebago View and Leisure Travel Unity include the comfort and luxury of instant hot water thanks to the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus water heating system which has become a staple among most RV manufacturers.

When comparing the holding tanks in the Unity and the View, you will notice the View has larger holding tanks across the board. This is due the Winnebago Rotocast Facility, where Winnebago makes its own holding tanks so are able to maximize the size of the holding tanks within each RV floorplan. The comparisons are as follows:

View 24D vs. Unity MB: Black 41/ 30.6 | Grey 41/ 35 | Freshwater 30/ 25.6

View 24J vs. Unity CB: Black 41/ 30.6 | Grey 41/ 35 | Freshwater 37/ 36.5

View 24V vs. Unity TB: Black 41/ 30.6 | Grey 41/ 35 | Freshwater 31/ 36.5


The Winnebago View includes many features that are only available as add-ons for the Unity. For example, the View comes standard with 2 deep-cycle Group 31 RV batteries (maintenance-free batteries), a 3,600-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet LP generator, 2,000-watt inverter and (2) 100-watt solar panels. Standard features on the Unity include dual 6V AGM Coach batteries, and a 2,000-watt inverter. To be truly comparable to the efficiency of the Winnebago View, you must add the options from Leisure Travel including the 200W or 400W solar panels, a choice between a 3,200-watt Cummins Onan diesel generator (this is also an available option on the View) or 3,600-watt Cummins Onan LP Generator (that is standard in the View.) Both coaches also have the option to add a lithium battery upgrade. The addition of a generator and solar power in the Unity greatly increases the cost of the Unity while these items are standard in the View.

In summary, the Winnebago View and Leisure Travel Unity may seem similar upon first glance, but the discrepancy between quality in these two RVs is evident with the View standing out significantly against its competition.

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