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15-Amp Starting Battery Charger/Maintainer



The Amp-L-Start is a "smart" charger/maintainer for your engine starting batteries - capable of supplying up to 15 continuous Amps of charging current. Connected between your house and engine starting batteries, the Amp-L-Start "steals" some of the charging current from your house battery charger (or solar panels) to also keep your engine starting batteries charged. The Amp-L-Start works with all types of batteries including Lithium systems. 

Product Features:

  • For diesel and gas motorhomes - single or dual starting battery applications
  • Fully automatic operation 
  • Gentle, tapered charge rate - prevents over/undercharging 
  • No A/C power cord - "steals" DC power from your RV's house battery charger; No AC wiring or extension cords required 
  • Safer than AC-Powered chargers 
  • Powerful 15 Amp maximum output
  • Low starting battery alarm 
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Optimizes starting battery life
  • 5 LED status indicators 
  • Rugged, reliable design - epoxy encapsulated enclosure, waterproof and burnout proof 

This product can be used with the Winnebago Revel with the Xantrex Smart Lithium System

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Please call your Lichtsinn RV Parts or Service Consultant at 641-585-3213 to add this to your RV.

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