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Owl Accessories for the Winnebago Revel

Owl Engineering designed and manufactures accessories for MBZ Sprinter Vans: Spare Tire Carrier, Sherpa Gear Carrier, and more. 

B2 Bike Carrier for Sprinter VS30 or 2020+ Revel

Bike Carrier for Sprinter VS30 or Winnebago Revel (2020 and Newer)

Price: Depends on Application

The ALL NEW B2 Carrier for Mercedes Sprinter 2019+ and Revels 2020+. Based on the very popular Owl Bike + Box Carrier for the previous generation van, the new B2 carrier raises the bar again. Adding modular mounting plates running the length of the tubes allows total adjustability for mounting bikes as well as a variety of other accessories. Perfect for individuals that want a stable but simple to use bike carrier system. Mount the bikes lower for low roof sprinters or fast bike loading and unloading. Best of all, Owl carriers open with the doors so you never have to swing carriers out of the way or lose departure angle by adding a big ugly bumper. Get the rock-solid strength of a tig welded tubular aluminum frame with the versatility of our Sherpa system.

Tire Carrier for Sprinter Van VS30

Tire Carrier for Sprinter Van VS30 or Winnebago Revel (2020 and Newer)

Price: Depends on Application

Introducing the ALL-NEW Owl Tire carrier for 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Vans. We didn’t want to change the DNA of the Owl carrier that has made it one of the leading products in the industry. That said, the new architecture of the Mercedes door has caused a variety of changes.

The new VS30 (2019+) tire carrier is even faster to install, closer to the door and even more solid. Since Mercedes removed the magnetic stopper in the door on 2019+, we engineered a new mounting point and a single hole must be drilled for installation. Don’t worry, we include a mistake-free template and specialty step-drillbit to make installation a breeze.

Sherpa Cargo Carrier - Sprinter VS30

Sherpa Cargo Carrier Sprinter VS30 or Winnebago Revel (2020 and Newer)

Price: Depends on Application

The New Sherpa Cargo System for 2019-present Sprinter and Revel (2020+) The most versatile and innovative way to carry all your critical gear. Sherpa is totally configurable allowing you to mount almost anything: Bikes, generators, cargo boxes, Rotopax, fuel cans, skis and much much more. Better yet, items can be quickly switched, based on trip or season. Sherpa was designed to offer mounting on both sides of the plate doubling your mounting area without taking up more space on the van. Mount ratchet straps, shovels or other thinner items on the back of the plate. Sherpa is cut from a solid plate of rugged but lightweight aluminum. With over 150 mounting holes, 40 slots, and two sides, you can always find just the right mount.

Ladder and Tire Carrier

Ladder and Tire Carrier - Sprinter VS30 or Winnebago Revel (2020 and Newer)

Price: Depends on Application

The NEW Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier for Sprinter vans is the seamless integration of two great products into one rack. No longer do you need to mount a separate ladder off the side of the van, dragging in the wind. Or maybe you want two ladders for two people to load large items on the roof. Regardless of your need, the Ladder + Tire Carrier is a simple all in one solution. The Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier installs in minutes. Access your roof easily and get your spare tire out from under the van.

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