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Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package (LSP)

Winnebago Revel Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package

Installed Price and Availability: Call your Lichtsinn RV Sales or Service Consultant for Pricing and Availability

The Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package (LSP) combines the GLSS system by CAVans with an additional 320 amp-hour lithium ion battery. This package is available for any 2024 or prior year model Winnebago Revel whether you purchased your Revel from Lichtsinn RV or not.  The additional battery, when paired with the standard included 320 amp-hour battery in the 4x4 Winnebago Revel, provides a total of 8,266 watt-hours! In addition (2) rear power switches will be added so you can easily turn off either battery individually.

The lounge area GLSS system creates another livable space and storage area inside your Revel. The system includes proper ventilation gaps to ensure your Revel batteries have sufficient ventilation throughout the bench seat area. It includes a Lagun Mount and Table for a flexible addition for a secondary dining or work surface and it fits perfectly inside the Revels Gear Garage. The system is lightweight and durable, made with 80/20 aluminum. The cushions are marine grade so they will hold up to whatever your Revel adventures have in store. Add the Lichtsinn Storage and Power Package (LSP) to turn your Revel garage into the ultimate power and storage area. A certified RVTI Technician, from our Lichtsinn RV team will install the LSP package for you.

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Please call your Lichtsinn RV Sales or Service Consultant at 641-585-3213 to add this to your RV.

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