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Reviews of PROTECT - an Exterior and Interior Protection Package from Lichtsinn RV

Lichtsinn RV Protection

Most Lichtsinn RV guests - whether they purchase a new or pre-owned RV - choose to invest in PROTECT. Here are just a few of the reviews we've received highlighting the quality of our PROTECT package:

“The paint protectant was the best thing offered. It is so easy to clean bugs and road grit from, compared to just a paint job. It was well worth the cost." Andy, 2022 Winnebago View 24D from Gig Harbor, WA

“The Protect you guys installed is working great, nothing sticks to it. The seats in the coach are really soft. It was a good investment on my part.” - Mike, 2019 Winnebago Aspect 30J from New Braunfels, TX

“We just got back from a month in Florida. If we add it all up, I think we’ve spent two months out of the past twelve in the RV and absolutely love it. I did want to complement the PROTECT option. This past trip we were in rain and a lot of dust. Washing down the RV took no time and it looks brand new. The exterior keeps a beautiful shine. I’m glad we had this done.” - Rick and Maria, 2018 Itasca Navion from Highlands Ranch, CO 

"We had PROTECT applied at Lichtsinn on our 2016 Travato, which just turned one-year old today. I am typically skeptical of the claims these add-ons make, but so far I am pleased. Bugs and dirt wash off with relative ease compared to our other vehicles which don't have any paint protection. At the price of having an RV professionally waxed every year it pays for itself in a few years and keeps the rig looking nice." - Jack, 2016 Travato 

"The PROTECT package from Lichtsinn RV has made washing our RV so easy - we never have to wax. Next to the actual purchase of our motor home it is the best investment we've made." - Bill & Sharon, 2015 Winnebago View 24J 

"Great value. They hand applied PROTECT to our 42 foot motor home and it works great. Insects wash right off the front of our motor home now." - Dan & Carol, 2014 Winnebago Tour 42QD 

"I had PROTECT installed on my tow car...which unfortunately got rear ended (when not in tow thank goodness)...I forgot I had it applied and after driving my black tow car in a driving rain, and then parking, I realized that most of the road spray had only adhered to the area that had been damaged...a pretty good statement about how it bonds with the clear coat. I then had Lichtsinn's do the rear area - which they did at no cost." - Holly from South Carolina, 2010 Winnebago View 24A 

"You ask what I say about PROTECT? My local resort park sticker wouldn't stick to my fiberglass exterior... I had to apply the sticker to my glass to get it to stick. Best of all...our Florida love bugs rinse right off!"
- Ruth and Bill from Florida, 2013 Winnebago Journey 36M 

"I bought a Black Mist Navion from Lichtsinn's thinking it was the richest looking Mercedes Sprinter out there and unlike any other. Driving in a hard rain, of course the sun then came out on my final hour en route home... there was much less road spray than on any car that I pulled up with... I definitely wash my coach less. And PROTECT helps my Black Mist stand out even more!" - Lee, 2014 Itasca Navion 24G

"I didn't purchase an environmental package from Lichtsinn RV, but after returning to Minnesota and spending the better half of a day scrubbing Minnesota mosquitos off the top hat of my Navion, had them apply it, and now I can rinse off with a light pressure wash. Whew!" - Jim, 2009 Itasca Navion 24J

"Yes, my husband was dumb enough to set our leftover buffalo pizza box on the front passenger seat, which he was then even dumber to plop down on the seat to watch the end of the Cowboy game. Literally, the buffalo pizza sauce wiped off the front Ultraleather and carpet with a breeze."
- Julie from California, 2014 Winnebago Vista

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