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Click the Play Button to Begin Webcast

Directions to Watch the Webcast LIVE on the Date/Time Listed:

1. Click the play button to begin the video  
2. Please use the chat box to the right of the video player to ask questions during the webcast.
2. We will answer the question as we can in the webcast. 

You can utilize the full-screen feature by clicking on the arrows in the lower-right portion of the video player. 
Watch any of our previously recorded webcasts on the menu below the webcast video. 

If you are unable to chat in questions or watch Live, but have a question you would like us to cover, please email your question to and we will cover it Live during the Webcast. If due to time we are unable to answer your question, we will email the answer directly to you. 

Give us a call at 641-585-3213 or e-mail us at to talk with a sales consultant.  

We hope you enjoy the Live Webcast!

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