• Storage Methods for Your RV with Lithionics Battery System
    Known for being all-season powerhouses in the Winnebago motorhome lineup, the Winnebago EKKO and Winnebago Revel are both equipped with lithium-ion batteries from the known industry leader of RV mobile power and battery systems, Lithionics Battery. Read our blog to learn the best methods for both short term and long term storage of your RV and your battery systems.
  • Tips for Personalizing Your Motorhome
    After you have found the perfect RV for your planned adventures, it’s time to personalize your motorhome to make it more comfortable, functional and tailored to your specific needs. Read our Blog to learn about our guests favorite methods for personalizing both the interior and exterior of their motorhome.
  • 2023 Winnebago New Model and Floorplan Introductions
    As a leader in the motorhome industry, Winnebago is known for industry leading innovation. Winnebago has a long history of building reliable, state-of-the-art, comfortable motorhomes. From compact camper vans to luxurious Class A motorhomes, Winnebago offers a wide range of options to suit RVers various preferences and needs. Continuing its long history of innovation, Winnebago introduced a number of new floorplans during the 2023 calendar year and we will review these in our Blog.
  • Winnebago Revel vs. Airstream Interstate 19
    There are many RVs with similar floorplans and styles across numerous manufacturers, because of this, we are often asked about the differences between Winnebago models compared with those of other manufacturers. One example of these similarities include the Winnebago Revel and the Airstream Interstate 19. Read our Blog to learn more.
  • Winnebago Vista and Sunstar; Built for The Long Haul
    The Vista and Sunstar are perfect for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family and are built for the long haul. See our Blog where we review the top features that will help ensure your Vista or Sunstar is ready for your next adventure and beyond.
  • The Winnebago Adventurer 35F Specifications
    The Winnebago Adventurer is a luxurious Class A gas motorhome that includes features for the whole family including many convenient amenities that are typically reserved for diesel pushers. The Winnebago Adventurer 35F is a double slideout floorplan with a bath and 1/2, your choice of an extendable sectional sofa or powered theater sofa and can sleep up to 5 people. We will review the Winnebago Adventurer 35F specifications in this Blog
  • How To Winterize Your Motorhome
    As winter approaches, many RV owners are winterizing their motorhomes to prepare for storage. In particularly harsh conditions, winterization helps protect your motorhome from potential damage caused by freezing temperatures. If you are an RV owner looking to winterize your motorhome in preparation for the winter months, ready our blog to learn the steps.
  • The Winnebago EKKO: A Comfortable, Functional Place to Call Home
    The flexible Winnebago EKKO 22A includes many features that allow you to stay comfortable and bring all the conveniences of home with you, far from home. See our Blog where we have compiled the features that help make adventuring in your EKKO even more enjoyable.
  • RV Tire Storage Tips from Lichtsinn RV
    When your RV travels wind to a close for the year, it is incredibly important to ensure every aspect of your motorhome is stored properly and safely. One component that is crucial to the life of your RV includes the tires. During the off-season, be sure to keep your tires protected from damage. Read our Blog to learn some of our key tips to ensure your tires maintain top performance levels.
  • The Winnebago Solis vs. The Winnebago Revel
    What is the difference between the Winnebago Solis and the Winnebago Revel? Both are Class B Campervans but from there they are very different. We will review the key differences in our Blog.
  • 2023 Winnebago Flying W Dealer Excellence Award
    Winnebago has announced that Forest City-based Lichtsinn RV has earned the Company’s Flying W Dealer Excellence award for the 31st consecutive year. This award recognizes select dealers that delivered the highest service excellence and superior customer satisfaction over the previous 12-month period. Read more in our Blog.
  • Get to Know Who Will Be Working on Your RV
    Experience the Best® with the Lichtsinn RV Service Department. Our Service Technicians are factory-trained and RVTI Certified and in addition many have Winnebago experience beyond their time at Lichtsinn RV. We have recently expanded our Service Department which has allowed us to increase our services offered. More importantly, this expansion allows us to take care of more of your service needs.
  • Class A Motorhomes: Diesel Pusher vs Gas Motorhome
    A common question we receive is “Should I buy a Class A gasoline powered coach or a Class A diesel pusher?” In this blog we break down the two options and answer common questions that guests ask when deciding between a Class A Gas or Diesel RV.
  • Truma AquaGo Electric Antifreeze Kit
    The electric antifreeze kit allows you to protect your Truma AquaGo comfort or Truma AquaGo comfort plus from freezing without the use of LPG. The Truma AquaGo Antifreeze Kit warms the water within the AquaGo while engaging the circulation pump to continuously move the warm water throughout the system.
  • Gear and Accessories for Your Winnebago RV
    While your new Winnebago motorhome may include factory-installed additions or your new-to-you Lichtsinn RV purchase may already have some accessories installed, you will most likely still want a few extra pieces of gear to make your RV specifically yours and as comfortable as possible for how you intend to use it. Our expansive parts store coupled with our established vendor relationships ensure we are readily equipped to help you find the perfect gear and accessories to fit your RVing needs. Read our Blog to learn more.