Dinghy Towing Behind Your Motor Home

Now that the motorhome season is in full swing, let us refresh everyone on towing a vehicle behind your RV. Here at Lichtsinn Motors we have a tremendous advantage over most dealerships as we are both an automobile and recreational vehicle dealership. Our staff are trained experts in not only helping you pick out a vehicle that will meet your needs but also equipped and provide hands on training to ensure that you can safely and comfortably enjoy towing your vehicle.

The most popular way to tow a vehicle is referred to as “dinghy” or flat 4 towing. This method is the easiest and quickest way to use a tow vehicle. First you must determine if your vehicle is dinghy towable as not all vehicles can be dinghy towed. The best way to answer that question to refer to your vehicles owner’s manual. Our website also includes the following link that can be used as a quick reference, http://www.lichtsinn.com/rv-service/towing. The major advantages to this type of towing are that it is quick and easy to hook up to your RV and there is no dolly or trailer. Having a dolly or trailer can cause issues for storage depending on campsite or resort restrictions.

Our dealership is located just 1 mile from Winnebago Industries, so feel free to stop in after a plant tour and our staff would love to discuss any towing, automotive or recreational needs that you may have.