7 Reasons Why the Winnebago View is Better than the Tiffin Wayfarer

Here are our 7 Reasons why the Winnebago View and Navion ARE BETTER than the Tiffin Wayfarer.

Watch Our Video on the 7 Reasons why the Winnebago View and Navion ARE BETTER than the Tiffin Wayfarer Here

Our first reason is the View and Navion’s Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity or OCCC. Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity is the total weight of all cargo which includes you, your stuff, and all any freshwater you carry. The Tiffin’s occupant and cargo carrying capacity range from only 562 – 700-lbs while the View and Navion range from 1,100 – 1451-lbs. This is a substantial difference in cargo carrying capacity. You also must keep in mind that the occupant and cargo carrying capacity includes freshwater tanks, and in the Tiffin a full load of water is approximately 317-lbs. of cargo. So, after you fill your tanks you only have 200 –400 pounds of capacity for you, any passengers, your stuff, and the vertical tongue weight of your hitch. The View and Navion’s cargo carrying capacity is far superior to the Wayfarer because Winnebago invests in weight saving components like the highly durable, euro styled Italian Technoform cabinetry, which has been hand crafting cabinetry for high end yachts for years.

Our second reason why the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is the View and Navion’s superior off-the-grid capabilities. A compact coach is the ultimate freedom vehicle and the last thing you want is to be tied down to a traditional campground. The View and Navion feature 2 large Group 31 batteries, 200-watts of solar, a 2,000-watt inverter, a 3,600-watt Cummins Onan Generator and a Compressor Refrigerator. The View and Navion also have optional lithium ion smart batteries available. Winnebago designed all of these features into the Winnebago View and Navion to provide users with extended off-the-grid functionality – like never seen before in a Winnebago View or Navion. The Tiffin Wayfarer has a smaller inverter, smaller generator, smaller house batteries and no solar. Overall, the Tiffin Wayfarer is not well equipped for camping outside of a traditional campground. With the View and Navion anywhere can be your campground.

Our third reason why the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is the SuperShell Sleeper Deck in the View and Navion. The new SuperShell sleeper deck includes premium thermal and acoustic insulation, making the front bunk lighter and more comfortable than ever before. The SuperShell Sleeper deck also provides great space for storage when it isn’t being used as a bed. The Wayfarer features a generic cabover bunk that was not engineered with the same level of thermal and acoustic insulation as the SuperShell Sleeper Deck in the View and Navion.

Our fourth reason why the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is the premium features and smart storage design. Remi Cab Window Blinds and MCD Roller Shades. The View and Navion have the integrated, Sliding Remi shades on the front windshield, drivers and passenger cab windows. The shades are mounted into place and stay secure in their holder while traveling. When you’re ready to use them, operation is extremely simple and provides a solar thermal break to keep the sun out, and the RV cool. In the living area, kitchen and bedroom Winnebago utilizes MCD shades. MCD Shades are both easy to operate and clean and eliminate the problems associated with pleated shades, like the ones in the Compass and Gemini. MCD Night Shades are made of blackout fabric to block 100% of the light or made as a privacy shade which filters light into your RV. Both the proprietary ClearView and ClearView II screens provide an effective thermal barrier. The new window shades take the place of blackout curtains, cellular, vienna and silhouette shades, power visors, venetian blinds and other dated shades. MCD plans all shades utilizing CAD design and 3D software and manufactures with state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing equipment to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The View and Navion also feature new, smart storage features like the embedded paper towel holder and tissue dispenser. Another key design improvement is the roof wiring access port for technology. The roof wiring access port creates an easy wire path for outdoor equipment to the inside of the coach. This allows you to access to the roof to install your desired technology equipment whether it be wifi and cell boosters or satellite antennas. As equipment becomes outdated, this port allows for an easy change out and replacement for new equipment.

Our fifth reason why the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is the View and Navion’s Murphy+ Bed in the 24D Floorplan. The Murphy+ Bed in the Winnebago View and Navion 24D provides a 60 by 70-inch sleeping surface that is accessible when you need it and a nice seating area when you don’t need the sleeping area. It is a true walkaround bed with one-touch operation. The Wayfarer is not a true walkaround, in fact when you manually put the bed into the sleeping position it pushes right up against the galley drawers. The Wayfarer’s Murphy Bed is far more difficult to use, it requires you to manually put together the heavy murphy bed.

Our sixth reason the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is the Custom-designed, automobile-grade entry door in the Winnebago View and Navion. In previous model years, Winnebago always had a best-in-class entry door on the Winnebago View and Navion. Winnebago took the best-in-class entry door to a whole new level with the custom-designed, automobile-grade entry door designed in Europe specifically for the Winnebago View and Navion. The new door is extremely sturdy, very similar to a car door, with dual latching points that greatly reduce wind and road noise. The inside of the new door features a sliding shade and in-door storage perfect for umbrellas, shoes and other outdoor gear. The Tiffin Wayfarer features the typical 3rd party manufactured door that is often seen in entry-level trailers and RVs.

Our final reason why the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer is Winnebago’s extensive experience building RVs on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. Winnebago has been building RVs for over 60 years and was the first American RV manufacturer to build on the Mercedes-Benz chassis. That experience has enabled Winnebago to be the top seller of Mercedes-Benz based RVs in North America. Why buy an RV from any other manufacturer?

That wraps up our 7 reasons why we think the Winnebago View and Navion are better than the Tiffin Wayfarer. You can see our View and Navion inventory and other videos like this one by visiting LichtsinnRV.com.

Experience the Best℠ at Lichtsinn RV, the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the last four consecutive years. Lichtsinn RV is located 1 mile north of Winnebago Industries in Forest City, IA and we proudly sell new Winnebago motorhomes and pre-owned RVs from various manufacturers. While at Lichtsinn RV, you can expect no delivery miles on new RVs, a complimentary half-day educational orientation of your RVexcellent guest reviews, an assigned support team from sales, parts, service and the business officesuperior accommodationsno-hassle pricing and competitive financing. See our extensive new and used inventory here.

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Winnebago Launches New Products at RVX

Additions to the motorhome lineup include the Boldt, View, Intent 28Y and Forza 34T AE. Winnebago Towables will showcase a series of new floorplans from the Spyder, Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel, Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel, Minnie, Micro Minnie and Minnie Drop lines.

Boldt — The Boldt is a four-season coach intended for real world use, the release noted. The Pure3 Advanced Energy system eliminates the traditional RV generator and gives owners the ability to power through the night without the use of shore power.



“The Boldt perfectly balances between sophistication and practicality,” said Product Manager Russ Garfin. “Our latest introduction to the B-van lineup is a quiet, comfortable camper van that can thrive in nearly any environment.”

The Boldt offers two floorplans, the 70KL and 70BL and is built on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis which features a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine, blind spot monitoring, active brake assist, rain sensor and auto-high beam assist.

View — The View has been redesigned and features the all-new SuperShell Sleeper Deck that provides premium thermal and acoustic insulation, advanced Mercedes technology, new and upscale residential amenities, and other features to extend off-grid capability. It includes standard 200-watt solar and a 2,000-watt inverter.

Winnebago View

The View 24J and 24D will be on display at RVX. Both will showcase new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis features such as brake assist, lane keeping assist, LED headlights and adaptive cruise control.

Intent 28Y — The Intent’s newest floorplan features three slide-outs, a bedroom with a walk-around queen bed, and a large galley, the release noted.

Forza 34T AE — Like the other two wheelchair-friendly models in the AE lineup, (the Intent 30R AE, Adventurer 30T AE) the Forza 34T AE features a wheelchair lift with an 800-pound capacity with controls that let wheelchair users independently enter and exit the coach with a key-fob remote.

Other wheelchair-friendly improvements include expanded hallways and toilet areas; a roll-in shower with assist bar and accessible faucet controls and adjustable showerhead. There are reachable appliances, systems monitor, light and generator switch placement, and a power transfer seat option as well.

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.


5 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing From Freezing When Winter Camping

In previous posts, I have touted the joys of winter camping and all the fun family winter activities that can be enjoyed in an RV.

Now, if you choose to take up winter camping and your travels will take you to areas with sub-freezing weather, there are several precautions you should be aware of.

The number one concern is keeping your RV plumbing from freezing. Not just the freshwater system, but the waste holding tanks too.

Winter camping is an enjoyable experience and there are easy ways to offset challenges. If you are new to sub-freezing camping, I suggest your first outing be at a campground that has electrical hookups. Having access to shore power provides plenty of energy to keep everything warm, the furnace running and removes the concern for keeping the batteries charged, which is a whole other entry.

You will probably want to leave your RV winterized until you reach camp and take on water upon reaching the campground.

Lichtsinn RV Guest Winnebago Revel Photo
Lichtsinn RV Guest Winnebago Revel Photo

Once you’re at your site, there are several things you will need to perform to protect your plumbing and keep things running smooth.

  1. Unless you have a heated freshwater hose, *fill your freshwater tank upon arriving, then drain and store the hose. Nothing takes the fun out of winter camping more than trying to coil a 25-foot water hose that is frozen stiff. (*Note: If your freshwater tank is not heated and you are concerned it might freeze over the course of your campout, leave enough room for expansion in the event the water freezes as to not split your water tank open).
  2. If you have an exterior shower, remove the shower head from the hose and make sure it is drained. While the hose and nylon faucet can typically withstand freezing, the shower head is the most susceptible to damage from freezing. If the back of your exterior shower opens up into an interior RV cabinet, like under the bathroom sink, leave the cabinet door open to protect the lines to the faucet and provide some heat to the back of the faucet itself.
  3. If you have electric hookups, consider taking an electric heater with you to save propane and furnace time. For safety, buy an electric heater (that shuts off if it tips over) or an oil-filled electric heater. I carry an oil-filled heater as there is no fan to make noise to keep me awake at night.
  4. Know where your freshwater pipes are located. If they are located in the back of your cabinets, leave the cabinet doors cracked so heat can circulate to them. If they are located in the floor along the heating ducts, make sure your furnace cycles occasionally to prevent them from freezing.
  5. Keep your holding tanks and valves from freezing by adding RV antifreeze to the tanks. The amount you will need to add will be proportional to the contents in each tank. Also, if your travels to and from the campground will be through winter conditions, be aware that ice can build up on your dump valves and termination cap (see below photo), which makes for an interesting proposition when you go to dump your tanks.

Subfreezing camping and the precautions and trials that come with it is just another adventure in RVing. Get out there and enjoy!

Article Contribution of: Dave Helgeson, RV Life Magazine

Original Article can be found here: http://rvlife.com/keep-plumbing-from-freezing-when-winter-camping/

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The Winnebago Adventurer is back – a Winnebago Class A Gas Coach

Class A Gas Doesn’t Get Any Better than this.

The Winnebago Adventurer® is back, packed with user-friendly features and more value than ever before. The Adventurer’s five floorplans offer plenty of living space and ample storage, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or the adventure of a lifetime. The Adventurer is loaded with features and amenities typically reserved for diesel pushers, including full-body paint with chrome mirrors, Corian® countertops in the galley and bath, Primera®-covered furnishings, Versa drivers seat, MCD solar/blackout roller shades, and much more. If you prefer a gas coach but want diesel-level amenities at a terrific value, the new Adventurer is built for you! Built on the Ford F53 Chassis with the Triton V10 Engine you’ll get the ride that goes along with the interior comfort.

Winnebago AdventurerStandard Features on the Winnebago Adventurer® include:

1) Automatic hydraulic leveling jacks with 3 position controls

2)  Cavernous storage and cargo carrying capacity, with chassis GVWRs ranging from 18,000 (27N and 30T) to 22,000 lb with 22.5″ wheels (33C, 35F, and 36Z)

3) Exterior entertainment center

4) Powered patio and entrance awnings

5) KeyOne lock system

6) Large tank capacities – LP/18 gallon, fuel/80 gallon, freshwater 64-93 gallons depending on model

7) 35F & 36Z have separate black and gray tanks for each bathroom

8) Corian countertops

9) Residential refrigerator

10) 10″ Bluetooth multi-media radio/rearview/sideview monitor system angled for multiple view points

11) Versa driver’s seat allowing the cab seats to become an integral part of the living area

12) Full body premium automotive paint

Optional Features on the Winnebago Adventurer® include:

1) Over the cab powered StudioLoft bed with 600 lb weight rating

2) Stackable washer/dryer (33C) or washer dryer combo (35F, 36Z)

3) All-weather upgrade package, which adds a 2nd high efficiency air conditioner with heat pump, 50-amp shoreline electrical service, automatic generator changeover switch, and a 5,500-watt CumminsOnan Marquis Gold gas generator.

4) Microwave and convection oven

5) LP oven

Winnebago Adventurer® Floorplans

Winnebago Adventurer® 27N Floorplan

Winnebago Adventurer 27N

Winnebago Adventurer® 30T Floorplan

Winnebago Adventurer 30T

Winnebago Adventurer® 33C Floorplan

Winnebago Adventurer 33C

Winnebago Adventurer® 35F Floorplan

Winnebago Adventurer 35F

Winnebago Adventurer® 36Z Floorplan

Winnebago Adventurer 36Z

Winnebago Adventurer® Specifications

Winnebago Adventurer Specifications


Call Lichtsinn RV today to find out more about the New  Winnebago Adventurer®, class a Gas Motorhome from Winnebago Industries.

Winnebago Announces New 2017 Floorplans

This past week, at the RVIA National Trade Show, Winnebago Industries unveiled some exciting new Floorplans for the 2017 Model Year. Included below is a floorplan of each of the new models and a brief overview of each:


Winnebago Tour/Ellipse 45RD

This new luxury Diesel Floorplan on a 291″ Tag Axle boasts many features found in the more expensive Winnebago Grand Tour 45RL. Spacious living space, the Glide & Dine Table and Chairs, a retractable fireplace, 1 1/2 Baths (including double sinks in the master bath), and 210 cubic feet of exterior basement storage, are just some of the many reasons you’ll want to see the new Winnebago Tour/Ellipse 45RD.



Winnebago Journey 40J

This new Diesel Floorplan, with a 400-hp Cummins ISL 8.9L turbo-charged diesel engine on the Maxum Chassis, includes: 1 1/2 baths, a front entertaining area with large windows facing the patio side, cab seats that rotate to become a part of the living space, a great deal of bedroom storage, and an amazing 229 cubic feet of exterior basement storage.



Winnebago Vista/Sunstar 27PE

This class A gas motor home packs a lot of amenities in a shorter floorplan length. It features a double slideout, a king sized bed, an all-in-one oversized bathroom, a large amount of interior storage, an expansive patio awning and it sleeps up to 8 people with the optional powered StudioLoft Bed.


Winnebago Vista/Sunstar 32YE

This new class A gas motor home floorplan on the Ford F53 Chassis features: double slideouts including a large sofa/dinette slideout, a king sized bed, a large wardrobe in the bedroom, cab chairs that rotate to become an important part of the living space, 124 cubic feet of basement storage and sleeps up to 8 with the optional StudioLoft bed. This floorplan has contemporary styling rounding out this new 32YE floorplan.




NEW Winnebago Paseo 48P

The Winnebago Paseo, Winnebago Industrie’s newest Class B Touring Coach, is on the Ford Transit Van Chassis and boasts the power and fuel economy of the Ford EcoBoost gas engine. It includes a 5,000 lb factory installed towing package and an oversized bath-in-one shower area. It includes the Ford SYNC 3 voice activated stereo/navigation system. The rear third of the coach is completely transformable to your needs with the help of a specially-designed Flex Bed System that offers multiple sleeping and daytime configurations. See the floorplan below or CLICK HERE for additional information.

Paseo Floorplan


Winnebago Era 70M

The Era 70M, the newest edition to the Winnebago Era floorplans, provides an expansive rear bathroom and a sofa/murphy bed slideout. It has a whopping 44 gallon freshwater tank capacity and 22/25 gallon black/grey tank capacity allowing longer periods of time before you need to get freshwater or visit a dump station. This 70M is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis and has a 3.0L 6-cylinder diesel engine.



Winnebago Minnie Winnie/Spirit 31D

This all new Winnebago Minnie Winnie/Sprit floorplan features triple slideouts including opposing front slides which maximize this living area. It has an amazing 93 cubic feet of basement storage and large holding tank capacities. The Sofa Bed converts into a full sized queen bed and the master bed remains fully intact when rear slide is brought in. The Premium Package can be added to this floorplan adding additional conveniences to this RV.



In case you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch a video actually taken at the RVIA National Trade Show featuring a number of these new floorplans. To find out additional information about these newly introduced foorplans, contact Lichtsinn RV today at 1-800-343-6255!

Dinghy Towing

Dinghy towing or towing your vehicle behind your motorcoach with all four wheels on the ground is by far the safest and most convenient way to bring your passenger car, truck or SUV along for the trip. Although no manufacturer has yet to engineer a plug-and-play setup directly from the factory, it’s never been simpler to equip both dinghy and your motorhome for road usage.

Ron Lichtsinn and Brian Buffington, Lichtsinn RV Service Director, take us through how to hook up your tow vehicle in this VIDEO.

At Lichtsinn RV we offer complete installations of dinghy setups, from Blue Ox to Roadmaster. Setup takes about a full day and we offer package pricing on complete setups. Leave it to the experts on this task to keep you secure down the road!

Call us today to schedule your tow bar installation at 1-800-343-6255 or to schedule it on-line CLICK HERE.

Lichtsinn RV Announces Staff Changes


Forest City, Iowa – Lichtsinn RV of Forest City is excited to announce a number of staff promotions and additions at the dealership. These changes have been made to align with the continued growth of the Winnebago RV Dealership.

Hannah Lunning has been promoted from the position of Business Manager to the position of Sales Manager. In her new position, Hannah will oversee the Lichtsinn RV Sales Team.

Casey Singelstad has been promoted to the position of Controller and Human Resources Manager. Casey will oversee all administrative, accounting and human resource functions.

Brandon Mondt has joined the Lichtsinn RV team as a Business Manager where he will responsible for working with guests on RV paperwork and providing them RV Protection Products. Before joining the Lichtsinn RV team, Brandon was an Insurance Provider for MBT Bank in Lake Mills, IA.  “I look forward to working in a fast-paced environment with a great group of people, as well as helping guests fulfil their dreams of owning an RV” Mondt said. In Mondt’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and being outdoors.

Ron Lichtsinn, owner of Lichtsinn RV stated, “We are excited with the dealership staff changes we have made in the past number of weeks and are looking forward to continuing our growth with our current and great new additions to our team.”

Lichtsinn RV hires Abby Duregger and Heather Garza

Forest City, Iowa November 9, 2016– Lichtsinn RV is excited to welcome Abby Duregger and Heather Garza to their team in Forest City, Iowa.

Abby Duregger – Administrative Assistant
Heather Garza – RV Finishing & Quality Control Lead












Duregger is a Garner-Hayfield graduate and attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA.

Duregger’s position is Administrative Assistant. She is often the first voice, and the first  person guests meet upon calling or entering the dealership. Before joining the Lichtsinn RV team, Abby was a Merchandising Operations Leader at Petco.  “I look forward to getting interact with guests from all over the United States” Duregger said. In Duregger’s free time, she enjoys spending time with family & friends and spending time outdoors.

Garza is a WCLT graduate and attended Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, IA.

Garza’s position is RV Finishing & Quality Control Lead, where she helps to oversee the finishing process for all dealership vehicles. Before joining the Lichtsinn RV team, Garza was a 3M Film Applicator at CDI.  “I look forward to the flexibility in the mornings with my kids and look forward to working within a team oriented atmosphere” Garza said. In Garza’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family, camping and fishing.

About Lichtsinn RV

Lichtsinn RV in Forest City, Iowa, is the #1 dealer of Winnebago motor homes in all of North America for a single point location dealership. In business for over 40 years, they offer factory fresh Winnebago, Itasca and Winnebago Touring Coach motor homes and are only one mile down the road from the Winnebago and Itasca factory. They also feature pre-owned motor homes, travel trailers and RV rentals. Lichtsinn RV offers quick service that is done right the first time and is home to the fastest, most knowledgeable parts team in the U.S.

Seal Tech

We’re excited to announce that we now offer Seal Tech, a service we provide that helps seal leaks your RV may have. Have a leak, but can’t locate it? No problem, we’re here to help find it and take care of it. Below is a short video of the Seal Tech process.

How it Works

Seal Tech is preventative maintenance that should be done annually on your RV. Seal Tech detects leaks far better than a visual inspection. During the process we force in air to pressurize your RV then lightly spray a water-based solution around sealed areas (such as the roof) to detect leaks. If there is a spot where water can come in, the solution, combined with the pressurized air will create a bubble. It’s an efficient way to detect and fix leaky spots before more extensive water damage occurs.

Give our Service Department a call today or visit our Service Department web page to help stop your leaks today!

2017 Winnebago Era Floorplans – 70A, 70C, 70X

The Class B market continues to grow, in large part due to the success of the Era®. Its combination of fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and high-end features has introduced a whole new set of enthusiasts to the van-style RV. With its Mercedes-Benz® diesel engine, driving your Era is a pure joy. Arrive at your destination safely and on time with the help of the Radio/Rearview Monitor with 6″ touchscreen and the available Rand McNally RV GPS. Each floorplan offers a full-featured galley and swivel cab seats that increase your functional living space while parked. Inside, you’ll find dimmable LED ceiling lights (70A, 70X), MCD blackout roller shades, Corian® countertops, and a rear screen wall (70A, 70X). An awning with LED lighting will keep the outdoor fun going well into the night. Take your travels off the trails with the all-new Era 4×4; the first Sprinter-based off-road RV from Winnebago. Enjoy all of the same amenities, 5,000-lb. towing capacity, and two additional inches of ground clearance. For versatility and style with Winnebago’s legendary construction standards, choose the Era.

Arrive at your destination safely and on time with the help of the Rand McNally RV GPS. The Era offers a full featured galley and swivel cab seats that increase your functional living space while parked. Inside, you’ll find dimmable LED ceiling lights, MCD blackout roller shades, Corian countertops, and a rear screen wall. An awning with LED lighting will keep the outdoor fun going well into the night.   For versatility and style with Winnebago’s legendary construction standards, choose the Era.

Listed here are the three different floorplans for the Era – Era 70A, Era 70C, Era 70X

Interactive video showcasing each Winnebago Era Floorplan

Winnebago Era 70A

The 70A is all about flexibility with a galley extension for meal prep and the Flex Bed system that quickly shifts from one bed into two.



Winnebago Era 70C

Costing thousands less than Roadtrek and Leisure Travel Vans, the Winnebago Touring Coach Era never ceases to amaze.  The 70C floorplan features a slideout, permanent dry bath, a fold and tumble FlexSteel bed, and Alde hydronic heating system for even more indoor enjoyment.



Winnebago Era 70X

Four cab seats create a pleasant conversation and dining area, while the sofa/bed in the back is perfect for watching TV or catching some Zs.



Click Here to see the Winnebago Eras we have in stock today or call the dealership to speak with one of our factory trained Winnebago Sales Consultants – 1-800-343-6255.