Top Questions on the Lithium-Powered Travato

Recently, we covered the Winnebago Travato 59GL and 59KL with the Pure3 Energy Management System in our live interactive webcast. We collected the top questions we received in that webcast. You can WATCH OUR WEBCAST HERE on the Winnebago Travato 59GL and 59KL. We also covered the 2019 model year changes in the 59G and 59K and introduced the Pure3 Energy Management System in a webcast earlier this year – WATCH IT HERE.

Questions from the Winnebago Travato Webcast

What is the difference in operation between the Pure3 system vs. the Coachmen lithium system?

The Pure3 system is considerably easier to operate – it is a one button operation that is run off one inverter. The coachmen has several different gauges to operate the system. Read our blog post on the Pure3 Energy Management vs. the Coachmen Galleria lithium system here.

Does the inverter need to be on to run 12-V appliances in the Travato 59KL and 59GL?

No the inverter does not need to be on. The inverter is only required to be on when you are wanting to power 120-volt electronics, like the air conditioner, without shore power.

How do you charge the Pure3 System in the Travato 59KL and 59GL?

  • Underhood generator – The Pure3 Energy Pack can also be charged through the underhood generator or second alternator. The Travato’s dedicated 58-volt alternator is twice as powerful as the competitors. Its compact design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris. It also allows you to completely recharge your battery in approximately 1.4 hours allowing you to get back on the road and off-the-grid.
  • Shoreline – Like other RVs, the Pure3 Energy Pack can be charged off shoreline power or when it is hooked up to power at a campsite. However, unlike most other RVs, the Travato 59KL and 59GL are equipped with a 3600-watt pure sine wave inverter bringing 30 amps of power wherever you go.
  • Solar Package – The Pure3 Energy Pack can be charged by the solar power system. The Travato 59KL and 59GL’s MPPT solar controller provides best-in-class solar absorption, up to 30% better than competitors, giving you more off-the-grid performance. The Travato comes standard with 200-watts with ports to plug in additional panels.

What mode charges the Travato 59KL and 59GL the fastest?

The underhood generator. The Travato’s dedicated 58-volt alternator, or under hood generator, is twice as powerful as competitors. Its compact design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris and the auto-start and high-idle control significantly extends air conditioner run time.

How long can you run the AC off the Pure3?

6-8 hours if you are running several systems like the refrigerator and the Truma Combi at the same time.

What are the considerations for cold weather operation?

The lithium battery pack is in a sealed and insulated compartment. Temperatures in the compartment are regulated by the interior temperature of the motorhome.  A good rule of thumb is that if you as the coach owner are comfortable inside, so is your Pure3 lithium pack. The Travato’s Volta Power Systems Pure3 Lithium Energy Pack is sealed in a battery compartment that is heated and cooled with an environmental fan:

  • Fan will turn on at 59°F (Heat Mode) or 110°F (Cool Mode).
  • Fan will turn off at 68°F (Heat Mode) or 90°F (Cool Mode).

The Pure3 pack is discharged as required by the load and should only be used around the following conditions:

  • High Temperature Limit: 135°F
  • Low Temperature Limit: -4°F.

What is the lifespan of the batteries?

The expected useful life of the batteries is 10 years and they are covered by an industry-leading 8 year warranty.

Is the vehicle a true 4 season RV?

Yes. The water lines are inside the coach along with the battery pack that is insulated and heated by the Truma Combi Eco Plus advanced climate control system providing coach heat and quick hot water recovery with LP and electrical heating using 1,750 watts of heating elements

Has Winnebago road tested the Travato 59KL and 59GL?

Absolutely. There is an employee at Winnebago that has put on over 10,000 miles and has yet to charge the system with shore power. Winnebago also tested the location of the underhood generator to ensure users don’t have issues with ground clearance causing damage to the underhood generator.

Currently, Lichtsinn RV has in-stock 2019 Travato 59K, 59G, 59KL and 59GL models. You can see our Travato inventory here.

For more information on this product, please call 1-800-343-6255 and speak with one of our Winnebago Factory Trained Sales Consultants.

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Explore the National Parks in the National Park Foundation Travato

For more than six decades, Winnebago Industries has created products that enable customers to explore America’s national parks. Winnebago Industries, Inc., a leading outdoor lifestyle product manufacturer, strengthened that connection by announcing a multi-year partnership with the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, in support of the Find Your Park Movement. This public awareness campaign inspires people of all backgrounds and abilities to discover and share their own unique connections to America’s national parks.

National Park Foundation Travato


To launch the partnership, Winnebago is proud to announce the debut of a limited-edition National Park Foundation Travato revealed for the first time at RVX: The RV Experience, a recreation vehicle industry trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. The design teams at Winnebago created a new Travato design, inspired by the National Park Foundation, featuring exclusive graphics and the Pure3 Energy Management System that has a larger lithium battery pack than the traditional Travato KL and GL with the Pure3 Energy Management System offering users 11,600 watt-hours of power. The Travato also has upgraded wheels and tires to allow you to get off the beaten path, the popular Ram Mounts (similar to those featured in the Winnebago Revel) and Sumo Springs, a popular aftermarket addition to Travatos, all are now standard features. The National Park Travato now has a new air conditioner that is up to 8 decibels quieter than previous models, which will come in handy in National Parks that have noise and generator ordinances.  Following RVX, James and Stef Adinaro of the Fit RV, will travel in a new limited-edition National Park Foundation Travato to share stories from the road.

“One of our goals through this partnership is to inspire RVers and other adventurers to visit national parks that are lesser known,” said Winnebago product manager Russ Garfin. “The Travato with the Pure3 Energy system is the perfect vehicle to do just that with its ability to disconnect from shore power for longer periods of time and go where most RVers can’t.”

Winnebago committed to donating a portion of the sales of the National Park Foundation Travatos back to the National Park Foundation. Winnebago Industries President and CEO Michael Happe said,“We firmly believe that America’s national parks offer unparalleled opportunities to experience the beauty of nature and the depth of our shared heritage at some of the most scenic and historic locations in the United States. It is an honor to support the work of the National Park Foundation in pursuit of our shared goal, to connect more people with transformative outdoor experiences.”

For more information on this floorplan, please call 1-800-343-6255 and speak with one of our Winnebago Factory Trained Sales Consultants.

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.

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Winnebago Launches New Products at RVX

Additions to the motorhome lineup include the Boldt, View, Intent 28Y and Forza 34T AE. Winnebago Towables will showcase a series of new floorplans from the Spyder, Micro Minnie Fifth Wheel, Minnie Plus Fifth Wheel, Minnie, Micro Minnie and Minnie Drop lines.

Boldt — The Boldt is a four-season coach intended for real world use, the release noted. The Pure3 Advanced Energy system eliminates the traditional RV generator and gives owners the ability to power through the night without the use of shore power.



“The Boldt perfectly balances between sophistication and practicality,” said Product Manager Russ Garfin. “Our latest introduction to the B-van lineup is a quiet, comfortable camper van that can thrive in nearly any environment.”

The Boldt offers two floorplans, the 70KL and 70BL and is built on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis which features a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine, blind spot monitoring, active brake assist, rain sensor and auto-high beam assist.

View — The View has been redesigned and features the all-new SuperShell Sleeper Deck that provides premium thermal and acoustic insulation, advanced Mercedes technology, new and upscale residential amenities, and other features to extend off-grid capability. It includes standard 200-watt solar and a 2,000-watt inverter.

Winnebago View

The View 24J and 24D will be on display at RVX. Both will showcase new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis features such as brake assist, lane keeping assist, LED headlights and adaptive cruise control.

Intent 28Y — The Intent’s newest floorplan features three slide-outs, a bedroom with a walk-around queen bed, and a large galley, the release noted.

Forza 34T AE — Like the other two wheelchair-friendly models in the AE lineup, (the Intent 30R AE, Adventurer 30T AE) the Forza 34T AE features a wheelchair lift with an 800-pound capacity with controls that let wheelchair users independently enter and exit the coach with a key-fob remote.

Other wheelchair-friendly improvements include expanded hallways and toilet areas; a roll-in shower with assist bar and accessible faucet controls and adjustable showerhead. There are reachable appliances, systems monitor, light and generator switch placement, and a power transfer seat option as well.

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.


March Motorhome Madness: Travato vs. Revel

In the spirit of March Madness, we at Lichtsinn RV will be comparing various Winnebago motorhome models. The first in our March Motorhome Madness is the Travato versus Revel. Both the Travato and the Revel have off-grid capabilities and are small and agile Class B motorhomes.

Winnebago Travato 

Based on the powerful, fuel efficient ProMaster chassis, the Travato has been at the forefront of the van life revolution since its launch.  Estimated to achieve 18 to 22 mpg highway, at only 21 feet long the Travato offers all of the comforts of home in a nimble, efficient van.


The Winnebago Travato comes in four floorplans – the 59G, 59K, 59GL, and 59KL. Based on the powerful, fuel-efficient Ram ProMaster chassis, the Travato has been at the forefront of the camper van revolution since its launch in 2014. Thanks to premium features such as the energy-saving Truma Combi eco plus heating, the Deluxe FROLI sleeping system and Corian countertops, the new Travato is better than ever. With significantly upgraded standard features like 200-watt solar panels and new interior décor colorways, alongside several options, you can tailor the Travato to suit your needs.

Travato 59K
Winnebago Travato 59K Floorplan


Travato 59KL Floorplan
Winnebago Travato 59KL Floorplan
Winnebago Travato      59G Floorplan
Winnebago Travato 59G Floorplan
Winnebago Travato 59GL Floorplan
Winnebago Travato 59GL Floorplan


The Travato 59K and 59KL feature swiveling cab seats that become an integral part of the living and dining space, two twin beds that convert into cross-coach sleeping, and a spacious rear bath with wardrobe. The Winnebago Travato 59K and 59KL are 21 feet long, with an interior height of 6 ft. 3 in., and holding tank capacities of 13 gal. (black) in the 59K and 12 gal. (black) in the 59KL and 13 gal. (gray) in both the 59K and 59KL.

The Travato 59G and 59GL feature a spacious corner bed and corner wet bath, swiveling cab chairs that join the dinette to form a seating area for up to four. The Winnebago Travato 59G and 59GLhave seating and sleeping for up to four compared to the 59K and 59KL that have sleeping and seating for two.

Specification 59G 59GL 59K 59KL
Length 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′
Exterior Height 9’4″ 9’4″ 9’4″ 9’4″
Exterior Width 6’9″ 6’9″ 6’9″ 6’9″
Awning Length 13′ 13′ 13′ 13′
Interior Height 6’3″ 6’3″ 6’3″ 6’3″
Interior Width 6’2″ 6’2″ 6’2″ 6’2″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 21 18 23 18
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 2.6* 2.6* 2.6* 2.6*
Holding Tank Capacity – Black 11 11 13 12
Holding Tank Capacity – Gray 15 15 13 13
LP Capacity (gal.) 6 6 6 6
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 24 24 24 24
GCWR (lbs.) 11,500 11,500 11,500 11,500
GVWR (lbs.) 9,350 9,350 9,350 9,350
GAWR – Front (lbs.) 4,630 4,630 4,630 4,630
GAWR – Rear (lbs.) 5,291 5,291 5,291 5,291
Wheelbase 159″  159″  159″  159″
Seating Capacity 4  4  4  4

And now, the Travato also offers the most powerful, durable and easy-to-use lithium energy system in the RV industry.

The Pure3 Energy Management System comes standard in the Travato 59GL and 59KL. This best-in-class system is U.S. built in partnership with Volta Power Systems, helping RVers “cut the cord.” Pure3 is built with advanced engineering and a simple user interface so you can have confidence and peace of mind as you travel down the road. The 48V automotive-grade lithium energy storage pack provides up to 8,700-watt hours of energy, and powers all coach appliances. Designed for reliability, the Pure3 system makes replenishing power fast, simple, and available through multiple charging options. The 58V alternator, although compact in size, packs a punch and quickly charges the pack as you drive. Pulling off for the night is stress-free with this advanced lithium system that meets all your power needs without requiring power hookups or the use of a generator.

This fully integrated system includes a powerful 3,600-watt pure sine inverter that offers 30 amps. of power at any time, powering air conditioning and appliances wherever you go. The best part of this hassle-free system is that it operates on the push of a button and a simple analog gauge that tells you how much energy remains. With the same automotive-grade technology used in hybrid vehicles and EV applications, this newly advanced lithium energy system provides better value, ease of use, and confidence as you travel, live, work, and play.

Lichtsinn RV has a collection of videos and blogs about the Winnebago Travato. See our Travato Tales page featuring our videos, blogs and more here. You can also sign up for our monthly Travato Tales email newsletter here.

Winnebago Revel

The true 4×4 RV opens up a world of possibilities!  Now with enhanced safety features from Mercedes Benz including blind spot monitoring, collision prevention assist, lane keeping assist and much more!

Winnebago Revel 44E Floorplan
Winnebago Revel 44E Floorplan


Specification 44E
Length 19’5″
Exterior Height 9’10″
Exterior Width 7’1″
Awning Length 10′
Interior Height 6’3″
Interior Width 6’7″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 21
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) continuous
Cassette Toilet Capacity 5
Holding Tank Capacity – Gray 21
LP Capacity (gal.) NA
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 24.5
GCWR (lbs.) 13,550
GVWR (lbs.) 8,550
GAWR – Front (lbs.) 4,101
GAWR – Rear (lbs.) 5,360
Wheelbase 144″
Seating Capacity 4

Designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts, the all new Winnebago Revel takes a no nonsense approach to adventure with a straightforward design and function-driven features. Taking full advantage of the proven 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the Revel’s 3.0 litre turbo diesel puts 325 lbs ft of torque through an on-demand 4WD system, complete with high and low range and hill descent mode for added off road capability.


Inside, the Revel’s unique features start with a floorplan designed around a Power Lift Bed with a 140 cu. ft. gear garage below. This allows for a 49 x 79 inch cross coach sleeping area.  A full galley, including a 2.5 cu. ft. refrigerator, makes meal prep a breeze, while the all in one bath and gear closet boasts a cassette style toilet that eliminates the need for a separate black water holding tank. Add a standard solar power system that is expandable to 510 watts, diesel powered heating, a dinette with a pull-up table that converts to additional sleeping space, and many more innovative features and the result is the new Revel: quite simply the most off road capable RV Winnebago has ever built.

Storage and living space are maximized by the flared body and Power Lift Bed that converts to a 49 x 79 inch sleeping surface. Welded aluminum cabinet face frames, dual pane windows with insulated shades, snap in screens for fresh air circulation, and an available roof mounted AC system all contribute to the Revel’s off the grid livability.

Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs.

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Four Factors to Look for in a Lithium Battery RV

Better energy systems are the next wave in RVs. More owners want their AC and other appliances to run longer—long enough to keep pets cool for hours, and still provide hot showers while running other appliances. But they also want to untether from campground outlets and avoid noisy generators that compete with the sounds of nature.

That’s why there’s a buzz around lithium ion batteries—the kind that power electric and hybrid cars. Traditional lead-acid batteries like to be charged relatively slowly compared with lithium ions. The faster charge rate combined with much greater capacity for their weight is what makes lithium ions a true game-changer.

Black energy pack

A few RV “techies” are installing their own systems and posting DIY instructions online. But if you’re not that much of an engineer, you’ll be happy to know a few RVs now come with optional lithium batteries built-in. At Winnebago, we’ve started with one of our most popular B vans, the Travato, introducing the Pure3 Energy Management System in our 2019 Travato 59GL and 59KL. (See video here.)  These two models are fully engineered around the most advanced energy system available (see comparison chart).

If you’re seriously comparing RV battery systems, here are the main factors to keep in mind:

Available power

Think of power as three traits: charging speed, battery capacity, and how long the charge lasts. Most new RV lithium cells, including the do-it-yourself kind, are just 12 volts—a size that typically requires a long charge time and quickly depletes. If you want a rapid charge or several more hours of reliable juice, look for a more robust system, like the 48-volt Pure3.

The Winnebago system recharges from either a conventional outlet or a dedicated 58V alternator hooked up to the engine and a solar panel on the roof helps maintain the charge. During a charge cycle—whether manually initiated or requested by the battery—the Travato’s engine starts and ramps up to 1600 rpms, dramatically reducing recharge time compared with conventional batteries or smaller lithiums. You’ll quickly have 30 amps of 110v power for heating, cooking, or air conditioning.

Ease of use

Fewer RV owners are parking near a hook-up station for very long. They’re blazing out to the trailhead, exploring a National Park, or dry camping at an outdoor music festival. If this sounds like you, you need a system that restores battery power while you run the engine. Even short trips will do it.

And when you’re parked, the Travato 59GL and 59KL have an auto-start feature that starts the engine to recharge the battery. This feature extends the run time of the air conditioner beyond the battery’s fixed capacity. It’s a convenience that provides extra peace of mind when you’re gone from the RV for an extended period of time—for example, when you leave your pets for an evening out to dinner.

Ease of use includes keeping tabs on available energy. You shouldn’t have to scratch your head over the readout on a voltage indicator. The Pure3 system has a simple analog gauge that lets you know when it’s running low—like the gas gauge on your car.



Look for a battery that’s built to last. The best value and least hassle will be one that’s automotive-grade like the Pure3. You’d generally expect to replace a common lead-acid battery several times over the life of your RV, but the Pure3 is built to work as long as the Travato does, just like batteries in electric cars. To get a unit this durable, Winnebago worked with Volta, the leading name in vehicle energy systems.

Protection from the elements contributes to long life. For that, we mounted the Pure3 below the coach and inside a water-resistant, insulated steel housing. Cabin air circulates around the compartment when the weather gets too hot or cold. And the whole system is compact to provide ample clearance, even on rutty roads.

The ultimate test

Beyond tech specs, the key test is lifestyle. Will it enable the uncomplicated RV life you want? Our goal with the Travato 59GL and 59KL was to take lithium technology out of the realm of geek-dom and put it in the hands of the everyday RVer. For $20,000 above the Travato’s regular MSRP, the advanced Pure3 energy system is a practical solution when you average its cost and comforts over the entire life of your RV.

We’re pretty sure lithium ion systems are going mainstream in the not-too-distant future. So, when it comes time to shop around, look under the hood—or, in Winnebago’s case, under the coach. Make sure the energy system you choose has the capacity, durability, and simplicity you need for truly carefree adventures.

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Lichtsinn RV, America’s closest dealer to Winnebago Industries, has been named Top North American Winnebago Dealer by Winnebago Industries for the last four consecutive years. We proudly sell New RVs manufactured by Winnebago Industries as well as Used RVs. See our Winnebago Travato inventory here