Featured Item – Satellite Systems

Our Featured Part special this month is Satellite Systems including the portable Winegard Carryout G3, the In-Motion Winegard Roadtrip T4, the Mobile SK-SWM3 DirecTV Slimline, the King Tailgator Pro and King One Pro. Wanting to select the perfect satellite for your needs? … Continued


At Lichtsinn RV we are proud to offer the Cummins EC-AGS+ Wireless RV Automatic Generator Start System. Once this system is installed in your coach, you’ll never have to think about your generator again. Whether you’re driving across the country … Continued

Blue Ox Patriot 3 Braking System

The Patriot 3 Brake System from Blue Ox gives you the comfort needed when you are braking your tow vehicle. Not only is it convenient and easy to store, but it also proportionally applies the brakes smoothly while you’re slowing … Continued

How to Winterize a Winnebago View and Navion

It’s that time of year when it may be time to put your Winnebago View or Winnebago Navion away for a winter slumber. Before you do this it is important to winterize your View or Navion. Your Winnebago View or … Continued

How To Winterize Your RV

With the winter months fast approaching, it’s time for many RV owners to get their motorhome winterized, and ready for storage. Below you will find the steps needed to winterize your RV. Steps to RV Winterization: Level the Motorhome. If the … Continued

The Best Inspection in the Business: A Lichtsinn RV Advantage

As more and more people join the RVing community throughout the country, one thing is certain, Motorhomes have become increasingly complicated with advancements in RV electrical systems, heating and cooling, plumbing, space-making slide outs and internet connectivity. These aren’t the … Continued

Truma AquaGo Tankless Water Heater

The Truma AquaGo is a tankless “hybrid” water heater with a small tank. The Truma AquaGo water heater can be found in the Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion and the Winnebago Forza. Instant, constant, endless – the Truma AquaGo instant water … Continued

Experience the Best® Blog: The Lichtsinn RV Video Library

One of the many things that sets Lichtsinn RV apart from other RV dealerships is our commitment to informing our guests.  One of the most effective ways we reach people is through our extensive video library. At Lichtsinn RV, Winnebagos … Continued