Tips for Personalizing Your Motorhome

After you have found the perfect RV for your planned adventures, it’s time to personalize your motorhome to make it more comfortable, functional and tailored to your specific needs. Continue reading to learn about our guests favorite methods for personalizing both the interior and exterior of their motorhome.

Storage Solutions

Personalize Your RV Storage Solutions

Even though Winnebago motorhomes are already designed with innovations that maximize every inch of space, storage solutions can further enhance space utilization when personalizing your living space.

To keep drawers and wardrobes clutter-free, you can use various sizes of baskets and containers. One often overlooked opportunity for storage and organization are vertical spaces. Installing shelves in these spaces allow you to maximize your storage options. Utilizing vertical space also includes taking advantage of wall space for not only decor but shelving, baskets, spice racks, hooks and more. Especially in smaller motorhomes such as Class B camper vans, counterspace becomes important real estate, so using vertical space by mounting small appliances above the counter helps open up additional cooking space.

For built-in storage areas, such as under the bed and inside galley drawers, you can use dividers to keep things separated and neat. Another option to efficiently utilize your available space is to find items that are nesting, folding, or collapsible for easy storage. There are many options that include these features such as dish sets, pots and pans sets, measuring spoons, and much more. Not only are there options available for inside your coach, but you can also invest in collapsible chairs and tables for when you decide to lounge outside.

Interior Decor

Personalize Your RV Decor

Just like a traditional home, personalizing your motorhome with decor you like, significantly influences making the space feel comfortable and welcoming. Choosing a color scheme that shows off your personal style is a great way to truly personalize the space. Personalized decor can go one step further with themed decor that resonates with you, whether it’s beach-inspired, retro, modern, or any other style that suits your taste.

With decor items, it is important to keep in mind your available space to make sure you are not losing access to valuable real estate such as countertops or charging stations. Decor can include throw pillows for your seating area, blankets and curtains in fabrics that you enjoy. These options not only add a personalized touch to the space but also add comfort. Another great addition to your decor is introducing some greenery with plants that add a natural element to your RV. Great choices include easy-to-maintain plants such as succulents, or for drastically less maintenance, fake plants. Even your storage solutions, mentioned above, can add to your decor, adding a functional and decorative touch.

The available vertical space in your motorhome also comes into play when considering decor. Wall art such as your favorite artwork or photos add a personalized element. You can use temporary adhesive hooks to avoid damage and allow for easy removal. Removable decals or stickers can also be added to your cabinets, walls, as well as the outside of your RV. Our guests also often display a travel map that they can mark for each place they have visited which can add another sense of adventure to your space.

Aftermarket Add-Ons

Personalize Your RV Aftermarket Accessories

Whether you plan on having weekend camping trips or off-road and off-grid excursions, adding aftermarket accessories and storage, such as tire carriers, storage boxes, and cargo carriers is a way to personalize your motorhome with equipment that is also functional on your adventures.

Some of the most common aftermarket additions include spare tire mounts, bike racks, and an exterior ladder when one is not provided as a standard feature. Many of our guests utilize the space on the exterior of their RV by having our service team install these items or other storage solutions such as roof boxes, rear cargo boxes, molle panels and more. Additional solar panels can also be installed on your motorhome to enhance your energy efficiency and provide extended power. These panels may be roof mounted or portable. You can also have additional or higher-capacity batteries installed that have the same effect, allowing you to stay “off-grid” for extended periods of time.

When choosing storage solutions and accessories, it is important to keep in mind your specific needs, the type of adventures you are planning, and the available space on your RV. This provides you with a personalized and functional setup that then enhances your overall travel experience.

Personalizing your RV can make it feel truly like a home on wheels, so it is important to take the time to create a space that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Contact a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find the perfect RV for your adventures, along with suggestions for accessories to support your RV adventures. Now…it’s time to get to personalizing!

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