What You Need to Know About RAGBRAI 2024

RAGBRAI, the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Across Iowa, is a well-known, eight-day recreational festival of bicycles, food, music, community and more. It is the oldest, largest and longest multi-day bicycle touring event in the world. RAGBRAI began in 1973 making this year’s ride the 51-year anniversary of the event. Read our blog to learn about this year’s route and chosen overnight towns.

What Sets Lichtsinn RV Apart From Other Dealerships

Here at Lichtsinn RV, our dedication to our guests starts from the moment you pick up the phone or chat with us online and extends throughout the lifetime of your RV ownership. Beyond this level of dedication, we also offer many other benefits that set us apart from the competition, including exceedingly knowledgeable sales, parts and services teams, superior accommodations and more. Read our Blog to learn about what sets us apart from other dealerships.

2024 Camp Winnebago and Lichtsinn RV

2024 Camp Winnebago and Lichtsinn RV

As Winnebago celebrates “Camp Winnebago,” at Lichtsinn RV, we welcome you to a week of Boogie Nights and Campfire Lights!
Lichtsinn RV Consultants will be available at the Rally Grounds as well as at the dealership to answer any of your questions and assist with purchasing your new Winnebago, appraising your trade, and more!
See the Lichtsinn RV Camp Winnebago Schedule in our Blog.

Why Buy from Lichtsinn RV – Factory-Fresh RVs

Lichtsinn RV offers you several advantages for buying your next RV – one of them is our ability to offer new Winnebago Motorhomes with zero delivery miles. We are able to offer new Winnebago Motorhomes with no delivery miles or tow-car stress because we are located only 1-mile from the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa.

Winnebago Motorhomes with Lithionics Battery®

Lithionics Battery® is known as the original inventor of RV mobile power and battery systems, and because of this, is also a known powerhouse in the industry. Because Winnebago partners with companies known for their quality and dependability, there are numerous Winnebago RVs equipped with Lithionics Battery power systems. Continue reading in our Blog to more to learn about the specific battery system equipped in each model and how Lithionics Battery stands out as a top-of-the-line power system.

Why Buy from Lichtsinn RV – State-of-the-Art Dealership

Lichtsinn RV Dealership

Lichtsinn RV was founded in 1975. The new Lichtsinn RV dealership facility, in its current location was completed in 2014. A sales office expansion was just completed and the balance of the expansion, a new RV showroom and additional service bays, will be completed this Summer. Read more about the Lichtsinn RV State-of-the-Art Dealership in our Blog.

Why Buy from Lichtsinn RV – Extensive RV Orientation

Lichtsinn RV Motorhome Orientation

There are several reasons to buy your next RV from Lichtsinn RV – one of which is our complimentary educational orientation. With all of the components in an RV chassis and shell/living space even the most savvy RVer will have some new things to learn when they move into a new RV. Read More about the Lichtsinn RV Orientation in our Blog.

Zero-g RV Marine Hoses

Zero-g RV Marine Hoses. Research with hose purchasers overwhelmingly indicates a preference for hoses which offer light weight, easy handling, kink resistance and lasting performance.

The Mercedes me connect App

Mercedes me connect App

The Mercedes me connect App allows you peace of mind whether you are sitting inside your RV or miles away. Mercedes me connect is available on 2020 and newer Winnebago motorhomes built on the Mercedes-Benz VS30 Chassis. These RVs include the Winnebago View, Winnebago Navion, Winnebago Vita, Winnebago Revel, Winnebago Boldt and the Winnebago EKKO 23B. Read our Blog to learn more about the Mercedes me connect App.

Hope & Ron Lichtsinn Family Scholarship Total $22,500

Lichtsinn Family Scholarship

Earlier this month, at the Forest City Education Foundation Senior Awards Night, the Hope and Ron Lichtsinn Family Scholarships were given, reflecting the consistent support of the Lichtsinn family towards the growth of the Forest City community and overall North Iowa area. This represents the 20th consecutive year that the Lichtsinn Family has provided a scholarship to Forest City seniors. This year multiple scholarships were given for a combined total of $22,500. Read more in our Blog.