Winnebago Travato vs. Winnebago Solis

The Winnebago Class B Ram ProMaster Chassis space is expanding with the recent introduction of the Winnebago Solis to Winnebago Class B lineup. The Solis accompanies the Winnebago Travato, the RV that started the #vanlife revolution.

Both the Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Solis are gas powered Class B Vans built on the proven fuel-efficient RAM ProMaster Chassis. Each has the 3.6L ProMaster V6 gas engine with 280 horsepower, 258 lbs. feet of torque, 6 speed automatic transmission, three-point cab seat safety belts and dual front airbags. Each model boasts over 35 active and passive safety features giving you peace of mind as you head down the roadways.

The Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Solis each have premium All-Season Insulation and Plumbing to help you extend your camping season. Each also has side and rear screen doors so you can enjoy the outdoors while keeping bugs out.

But that is where the similarities end. See below some of the many difference between the Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Solis.



Heating and Cooling Systems – The Winnebago Travato is an All-Weather RV equipped with the Truma Combi® Eco Plus Heating   and hot water system that provides quick hot water recovery with LP and electrical heating with two 850-watt heating elements.The Travato is also equipped with above floor waterlines, heated tanks, premium insulation and available heated drainage system and dual-pane acrylic insulated windows.

Power – The Winnebago Travato is equipped with a 215-watt solar panel solar charge controller w/junction box and plugs for additional solar panels. The Travato has an available option of the Pure3 Advanced Energy System.  The Pure3 System is built with advanced engineering and a simple user interface. The 48V automotive-grade lithium energy storage pack provides up to 9,500-watt hours of energy, and 30-Amp whole coach electricity using a 3,600-watt pure sine inverter. One of the best parts of this hassle-free system is that it operates with the push of a button. Equipped with the same automotive-grade technology used in hybrid vehicles and EV applications, this advanced lithium energy system provides ease of use and confidence as you travel, live, work, and play.

Sleeping Capacity – The Winnebago Travato is 21’ long and is available in two different floorplans. The 59G/59GL sleeps up to 3 people and the 59K/59KL up 2 people. Both the Winnebago Travato 59K/KL and Travato 59G/GL floorplans are equipped with easy sleeping area convertibility with the Deluxe FROLI Sleep System. The 59G/GL has a rear double sized bed, that can be easily raised and secured to allow for a large rear storage space. The Travato 59K/KL has center twin beds that can be easily put together with the flex bed system. This space can be used for seating during the day and as twin beds or a large flex bed system in the evening.

Extended Living Space – Extended your living space in the Winnebago Travato under the armless Colorado Carefree powered 13 ft awning that includes LED lighting and a motion sensor to automatically retract.

Window Covers – Each Window in the Winnebago Travato comes with a European blind system which provides complete black out and thermal insulation.  The bottom up blackout design allows for privacy and insulation and the screen can be closed with the window open to allow ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

SumoSprings – In the front and rear of the Winnebago Travato you’ll find SumoSprings as a standard feature. SumoSprings are a patented suspension product, designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. SumoSprings are maintenance free and are manufactured from proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane which provides a smooth and progressive spring rate. SumoSprings increase the ride height in the Travato to 9’ 4” for improved height clearance.

Storage Solutions – The Winnebago Travato has a number of unique storage solutions that make the most of its nimble 21’ frame. These storage solutions include Anything Keepers (drop down storage baskets that can be easily stored when not in use), RAM Tough-Track Mounts (electronic device and beverage mounting solutions that are designed around an interchangeable ball and socket system that offer users’ devices shock and vibration protection), In Floor Locked storage and more.

Safety Belts – the Winnebago Travato comes with two 3 Point Safety Harnesses in the cab seats. Each floorplan comes with 2 additional standard seatbelts. The 59K/59KL in bench seat, and the 59G/59GL in the driver side bench seat.

Exterior Wash Station – The Winnebago Travato 59G/59GL is equipped with a single exterior wash station with rear coach access while the 59K/59KL does not have an exterior wash station with hot/cold water controls.

Bathroom – The Winnebago Travato comes with a standard wet bath with ample dry storage and a wardrobe in the 59K/59KL floorplan.


Heating and Cooling Systems – The Winnebago Solis is equipped with Truma Combi Eco hydronic heating and on demand hot water system with hot water loop purge providing water and coach heating. For cooling the Solis is equipped with dash air and the Maxx Air premium vent system as well as cross window ventilation in the main cab and Pop-Top Area.

Power – The 220-Watt Flexible Solar Panel provides Off-Grid Power. The one panel system is fitted to the top of the Pop-Top Roof for a sleek look and allows you to use your Solis without relying on electrical hookups or a generator for power. The Winnebago Solis does not have an available Pure3 Energy Management System.

Sleeping Capacity – The Winnebago Solis is 19’ 9” in length and is available in the 59P floorplan. It comes with a rear Murphy+ Bed System which provides additional sleeping space at night and can be easily converted to a workstation for use during the day. One of the main differentiators of the Winnebago Solis is the Pop-Up Top. The durable fiberglass Pop-Up provides additional sleeping space and privacy. The Solis Pop-Up Top area comfortably sleeps two with the FROLI Sleep System, extending sleeping capacity of the Solis to up to 4 people. Accessible outlets provide even more convenience to this sleeping space. The Pop-Up Top space has zippered window covers that can be rolled up and secured into place to provide privacy and room darkening features.

Extended Living Space – The Winnebago Solis is equipped with the space extending Rear Annex which provides additional living space including a hanging rod and privacy curtain. The Solis does not come with a standard awning.

Window Covers – The Winnebago Solis comes with integrated blackout window treatments throughout the coach that can be easily zipped closed for privacy.

SumoSprings – SumoSprings are not available as a standard option on the Solis. Ride height clearance on the Solis is 8’11”.

Storage Solutions – The Solis campervan boasts innovative storage so you can bring everything you need to enjoy your adventures. This storage includes in-floor storage, under bed storage, and more.

Safety Belts – the Winnebago Solis comes with four 3 Point Safety Harnesses, two in the cab and two additional 3 Point Safety Harnesses in the Dining Bench.

Exterior Wash Station – The Winnebago Solis is equipped with dual exterior wash stations, one in the rear of the Solis and the other just inside the side door. These Wash Stations are part of the Winnebago Solis’ Simplified Water System with Cassette Toilet, Eco-Hot Water System and Simplified Water Panel to keep you on the go and stress free.

Bathroom – The Solis has a Heated wet Bath with a removable Cassette Toilet. The heated Wet Bath in the Solis includes a with Cassette Toilet so there is no need to connect to a dump station. The portable tank can be easily removed and dumped into a restroom toilet.

While the Winnebago Travato and Winnebago Solis do share the RAM ProMaster chassis, the similarities end there. Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more about the Winnebago Travato and the Winnebago Solis Class B CamperVans!

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