Product Offering – WeatherTech Bump Step

We’re excited to announce that we now carry the WeatherTech BumpStep. The WeatherTech BumpStep can be used on any motorhome that has a 2″ receiver.



Introducing the injection molded WeatherTech BumpStep and yes, it is proudly made in America!

The BumpStep is injection molded out of a proprietary resin that is incredibly strong, yet has mechanical properties that allow it to flex when hit, taking the brunt of any impact. It designed to fit any vehicle with a standard 2″ receiver hitch.

Why get a BumpStep?

Well, it’s simple, protection against bumps, dents and scratches to your motorhome’s bumper.  Careless drivers can bump, knock and crash without care into your back bumper. With the BumpStep, you will have the reassurance of bumper protection from other motorist’s mistakes and small accidents from backing up.  As an RV owner that takes pride in your investment, scratches and dents to your bumper are as much of an eyesore as a ding to your door and BumpStep helps prevent having to get your bumper repaired.  As the “step” portion of its name describes, BumpStep  also allows you to safely stand on the 12″ wide step (up to a 300lb max) for everyday tasks such as loading a roof rack, racking a bike or kayak or washing the upper area of your RV.

Hitch Pin Options:

Theft-Deterrent Stainless 5/8″ Hitch Pin
  • Machined stainless steel construction of the lock screw and clip will not rust
  • Theft deterrent design secures pin in receiver to help prevent theft of your BumpStep, Bike Carrier, etc.
  • For all 2″ receivers
Standard 5/8″ Hitch Pin
  • Plated steel with coated handles on both pin and clip for grip and comfort
  • For all 2″ receivers
  • Imported

Call us at 641-585-3213 or contact us here for pricing information to purchase your WeatherTech BumpStep today!