Protect your RV with our LRV Spa

We’ve recently launched a service to help protect and maintain your RV. We call it, LRV Spa. LRV Spa is a exactly what it sounds like, we offer interior and exterior cleaning, protection and detailing for your motorhome.

We offer three different packages for our LRV Spa; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each package offers a great deal of services that benefit and protect your RV. We also offer individual services including: complete roof wash and interior carpet vacuum and extraction. Below is a list of each spa package in greater detail.

Gold Package: Silver Package plus Exterior PROTECT + Warranty. Unsure what PROTECT is? Read more here.

Silver Package: Bronze Package plus full dry and side cab windows.

Bronze Package: Spray, scrub, windshield, rinse and tires (no dry).

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Along with the benefits of these three packages, here are a few other benefits of our LRV Spa.

-Professional Cleaning




Call the Lichtsinn RV Service Department at 1-800-343-6255 to schedule your LRV Spa today!