PROTECT by Lichtsinn RV

Your RV is an investment and we can help make it easy for you to take care of this investment. Maintaining your RV can be difficult and time consuming! This is where PROTECT can help keep your investment safe.

PROTECT is a special cleaning and sealant that we use to help protect your RV’s interior and exterior.

Here’s a demonstration video we created to show how effective PROTECT is at taking care of your RV investment.

Benefits of PROTECT:

Bonds with clear coat and strengthens it – PROTECT bonds with your RV’s clear coat to help strengthen your finish from the outside elements.

Hand Applied – Our professionally trained finishing team hand applies the PROTECT to the exterior and interior of your motorhome.

Convenience – Sit back and let us handle the dirty work maintaining your RV. Coming in for service? This is a perfect time to have PROTECT applied to your RV.

Safety – Cleaning your motorhome can be dangerous. Our finishing team uses lifts and harnesses to maintain safety while applying PROTECT to your RV.

Professionally Trained – Our finishing team is professionally trained on PROTECT application.

Detail Oriented – We clean and add PROTECT to all of the crevices on your RV. It takes us nearly a full day to complete.

Great alternative to wax – PROTECT is a great alternative to wax. In fact, it strengthens the clear coat on your RV.

Helps maintain your RV resale value – Why not protect your RV and maintain it’s resale value at the same time? PROTECT takes care of this.

Stain resistant – PROTECT applied to the interior of your RV will help keep stains away with it’s stain resistant qualities.

Helps protect against UV Fading – PROTECT helps keep the interior of your RV from fading due to the sunlight.

Warranty – We offer two different PROTECT warranties dependent on the mileage on your RV. RV’s with under 35,000 miles carry a 5 year warranty and RV’s with over 35,000 miles carry a 3 year warranty.

Call the Lichtsinn RV Service Department at 1-800-343-6255 to schedule your PROTECT application today!