Sewer Hose Kits & Holding Tank Deodorant

What they do:

We carry many different types of Sewer Hose Kits and Holding Tank Deodorant Products in our parts department.  All RV’s require a sewer hose to dump the black and gray tanks and we carry a range of products that help create secure, air-tight seals, eliminating unwanted odor and drainage.  Holding Tank Deodorant helps control odor, breaks down tissue and waste quickly to prevent clogging and comes in many convenient forms.

Sewer hose kits have fabulous names such as:

The Dominator, Duraflex Deluxe Drain Hose, Heavy Duty Drain Hose, Premium Drain Hose, Boyau d’ egout exceptionel, Rhino Extreme, Rhino Flex and . . . The Revolution.

Some of the different types of chemicals we stock are:


Many Aqua-Kem Varieties * Toilet Seal * Grey Water Odor Control * Drain Valve Lubricant * Tissue Digester * Level Gauge Cleaner * Elemonater * Porta-Paks