Tips for RV Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance on any of our AC systems is minimal…

•The key to proper operation is keeping the system clean.  All coach a/c systems will have air filters.  The filters keep foreign material from entering the cooling unit and restricting the airflow across  the evaporator. A clogged filter  will restrict airflow and  at best  will reduce the efficiency of the unit.   A  dirty  filter  could also lead to a  freeze up condition in which the evaporator becomes  coated with ice.  When  this happens, cooling  is drastically reduced.  Avoid operation of your coach a/c system without the system filters in place.
•When you see water dripping into your RV and there’s not a cloud in the sky, the chances are good it’s still air conditioner produced condensation, but unfortunately, it’s not making its way harmlessly onto your roof. The most likely problem is that dirt, leaves, or other junk have gotten into your a/c unit and blocked the drain holes in the bottom of the pan. If the level gets too deep, it runs up and over the lap of the pan and makes its way into your RV. Left unchecked it can be worse than a nuisance, it can actually damage your rig.
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