Top five tips for a great trip

Going camping this summer? Top five tips for a great trip Five tips for summer camping

Posted: 07/08/2010 By: Roosevelt Leftwich

Earleville, MD – Wouldn’t it be nice to relax on a nice sunny beach. Well for some folks this thought stinks. They’d rather be out roughing it in the woods. But then others would rather be out doors but have a nice RV to climb into at night.

Tip number one….pick the right camp, “It’s very much like picking a hotel there are certain people that have brands that they like and locations that they like it’s the same thing with camping we have locations that range from Deep Creek Lake area to Saint George’s island surrounded by the Potomac camping on a beach or camping in a luxury cabin with Wi-Fi and cable.” Maryland Campgrounds Association President Deb Carter says. Okay now that you have the right camp. What do you bring? Some of that depends on the camp a beach camp you need beach stuff, a rustic camp, rustic stuff, but there are some basic things like food.

Tip two, be prepared. “You want to bring the equipment that you’re going to need. “Carter says. “If your going to sleep on the ground you probably want to bring bug spray we like to think Maryland doesn’t have insects but we do and sun screen certainly.” Being green, other than the trees and the grass is also important. Who wants to go out in an area and find someone else’s has messed it up.

Tip three, respect the land. “You want to be green like the state parks if you take trash in take trash out.” Carter says. If you enjoyed camping as a kid, your kid may not. They’ll may hate roughing it and feel scared in the woods and heaven forbid, they might even hate fishing.

Tip four…kids need kids stuff. “It’s really important for them to feel safe secure they need to know that they’re okay they have water they’ve got everything that they need that they’re not going to get lost and absolutely know your child.” Carter says.

And tip five is perhaps the most important. Have fun. Maryland campgrounds have so many diverse features there is really is something everyone…from the boater to the hiker, to the kids stuff and historians it’s all there. Just don’t forget the bug spray.


Reprinted from the MD Camground Assoc