TrueLevel Monitoring System

Winnebago Industries’ exclusive TrueLevel holding tank-monitoring system determines the level of fluid in a tank from outside the tank. 
TrueLevel incorporates Mirus detector cell technology to ensure accurate fresh and wastewater tank level readings. Mirus detector cells are located on the outside of the tank and produce a microelectrical field that detects liquid levels. 
There are no more probes to corrode or clog. Just true, accurate fresh and wastewater tank level readings, time after time. 
Aftermarket Installation of TrueLevel Tank Monitoring System 
In all instances, the green circuit board on the monitor panel will need to be replaced with the proper new red circuit board. Non-contact sensors will need to be installed on the tank. 
With non-contact sensors, all metal wires and harnesses must be kept ¼” to ½” away from sensors to prevent interference of sensor operation. 
Coaches with inside and outside monitor panels need to use diode harness assemblies. Both the inside and outside circuit boards must be replaced. Installation times will vary between models due to sensor location accessibility. 
If you would like to purchase parts for any of these aftermarket installations, please contact 1-800-343-6255