The Battle of the B’s – A comparison of Winnebago Class B RV’s

We’ve had a lot of questions on the differences of the Winnebago Touring Coach Class B RV’s. These RV’s include: The Winnebago Touring Coach Paseo, The Winnebago Touring Coach Travato, and the Winnebago Touring Coach Era. To help answer some of these question we have feature list comparing the 3 models listed below.


Feature Era Paseo Travato
The Freedom to Go Take the Scenic Route On the Road to Adventure
1. Style and Sleek 1. Serviceability 1. Size
2. Mercedes Benz Diesel Longevity 2. Seatbbelts 2. Adventure Enthusiasts
3. Towing Capacity 3. CCC 3. Serviceability
4. History and Reputation 4. Power, Torque, Hitch for Price 4. Off-grid camping ease
5. Floorplan Flexibility 5. #TravatoNation
6. Stealth
Base Retail Price $123,500 (70A, 70X) $114,988 (48P) $90,900
$129,887 (70C) (59G & 59K)
$131,109 (70M)
+ 7% (70A, 70X) + 26%
+ 13% (70C, 70M)
* Premium contemporary interior * Optional exclusive removable bike rack * Deluxe FROLI Sleep System
* Incredible fuel economy * Large 12v fridge w/ separate freezer * Available Bike & Roof Racks
* Ultraleather furniture * Ford Transit w/ EcoBoost enging, lane keeping alert, and SYNC 3 * Opt. 100 watt solar panel
* 4×4 Chassis options (70A, 70X) * High efficient Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating * Easy-to-swivel Cab Seats
Multiplex Wall Switches System w/ (2) 850-watt elements * Highly Efficient Truma Combi Eco Plus
* Truma Combi Eco Plus heating system w/ (2) 850-watt elements * Optional exclusive movable ladder & rack system heating system w/ 1,700 -watt elec heating element
* Powered armless patio awning w/ LED Lighting * Electric heated drainage system
* Optional heated electric drainage system * Available aluminum cab steps
* Designed and insulated for extended seasons * Exterior Speaker System
* Advanced compressor driven refrigerator (59K)
FUEL ECONOMY 18-22 mpg 15-17 mpg 15-17 mpg
Interior Interior Choice – Smoke w/ High-Gloss Dark Canvas or Coffee-Glazed Vienna Maple or Washed Maple High-Gloss Marbella Cherry or Aosta Cherry
High-Gloss Onyx Woodgrain
Exteior Full-Body Paint – Graphite or Brilliant Silver Magnetic Full Body Paint or Deluxe Magnetic FBP (cladding painted) Granite or Bright Silver – Deluxe Options (Cladding and Windows)
Length 24’3″ 22’1″ 21′
Exterior Height 9’8″ Std 9’10” 9’4″
9’10” 4×4
Exterior Width 6’4″ 7’4″ 6’9″
Awning Length 13′ 13′ 13′
Interior Height 6’3″ 6’6″ 6’3″
Interior Width 5’10” 6’1″ 6’2″
Freshwater 25 Gal (70A, 70X); 44 Gal (70M) 26 21 Gal (59G); 23 Gal (59K)
Holding Tanks (Black/Gray) 8/26 (70A) 22/25 (70M) 9/19 (70X) 18 Black/21 Gray 11 Black/15 Gray (59G); 13/13 (59K)
LP Capacity 16 Gal (70A, 70X) 9.5 Gal (70M) 6 gal 6 Gal
Fuel Capacity 26.4 gal 25 gal 24 Gal
GCWR 15,250 12,600 11,500
GVWR 11,030 10,360 9,350
Wheelbase 170″ 148″ 159″
Seating Capacity 4/4/7 6 4 (59G); 2 (59K)
Chassis MB Sprinter Ford Transit Chassis Ram ProMaster
Engine 3.0L 6-cyl 3.5L V6 3.6L V6 Gas Engine
HP 188 hp Diesel 310 hp Gas 280 hp
Torque 325 lbs./ft 400 lbs/ft 260 lbs./ft
Transmission 5-spd auto Tip Shift Transmission 6-speed Automatic Transmission 6-speed Automatic 62TE Transmission
Alternator 220-amp 250-amp 180-amp Alternator
Brakes 4-wheel ABS 4-wheel ABS 4-wheel ABS Brakes
Wheel Liners Std. Stainless Steel Liners Standard Stainless Steel Wheel Liners Stylized Aluminum Wheels Standard
Opt. Chrome or Alcoa Optional Stylized Alloy Wheels
Forged Aluminum Alloy Wheels
Hitch 5,000-lb. 5,000-lb. 3,500-lb.
Cab Features
Radio/Rearview Monitor System 6″ LCD Color Touch, iPod/MP3 Std. Radio/GPS Nav/Rearview Monitor – Ford SYNC 3 Radio/GPS Nav/Rearview Monitor – 5″ LCD Color Touch Screen,
MB9 Opt – Rand McNally GPS AM/FM, 6.5″ color display, leather wrapped steering wheel w/ Steering Wheel Controls, Color Rear Cam, Sirius XM (1 year incl.),
audio controls & multi-function display, HD and Sirius XM Bluetooth, USB Ports
Satellite Radio capability (6 months free) Lane Departure Warning
Collision Avoidance System Optional Collision avoidance
Sound System Optional JBL Premium Sound Speakers
Cab Seats Armrests, Adj Lumbar Support, Armrests, Adj Headrest, Slide and Recline Armrests, Adj. lumbar support, Adj. headrest, Slide/Swivel/Recline
Adjustable Headrest, Slide/Swivel/Recline
Cab Seat Swivel Both Seats Swivel Passenger Seat Swivels Passenger Seat Swivels
Cab Window Blinds Pleated, sliding front window blinds Front and Cab Window Privacy Blinds Front and cab Window Privacy Panels
Folding privacy screens for cab door windows
Keyless Entry Keyless Entry w/ Remote Power Locks w/ Remote Power Door locks w/ Remote
TV 24″ HDTV & Coach Stereo w/ AM/FM 19″ HDTV & Coach Stereo System w/ AM/FM, Bluetooth 24″ HDTV and Coach Stereo System w/ AM/FM, Bluetooth,
Bluetooth, CD/DVD, Alarm Clock, Remote CD/DVD player, remote CD/DVD and Remote
TV Antenna Jack Digital HDTV Antenna Jack Digital TV Antenna Jack Digital TV Antenna
Interior Lights LED Ceiling Lights w/ Dimmer Switch LED Ceiling Lights LED Ceiling Lights
Shades MCD Blackout Roller Shades Insulated night/screen shades MCD Blackout Roller Shades
Wall Switches Multiplex Wall Switches Standard wall switches
Powered Vent Fans Optional Upgraded VentFan w/ Electric Lift, Remote w/ LCD screen, Powered Vent Fan – Galley, Powered Vent – Bath
Powered Vent Fans thermostate operation, exhaust airflow in galley Optional Vent w/ Rain cover, elec lift, remote w/ LCD Screen,
Thermostat Operation w/ intake & exhaust airflow (galley)
Countertop Extension Flip-up Extension (70A, 70M) Flip-up countertop extension Flip-up countertop extension (59G)
Countertop Corian Solid-Surface Corian Corian
Refrigerator Fridge/Freezer (70A, 70X) Compressor-driven 12 volt Refrigerator/Freezer F/F Compressor-driven 110/12Volt (59K)
Removable Freezer (70A) F/F LP/110/12Volt (59G) – w/ removable freezer
2-dr 6 cu. Ft compressor driven F/F (70M)
Backsplash Decorative backsplash (70M)
Microwave Microwave (70A), Micro/Convection (70M, 70X) Microwave (59G); Microwave/Convection (59K)
Range-top 2-burner w/ glass cover (70A) 2-burner rangetop w/ glass cover and heat shield 2-burner w/ glass cover & heat shield
3-burner w/ glass top & ss sink w/ bamboo cover (70M, 70X)
Sink Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Sink w/ Glass Cover Stainless Steel Sink w/ Glass Cover
Water Filtration Cold Water Filtration System Cold Water Filtration System Cold Water Filtration System
Countertop Corian solid-surface (70M)
Showerhead Flexible showerhead Flexible showerhead Flexible Showerhead
Shower Curtain Shower Curtain (70A, 70X) Shower Curtain/Shower Package Shower Curtain and Shower Package
Shower Door Textured Glass Shower Door (70M) Sliding Tambour Bath Door Sliding Tambour Bath Door
Toilet w/ Foot Pedal and Sprayer w/ Foot Pedal and Sprayer Toilet w/ Foot Pedal and Sprayer
Skylight 70M Only
Sink Stainless Steel (70A, 70X) Fold-down sink Fold down sink (59K); Stainless Steel Round sink (59G)
Shower Dimensions 24×31 (70M); 24×43 (70A,70X)
Beds Twin Beds w/ Flex Bed System (70A) Cross-coach Sleeping (Rear Dinette) Double Bed w/ Storage Access (59G); Twin Beds Flexbed Kit (59K)
Deluxe FROLI Sleep System
TV 24″ HDTV w/ Remote (70A)
Closet Systems Wardrobe
Screen Doors Side Screen Door Side Screen Door Optional Rear and Side Screen Doors
Rear Screen Door (70A, 70X) Rear Screen Door
Patio Awning Powered w/ LED Lighting Powered Armless w/ LED Lighting & Wind Sensor Powered Awning w/ LED Lighting (no LED w/ roof rack)
Storage Trays Slideout compartmen tray (rear door 70A)
Rear Storage Compartment Rear storage Compartment (70M)
Porch Light Porch Light w/ interior switch Porch Light w/ Interior Switch Porch Light w/ Interior Switch
Exterior Service Light Service Light (Driver’s side) w/ interior switch Driver’s Side Service Light
Running Boards Running Boards, rocker trim w/ mudguard Aluminum Driver Cab Step w/ LED Lighting and Optional Aluminum Cab Steps OR
Aluminum Running Boards (passenger w/ LED Lighting) Optional Lighted Running Board (59G)
Mud Guards Rear Mud Guards Reear Mud Guards
Exterior Speakers Exterior speaker system Exterior Speaker System Exterior Speaker System
Exterior Stainless Steel Finish Optional polished stainless steel rocker panel trim Stainless Steel Valance Panel Trim Stainless steel valence panel trim
Bike Rack Optional Bike Rack (adjustable width) Optional Bike Rack
Roof Rack Optional Roof-mounted Rack w/ movable Ladder Optional Roof Mounted Rack w/ Ladder
Heating & Cooling System
Roof A/C 13,500 BTU low-profile high-efficiency 13,500 BTU high-efficiency roof a/c 13,500 BTU high-efficiency roof A/C
Heating Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System w/ Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System w/ Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System w/ 1,700 watt heating element
(2) 850-watt electric heating elements (2) 850-watt elements Quick Recover Truma Combi – LP/110 volt Electric
Powered by LP and/or 110-volt Electric Powered by LP and/or 110-volt Electric
Electrical System
Auxiliary Start Circuit Auxiliary Start Circuit Auxiliary Start Circuit Auxiliary Start Circuit
House Batteries 2-deep cycle Group 31 batteries (AGM Maint Free) 2-deep cycle Group 31 batteries (AGM Maint Free) 2-deep cycle Group 31 Batteries (AGM Maintenance Free)
Coach Battery Disconnect Coach Battery Disconnect System Coach Batter Disconnect System Coach Battery Disconnect
Converter/Charger 45-amp Converter/Charger 450-amp converter charger 45-amp
Power Cord 30-amp Power Cord 30-amp Power Cord 30 Amp Power cord
Exterior Hookups Ext TV Jack, Ext AC Receptacles Ext TV Jack, Ext AC/DC Receptacle Exterior TV Jack, Ext AC/DC receptacle
Ext DC Receptacles (70A, 70X)
Generator 2,500-watt Cummins Onan MicroQuiet LP Gen 2,800-watt Cummins Onan GAS Gen 2,800-watt Cummins Onan Gas Generator
Solar Optional 100-watt (70M); Optional 200-watt (70A, 70X) Optional 100-watt w/ plug for additional portable solar panel Optional 100-watt Solar and plug for additional portable
Plumbing System
Exterior Service Center City Hookup, Tank Diverter, Drainage Valve, Sewer Hose valve City Water Hookup, Exterior Wash Station w/ Pump Switch City Water, Exterior Wash Station w/ Pump Switch,
Exterior Wash Station w/ Pump Switch 10′ sewer Hose Sewer Hose
Tank Monitoring TrueLevel Holding Tank Monitoring System
Winterization Package Winterization Package – water heater bypass & siphon tube Winterization Package – water heater bypass & siphon tube Wint Package w/ water heater bypass valve and siphon tube
Water Pump On-Demand Water Pump On-Demand Water Pump On-demand water pump
Sewage Pump 12-volt macerator sewage Pump (70X)
LP Tank Permanent mount LP tank w/ gauge Permanent mount LP tank w/ gauage Permanent mount LP Tank w/ gauage
LPG Accessory Connection LPG accessory connection LPG Accessory Connection (Rear) LPG Accessory Connection (Patio Area)
Macerator Pump 59G Gray Tank Only
Holding Tank Flush Holding Tank Flushing System Holding tank flushing System Holding Tank Flushing System
Heated Drainage Optional Heated Drainage System Optional Heated Holding Tanks (59G)
Child Seat Tethers Child Seat Tethor Anchors (sofa & companion seats 70X) Child seat anchors (forward facing dinette – 59G)
Detectors LP, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors LP, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors LP, smoke, carbon monoxide detectors
Fire Extinguisher 10 BC Fire Extinguisher 10 BC Fire Extinguisher 10 BC fire extinguisher
Daytime Running Lamps Daytime Running Lamps Fog lamps
Brake Lamp High-Mount Brake Lamp High-mount Brake Lamp High-mount brake lamp


We do have all floorplans of these models instock now. Please call us to get some more information today.