Winnebago Driver Confidence Package

When the open road starts feeling a little less open, the latest driving aids can help you navigate with confidence and arrive relaxed and refreshed. The Winnebago Driver Confidence Package provides you safety and peace of mind and is available on all new Winnebago Adventurer, Winnebago Vista and Winnebago Sunstar models, the Winnebago Driver Confidence Package is a suite of 9 advanced technologies designed to enhance your comfort behind the wheel.

Technologies for Better RV Control and Handling

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Using advanced radar technology, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you. When that vehicle slows, you automatically slow, and then resume your preset speed and distance when traffic picks back up.

Distance Alert + Distance Indication

The Distance Alert System is designed to help you maintain your distance relative to the vehicle ahead. The system self-adjusts according to the speed and movement of the vehicle ahead and alerts you if you approach too quickly.

Pre-Collision Assist with Active Braking Support

Pre-Collision Assist uses camera technology to detect and alert you to a potential collision with a vehicle or pedestrian directly in front of you during day or nighttime driving. The system can pre-charge and increase brake-assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you brake, and if a collision is imminent, provide active braking support.

Lane Keeping System

The Lane Keeping System scans lane markings on both sides of your vehicle, and will send an audible signal if it senses you are drifting outside of your lane. If it detects repeated lane drifts, the system will display a warning in the message center suggesting you pull over and take a break.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control uses sensors to monitor the speed of each wheel to determine the coach‘s steering angle and direction. If you have to steer sharply, the system adjusts the speed of each wheel to help counter under- or oversteer, making your motorhome more stable and easier to control.

Traction Control

Traction Control helps maintain your motorhome’s grip on the road in unfavorable weather conditions. When the system detects a loss of traction on one or more wheels, it applies selective braking to individual wheels to prevent excessive wheelspin and help maintain control.

Hill Start Assist

When stopped on a slope, the system holds the brake for up to 3 seconds as you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator and begin driving again.

Auto High Beam Headlamps/Control

This system senses poor lighting conditions and switches on the high beams to light the road ahead. It also senses oncoming headlights and dims high beams automatically, so you can stay focused without worrying about blinding other drivers.

Transmission Range Indicator

In Manual Shift Mode, the Transmission Range Indicator provides a visual reference of the gear (M1-M6) you are currently driving in.

The Driver Confidence Package is available on (3) Class A gas models the Winnebago Adventurer, the Winnebago Vista and National Park Vista and the Winnebago Sunstar and the National Park Sunstar. Contact a Lichtsinn RV Consultant today to find out more about these RVs and the advanced technologies found in them.

Winnebago Driver Confidence Package Video

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