Winnebago vs. Other RV Manufacturers

The Winnebago brand has become a household name, synonymous with the word motorhome. Quality. Innovation. Service. That’s what you’ve come to expect from Winnebago. When you see the “W” outside, you know what’s inside. Smart design innovations mean you’ll enjoy industry-first technology, superior craftsmanship built with safety in mind and quality you can trust.

While most RV manufacturers are actually just “assemblers,” getting most of their RV components from other manufacturers, Winnebago actually manufactures over 70% of what is installed inside of a coach. (Appliances are the largest single item that Winnebago does not manufacture bringing this percent down.)

Winnebago vs. Other RV Manufacturers

See key reasons below why Winnebago is a better Manufacturer choice vs. Other RV Manufacturers:

GO GREEN – 75-80% of all waste material that is created from Winnebago Motorhome production is recycled. This is a much higher percentage than other RV manufacturers.

E-COAT PROCESS – Winnebago’s proprietary and innovative E-Coat Process is used to protect the steel components that are used in your RV.  Winnebago fully immerses its steel components in multiple stages of a bath to completely coat them. This process can take up to 5 hours including the E-Coat and topcoat application. Other manufacturers just spray their steel protective coating on components leaving the possibility for incomplete coverage and a future of rust.

METAL EXTRUSION – Winnebago extrudes 75-80% of all steel parts in their Winnebago Motorhomes. They are limited in component size, which is why this percentage is not higher. Again, Winnebago is a true manufacturer vs. other manufacturers who purchase their steel components entirely from 3rd parties.

STEEL FRAME – The #1 cause of RV accident injury is secondary impact (cabinets and other items flying forward). Winnebago embeds metal substructures into its RV sidewalls to provide solid attachment points to keep cabinets and appliances mounted securely in place so items stay put during regular use and during an accident. Most RV manufacturers do not take the care or use the precision instruments Winnebago does to embed these metal substructures.

HOLDING TANKS – Winnebago builds its own holding tanks tailored to the specific floorplan so it can maximize the tank size. Most manufacturers work with set sizes they purchase elsewhere which results in a great deal of wasted space.

AZDEL PANELS – Water and moisture damage tops the list of common RV issues. To prevent this, Winnebago uses Azdel Panels for their installed sidewalls. Azdel panels will not break down when they get wet. The Azdel Panels are produced using a patented blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create a strong, lightweight, quiet, weather and temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV.

ROOF – The Roof on Winnebago Motorhomes is a one-piece fiberglass roof. This roof includes a 10-year parts AND labor warranty. Many other RV manufacturers use a TPO roof. A TPO roof has multiple seams that may be prone to leaking.

SHOWERS – Winnebago manufactures their own shower pans so they can make them whatever size fits in the available space vs. other manufacturers who purchase their shower pans leaving wasted space. Winnebago also attaches their own foam to the shower pans, adhering them together, to eliminate the possibility of leaking. Other manufacturers purchase the pan and foam separately. Since they are (2) separate pieces there is a higher likelihood of leaks.

WOODEN CABINETS – Winnebago builds its wooden cabinets to uniquely fit each RV. Other manufacturers purchase their cabinets so are limited on fit which results in wasted space.

COMPREHENSIVE TESTING –  Winnebago tests raw materials …prototypes… parts… they even test their testers. They do this to ensure that every unit that rolls out of the Winnebago Manufacturing Facility meets their quality standards and exceeds consumer expectations.

WATER TEST – One of the many tests that Winnebago performs on its RVs is a water test. Winnebago water tests 100% of their motorhomes. Winnebago’s water test involves spraying 1,000 gallons a minute, all around the motorhome. This test is done with the slide/s in and the slide/s out. During this process, a technician is going through the motorhome with a flashlight to detect any possible water leaks that might need to be repaired.

From the all-steel cab surround, to the fiberglass roof, to their immersive E-coating process, every Winnebago motorhome is engineered for strength, durability and safety. Taking into account all of the above it’s no wonder that Winnebago is the leader in the RV industry. Winnebago is a manufacturer, not an assembler. What that means for you is, “Every Winnebago is built to provide you years of reliable service.”

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