The Winnebago Solis 59PX vs. the Thor Tellaro 20A

Each year at Lichtsinn RV we help hundreds of guests take to the road in the Winnebago Solis.  From slope to shore, the Solis is built to adapt to any adventure. The Solis 59PX is the longest of the (3) Solis floorplans measuring 21”. A question we sometimes receive is “What is the difference in a Winnebago Solis 59PX and a Thor Tellaro 20A?”

Winnebago Solis 59PX vs. Thor Tellaro 20A

Both the Solis 59PX and the Tellaro 20A are built on the RAM ProMaster Chassis with the extended 159”  wheelbase. Each model features a dinette with 3-point safety belts, a wet bath with cassette toilet, an in-line galley and swiveling cab seats that can join the dinette seating area. Upon first glance, these coaches might look similar, but as you dig a little further you will find there are significant differences between the two. We have listed the key differences between the Winnebago Solis 59PX and the Thor Tellaro 20A below.


SOLIS 59PX: Outside of the Solis 59PX you’ll find durable aluminum running boards installed directly onto the chassis. A D-ring is located on each end of the running board to secure gear or a pet leash to.  The Pop-Top Loft sleeping area is standard on the 59PX, however it can be removed if you’d prefer not to have it. The Solis 59PX has a rear screen door and a side mesh screen door that are easy to stow away when not in use. The side screen door has magnetic catches so you can easily enter and exit without having to fold up the screen.

In the rear of the Solis 59PX you’ll find a rear annex system allowing you the versatility of bringing the outdoors in. The annex system includes a collapsible rod, curtain and magnetic points. The annex system can be used to hang up wet clothing, take an exterior shower or you can use the magnetic points to hang the curtain off the back doors as an awning for an expanded outdoor living space.

TELLARO 20A: The Tellaro 20A has plastic running boards that are lightly secured. They risk cracking or loosening with frequent use. The Pop-Top on the Tellaro is an optional feature and costs over $11,000. The Tellaro does not have a rear screen door but includes a sliding side screen door that is prone to malfunction with frequent use. It also requires that you open the screen door significantly to get in and out of the coach. The Tellaro does not have a rear annex system.


SOLIS 59PX: In the rear of the Solis 59PX you’ll find extended gear space that is designed to store bikes and other large gear during the day and has a Murphy+ bed that can be easily lowered at bedtime. The flooring, ceiling and walls in this area are equipped with L-Track mounts to secure gear. There is a foldable/movable table that can be used that is supported off the bottom bed slats when the bed is raised to use as a workstation or a kitchen countertop extension. When the Murphy+ Bed is lowered, you can still easily access gear stored underneath it from either the dual rear entry doors or from inside the coach.  There is below floor storage in the 59PX allowing you to store additional gear.

The Wet/Dry Bath in the Solis 59PX measures 31”x24” and includes a removable clothes rod. It can also be used as a storage space. There are furnace vents in the bathroom to help dry wet gear.

The Solis 59PX boasts all-season capabilities including ceiling to floor insulation accompanied by zippered air barrier window coverings providing a thermal break from outdoor temperatures. The Solis 59PX waterlines are inside of the coach, so they maintain inside the coach temperature and will not succumb to the temperatures outside.

In the cab area of the Solis 59PX you’ll find a digital rearview mirror. Safety features on the Solis RAM ProMaster include: Crosswind Assist and Blind Spot Monitoring.

TELLARO 20A: In the rear of the Tellaro 20A there is under bed storage on either side of the coach. The only storage in this area is the aisle between the (2) bed storage support areas. There is no table in this area.

The Wet Bath in the Tellaro 20A is significantly smaller than the 59PX and does not have storage capabilities.

The Tellaro has multiple exterior openings and the cassette style window coverings in the Tellaro make it prone to freezing in low temperatures. The waterlines in the Tellaro are outside of the coach allowing them to succumb to the temperatures.

The Tellaro 20A does not have a digital rearview mirror, Crosswind Assist or Blind Spot Monitoring.


SOLIS 59PX:  The Solis 59PX has an Eco-Hot Water System. This system flushes cold water that is in the hot water lines to flow back into the water tank. It also recirculates hot water into the waterlines so that you have instant hot water which minimizes water waste. Inside the Solis 59PX you have a back lit freshwater tank sight glass which allows you to quickly and easily monitor exactly how much water is in the tank.

The Solis 59PX has the Nautilus Water Control Panel. This includes an easy-to-read and use diagram for all of your water utility needs. Wash stations are located on the water panel and at the side entry door, so you have access to exterior showers in (2) locations on the 59PX.

The Solis 50PX includes a 220-watt flexible surface solar panel with a controller (with a Pop-Top) and a 170-watt solar panel with a controller (without the pop-top). The solar controller can handle up to 450-watts.

TELLARO 20A: While both the Travato and the Tellaro feature the Truma Combi Eco Heating System, the Tellaro does not have the Eco-Hot Water System, the Freshwater Sight Glass or the Nautilus Control Water Control Panel. The Tellaro has just (1) exterior shower.

The Tellaro includes a 190-watt solar panel with controller.

As you can see, despite first appearances, the Winnebago Solis 59PX and Thor Tellaro 20A are quite different. A Lichtsinn RV sales consultant can help answer any additional questions you might have on these models.

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