A Winnebago Story from Lichtsinn Motors

Hi there! This is Josh Damm, the Marketing & Special Events Director at Lichtsinn Motors. 

During Grand National Rally I had a few free minutes so I whipped up a story using all of the current model names that Winnebago builds. See if you can spot them all (there are even a few old brands in the story that are no longer produced by Winnebago). 

HINT: There are a total of 21 models listed in this story.


“It was the dawn of a new era at Lichtsinn Motors and the view in Forest City was beautiful — filled with Navion aircraft flown by the Reyo Vasquez family, who had come to Iowa via Barcelona, Spain.

They were given unprecedented access to the skies of the Midwest and they followed their impulse to fly like birds (in this aspect they were the greatest aviators in the world).

From their vertical vista, they had seen sunstars, suncruisers and sunovas in the sky — they were sightseers of the universe from here.

Their grand tour of the Midwest and earlier crossings of longitudinal meridians were highlights of their long careers. As adventurers of the world, they looked forward to each new journey — their perspective constantly changing like a circle morphing into an ellipse.

The Winnebago tribe had discovered Lake Itasca in this region and they were on a mission to explore a new horizon. They looked to Cambria (the classical name for Wales) as their next destination.”


Well, did you find all 21 models? Let us know at: http://www.facebook.com/LichtsinnMotorsRV