Revel Power – Winnebago Purpose Built Power Systems

Experience the world of advanced RV energy management with Winnebago Power, exclusive to Winnebago Motorhomes. This power system can be found on the new completely restyled and reengineered Winnebago Revel. Winnebagos team of electrical engineering experts have designed industry-leading off-grid power solutions featuring state-of-the-art lithium batteries, power management devices and solar panels that make it easy and efficient so you can enjoy the ultimate in RV power performance.

The Winnebago x EcoFlow 5-in-1 Power Hub Pro streamlines power management. This system optimizes energy performance, simplifying operation while saving space and reducing weight. This all-in-one module includes a 3,600-watt pure sine wave inverter, 120V converter charger, DC to DC converter for 12V load appliances and an MPPT solar charge controller. Winnebago Power, may include the Power Hub Pro and Power Max recharging system.

Winnebago Revel Power Systems



The Winnebago® x EcoFlow® 5-in-1 Power Hub Pro streamlines power management and optimizes energy performance, simplifying operation while also saving space and reducing weight. Winnebago® x EcoFlow® 5-in-1 Power Hub Pro is exclusive to Winnebago motorhomes. It combines the functionality of DC/DC converter, inverter, battery, solar and an alternator charger into one device. The easy to use Winnebago  EcoFlow app is intuitive and includes a user-friendly control interface.


Winnebagos best-in-class lithium solutions provide ample power for all of your off-grid adventures. With options ranging from 5kWh – 16.8kWh, you can spend more time enjoying your appliances and devices and less time charging and searching for shore power. The Revel is powered by 7.5 kWh Lithionics batteries and you can expand this with the Power Max upgrade to 15 kWh.


This intelligent battery safety management system streamlines communication between all of the different charging components and the voltage regulator ensures an optimal charging rate. It also includes safety features that can regulate and shut off the batteries if any issues arise and includes real-time monitoring. *Only available if the Power Max. option is selected.


A combo Winnebago manufactured and added auxiliary alternator, provide enough power to run an air conditioner and/or charge batteries at idle. The 48V high-output alternator allows you to fully charge both batteries in just 2 hours of driving. The 2nd alternator provides rapid charging with up to 7,000-watts of power generation while driving. *Only available if the Power Max. option is selected.


Every system is equipped with solar panels, providing you with an additional off-grid energy source for your coach, helping to mitigate daily power loss. It has up to 1600-watts of passive solar collection capability.

Winnebago Power Systems will be added to additional models in the future. To learn about Winnebago Power Systems or the New Winnebago Revel, contact a Lichtsinn RV sales consultant today!

The new Winnebago Revel

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