Travato Tales Contest Winner – Cindy and Carlos R.

After having a 2015 Travato G and putting on over 60,000 miles, we decided the new Pure3 System sounded like what we needed. It would be great when keeping the dogs inside on hot days since the air conditioner would run on the 30 Amp Lithium inverter. If we needed to boondock some night on the road, we would have all the necessities for a short stop. What we didn’t plan was having to use our new Travato KL as a means of housing while we cleaned up debris.

We arrived in Colorado to see the remains of a devastating fire. With our house destroyed, we set about to clean the property.

Using our Travato as housing, we were able to spend numerous days on site with no access to electricity or water. The inverter allowed us to run the microwave or our slow cooker for meals. The refrigerator had no difficulty keeping foods cool. The insulation in this newer model kept us warm at night as the temps were consistently in the low 40’s with frost on our windows each morning.

Although the solar panels did not completely keep the batteries charged, we were able to run for 3 days before having to start our engine and re-charge. It was at these times we enjoyed getting away from the debris and going to town. This 2 hour back and forth drive allowed our batteries to sufficiently charge for another run.

Although we will use our Travato for camping and enjoying national parks around the US, it helped us out immensely during this difficult time.