RV Insurance: Are You Properly Covered?

Are you happy with your current RV insurance?


Do you have the right coverage?


Are you paying too much?


Many Insurance Companies will insure your RV, but often you are only getting coverage for physical damage. It may not cover items that “RV Specific” Insurance does, such as RV Full/Total Loss Replacement (offered on newly purchased RV’s one model year old or newer: if your RV is totaled within the first 5 years, this policy provides the monetary equivalent of what it costs to buy a brand-new RV of the same or similar model, even if it costs more than what you originally paid for your RV.) Lichtsinn RV Insurance offers Agreed Value and Actual Cash Value Policies. RV specific Insurance can also cover items such as: Vacation Liability, Pet Injury Coverage, Fire Department Service Charges or Personal Effects Coverage for contents inside the RV. Most “other” Insurance Policies do not offer these additional benefits. We have found many of our Insurance customers do not have adequate coverage or are simply paying too much for the coverage they do have for their RV insurance. Unfortunately, by the time they realize this they may have already incurred substantial loss or expense.

Did you know that Lichtsinn RV offers RV Insurance!

If you are looking to buy a new RV or just simply looking for possible savings from RV Insurance you’ve already purchased elsewhere, one of our Insurance Consultants can provide you a no-obligation insurance quote. Lichtsinn RV Insurance offers Agreed Value Policies, where in the event of a total loss your payout amount is set for a full 10 years. Most insurance companies offer total loss coverage for a payout amount they feel your RV is worth at the time of the loss.

AND we have Multi-Policy Discounts! Our knowledgeable staff is also able to quote auto, home, motorcycle and boat policies that can provide you additional savings to you as well.

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