Top 14 Questions from the Revel Webcast

We recently held an interactive webcast on the all-new Winnebago Revel (you can re-watch it here) and here are the top 14 questions we had about the Revel.


  1. What are the options for cooling the Revel? The Revel comes standard with a second MaxxAir deluxe powered ventilator fan with rain cover. If you are planning on traveling to warmer climates where an air conditioner is required, you can upgrade the rear MaxxAir ventilator fan to a 13,500 BTU high-efficiency air conditioner. If you don’t upgrade to the air conditioner, the wiring is still there. You can see our Revel Story on the air conditioner power consumption here.
  2. Can the graphics be removed? The Revel comes standard with the exterior graphics package, but you can upgrade to the graphics delete package which doesn’t have any graphics. If you are looking to completely remove all graphics including the logo it is very easily done. See two Revels side-by-side with the different exterior packages here.
  3. What is the cargo carrying capacity? The Revel has a 1,200-lb. cargo carrying capacity with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,550-lbs.
  4. Does the Revel have a TV installed and if not, can one be installed? The Revel does not have a TV installed but you have a couple options for viewing media in the Revel. Lichtsinn RV’s service department can add a TV if you would like, or you can utilize the Ram Mounts that come standard in the Revel and mount an iPad or tablet above the bed or above dinette and stream media through the tablet. You can see our selection of Ram Mounts here.
  5. What are the benefits of an induction cooktop? The induction cooktop in the Winnebago Revel is run off the 1,000-watt pure sine wave inverter, so you will not have to utilize propane in the coach at all. The induction cooktop is cool to the touch and utilizes a magnetic field between the cooktop and the pan to heat food. Induction cooktops heat up quicker than propane cooktops.
  6. How many outlets can operate at one time with the inverter? The 1,000-watt pure sine wave inverter is run to all 110-volt outlets but not to the roof air conditioner.
  7. Can the refrigerator door hinge be switched to the other side? Yes, the door can be switched to the other side, but it will leave a few holes.
  8. What size is the spare tire? The spare tire is mounted underneath the coach between the cross rails underneath the gear garage. The spare tire is a 16” steel wheel.
  9. Can you upgrade the chassis to lithium? Currently, lithium is not an option in the Revel, but because of the location of the AGM batteries, you could upgrade them at a future time.
  10. What are the measurements of the bed at different heights and can you make the front bigger by adding an additional mattress bed and swiveling front seats? The bed is on a motorized system that can lower and raise with the touch of a button. So, you will be able to use the bed at various heights while still having access to storage underneath. We have seen aftermarket accessories that allow you to use the front seats as an additional sleeping space. You can watch our Revel Story on the Flex Bed System here.
  11. How does the espar heater work? The diesel burner uses the main diesel fuel tank to heat a glycol mixture that is circulated thru heat exchangers for coach heat, and flow adjusted continuous hot water.  The Revel fresh water tank and drainage tank are below the floor which are held heavily insulated and both have a glycol line that runs along the edge of the tank to heat the tanks. You can learn even more about the espar heating system here.
  12. Was the suspension upgraded for people who want to get off the road? Everything we have heard from our Revel guests, who are out there getting off-the-beaten path, think the stock suspension is working well. We do have the ability to upgrade and add parts like sumo springs, but we don’t think it is really necessary from everything we have heard.
  13. What is the fresh water tank drain tool and where can I get one? To making drain the freshwater tank in the Revel easier, we’ve created a custom tool that allows you to “dry” winterize your Revel. You can order it here.
  14. What additional technology (like wifi boosters) can I add? We do a lot of technology additions to coaches including adding wifi boosters and cell phone boosters. Wifi boosters amplifies the wifi signal at campgrounds or other locations with open wifi. Cell phone 4G boosters enhance your incoming and outgoing phone signal and can amplify your 4G and 3G LTE signal up to 32 times.

Learn more about the Winnebago Revel here and see our full Revel inventory here.