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The Winnebago Era, a class B diesel motorhome, is designed to be reliable and powerful with on or off-road capabilities and premium interior styling. The Winnebago Era motorhome is also built for all-seasons allowing you to enjoy your Era throughout the year, regardless of the temperature. Built on the Mercedes Benz VS30 diesel chassis, the Era has interior aesthetic upgrades similar to what is in the Mercedes S Class luxury auto.

Winnebago Era

Below we have the most common questions asked regarding the Winnebago Era.


Is the Winnebago ERA 4WD?

Answer: The Era is equipped with standard RWD. However, you may choose the Era’s 4WD drive option. This option provides you on-demand 4WD with hi/low range allowing you to go off the beaten path when the adventure calls for it.


How long is the Winnebago Era?

Answer: The Winnebago Era is 24’3” long.

How tall is the Winnebago Era?

Answer:The exterior height on the Winnebago Era measures 9’8” or 9’10” (with the 4×4 option) and the interior height measures 6’3”.

How wide is the Winnebago Era?

Answer: The exterior width of the Winnebago Era is 6’4.25” while the interior width is 5’9.75”.


What Winnebago Era Floorplans are available?

Answer: The all-season Winnebago Era is available in 3 floorplans, the Winnebago Era 70A, the Winnebago Era 70B and the Winnebago Era 70X. 

The Winnebago Era 70A features rear twin beds measuring 29”x75” each. These beds can be converted into one large bed measuring 68”x75” with the flex bed system. The 70A has a driver side centrally located 24”x43” wet bath and a sofa bed with pedestal table. The driver and passenger seat each swivel to become an integral part of the living space and can join the sofa seating with the expansive pedestal table that reaches each.

The Winnebago Era 70B has a large in-line kitchen and a 2nd row captains chair. The driver and passenger seat each swivel and can join the captain chair seating area with the movable pedestal table.  The 70B has a passenger side centrally located 24”x43” wet bath. In the rear of the Era 70B you’ll find a powered sofa bed that can be reclined into a bed measuring 70”x77”. During the day it is a sofa bed and includes 3 safety belts.  The space below the sofa bed allows for exterior storage that can be accessed from the dual rear entry doors.

The Winnebago Era 70X is very similar to the Era 70B. The difference is the 70X has (2) 2nd row captain’s chairs, allowing comfortable seating for 4 in the front of the Era. The in-line kitchen in the 70X is slightly shorter than in the 70B and the kitchen storage space is reduced to allow room for the additional captain’s chair.

Is there a Winnebago Era with a slideout?

Answer: There is not a current floorplan Winnebago Era that includes a slideout. A previous floorplan, the Winnebago Era 70M did have a slideout but was discontinued as Mercedes discontinued the chassis it was built on that could support the slideout.

What is the Difference between a Winnebago Era 170 vs. 70?

Answer: There is no difference between the Era 170 vs. the 70 and other reiterations you might see in the floorplan names. The reason you see both is simply the different language the factory employees use to refer to the Era vs. how the floorplans are actually marketed to the public.


How do you winterize a Winnebago Era?

Answer: Steps to Winterize your Winnebago Era

Level your Era

Drain Fresh Water Tank and Waterlines

Drain Exterior Shower/Wash Station

Discard the Cold Water Filter

Drain Water Heater

Follow Winterization Valve Process

Pour RV Antifreeze Down Each Drain

Drain Sewage and Waste Water Holding Tanks

Close Dump Valves

Ensure proper air circulation inside of your Era

Ensure the air inside your Era is dry

Ensure the tires are properly inflated and store it parked on dry surface if possible

Wash the Era Exterior

Ensure the Fuel is fresh

Cover any exterior openings that would allow a critter to get inside

These are just some of the items that must be completed to winterize your Winnebago Era. Additional information can also be found in your Era’s owner’s manual.

The Winnebago Era is a fuel-efficient, energy-packed Class B diesel motorhome. The Winnebago Era Camper Van is built for every adventure regardless of the weather. Call a Lichtsinn RV Sales Consultant today to find out more.

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Information current as of 2/15

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