Travato Pure3 Energy Management System Power Calculator

The Pure 3 Volta Power Systems automotive grade 48V energy pack provides 8,700-watt hours, nearly double that of Roadtrek and more than Coachmen.  The energy pack is watertight, durable with the steel housing being the safest on the market, and batteries are climate controlled.

The Pure 3 provides complete 30 AMP whole coach electricity using a 3,600-watt pure sine inverter. The Travato’s dedicated 58-volt alternator, or under hood generator, is twice as powerful as competitors. Its compact design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris and the auto start and high idle control significantly extends air conditioner run time.



The MPPT solar controller provides best in class solar absorption, up to 30 percent better than competitors, giving you more off the grid performance. Simple, seamless operation with one touch button controls incorporate automatic engine start when the battery is low and can recharge a fully depleted system in approximately 1.4 hours.

Volta Power Systems, the manufacturer of the power system has a power calculator on their website if you are looking to see what systems you can run on the Pure3 Energy Pack and for how long. According to the calculator, you can run the air conditioner (all-day at 50% duty cycle), a midsize refrigerator (all-day at 50% duty cycle), a Big Screen LED TV for 6 hours, all of the LED Lights in the coach, an electric water heater (all day at 2% duty cycle) and a microwave for 10 minutes and it would take 10.51 hours before you would need to recharge. This also assumes no recharging during the day form solar, auto start, or plugging in.

You can see the Volta Power Calculator here and you can learn more about the Winnebago Travato 59GL and 59KL with the Pure3 Energy Management System here.