Winnebago SuperStructure Construction

As the largest Winnebago Dealer in North America, we speak to thousands of interested RV buyers each year. Typically, they have already chosen a Winnebago product for a variety of reasons – Winnebago’s innovative products, best-in-class features and many more. However, one reason we hear over and over is Winnebago’s quality is far superior to every other RV manufacturer in the U.S.A.

You can watch our video explaining how Winnebago motorhomes are made here.

A key reason why Winnebago’s product quality is far superior is their legendary SuperStructure construction design. Winnebago refers to their industry-leading construction design (in the Class A and Class C motorhome product lines) as the SuperStructure.Winnebago's SuperStructure Construction Design

The SuperStructure has four main components that make it so super! –

Interlocking Joints – Winnebago uses a specially designed interlocking joint to connect the floor, sidewalls, and roof to evenly distribute the weight, so our “empty shell” is so strong it doesn’t need internal reinforcement. Many competitors rely on simply screwing and gluing their sidewalls and roof together. But with all the weight borne only by those screws, the resulting structure is so weak it requires interior walls and cabinets for stability.

Laser-Cut Tubing – Precision laser cutters create precise joints in structural steel that are stronger and require less welding. While some manufacturers use less-accurate manual saws or cut-off saws. Winnebago’s precision laser cutter can also cut shapes into a tube, and even etches the length of each part directly onto the tube.

Thermo-Panel Sidewalls – By layering fiberglass and high-density block foam insulation with welded aluminum support structures, we create some of the industry’s strongest, most durable and lightweight sidewalls.

E-Coating – To help minimize corrosion, metal parts and components can feature one of several protective coating processes. Critical steel structural components are processed through a multi‑stage full immersion electro-­coating (e-coating) system. E-coating is also used by leading automotive companies to protect their vehicles from corrosion.

Winnebago also uses steel, not wood (like other manufacturers), to create a strong, durable cab substructure. Winnebago mounts the windshields securely with non-hardening sealants, just like an automobile. By using an advanced alignment system when mounting the cab to the chassis, Winnebago ensures a sturdy, square foundation.

There are several other reasons why Winnebago’s quality is superior to other manufacturers. If you are interested in learning more about Winnebago motorhomes, the sales, service and parts team at Lichtsinn RV are subject matter experts on all things Winnebago. You can call us at 1-800-343-6255 or visit our website here.

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