Winnebago SuperStructure Construction

As the largest Winnebago Dealer in North America, we speak to thousands of interested RV buyers each year. Typically, they have already chosen a Winnebago product for a variety of reasons – Winnebago’s innovative products, best-in-class features and many more. However, one reason we hear over and over is Winnebago’s quality is far superior to every other RV manufacturer in the U.S.A.

You can watch our video explaining how Winnebago motorhomes are made here.

A key reason why Winnebago’s product quality is far superior is their legendary SuperStructure construction design. Winnebago refers to their industry-leading construction design (in the Class A and Class C motorhome product lines) as the SuperStructure.Winnebago's SuperStructure Construction Design

The SuperStructure has four main components that make it so super! –

Interlocking Joints – Winnebago uses a specially designed interlocking joint to connect the floor, sidewalls, and roof to evenly distribute the weight, so our “empty shell” is so strong it doesn’t need internal reinforcement. Many competitors rely on simply screwing and gluing their sidewalls and roof together. But with all the weight borne only by those screws, the resulting structure is so weak it requires interior walls and cabinets for stability.

Laser-Cut Tubing – Precision laser cutters create precise joints in structural steel that are stronger and require less welding. While some manufacturers use less-accurate manual saws or cut-off saws. Winnebago’s precision laser cutter can also cut shapes into a tube, and even etches the length of each part directly onto the tube.

Thermo-Panel Sidewalls – By layering fiberglass and high-density block foam insulation with welded aluminum support structures, we create some of the industry’s strongest, most durable and lightweight sidewalls.

E-Coating – To help minimize corrosion, metal parts and components can feature one of several protective coating processes. Critical steel structural components are processed through a multi‑stage full immersion electro-­coating (e-coating) system. E-coating is also used by leading automotive companies to protect their vehicles from corrosion.

Winnebago also uses steel, not wood (like other manufacturers), to create a strong, durable cab substructure. Winnebago mounts the windshields securely with non-hardening sealants, just like an automobile. By using an advanced alignment system when mounting the cab to the chassis, Winnebago ensures a sturdy, square foundation.

There are several other reasons why Winnebago’s quality is superior to other manufacturers. If you are interested in learning more about Winnebago motorhomes, the sales, service and parts team at Lichtsinn RV are subject matter experts on all things Winnebago. You can call us at 1-800-343-6255 or visit our website here.

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Experience the Best℠ at Lichtsinn RV, the #1 Winnebago Dealer in North America for the last five consecutive years. Lichtsinn RV is located 1 mile north of Winnebago Industries in Forest City, IA and we proudly sell new Winnebago motorhomes and pre-owned RVs from various manufacturers. While at Lichtsinn RV, you can expect no delivery miles on new RVs, a complimentary half-day educational orientation of your RVexcellent guest reviews, an assigned support team from sales, parts, service and the business officesuperior accommodationsno-hassle pricing and competitive financing. See our extensive new and used inventory here.

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The Winnebago Vita™ and Porto™ – Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz Powered Class Cs

Winnebago and Lichtsinn RV just announced brand new entries into the class C market, the Winnebago Vita™ and Porto™ built on the fuel efficient Mercedes-Benz® diesel Sprinter® chassis.

The Winnebago Vita™ and Porto combine Winnebago’s legendary build quality with best-in-class features, a spacious interior and plenty of useful storage: the result is a compact and easy-driving package that’s perfect for solo travelers, couples or young families.

Designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter® chassis, the Vita™ and Porto’s™ two all-new floorplans boast the largest galley, the largest bed — even the largest holding tanks in the class. At only 24’7″ in length, the Winnebago Vita™ and Porto are easy to drive and care for, nimble, and comes with Winnebago Industries Durability and Safety Standards.

Winnebago Vita

Standard features on each of the Winnebago Vita™ and Porto™ floorplans include:

1) The SuperShell™ Sleeper Deck; the strong, lightweight and quiet front sleeper, featuring a one-piece fiberglass front cap that is contoured to fit the cab and features best-in-class thermal & acoustic insulation for superior driving and camping comfort.  This structure is made of a 2 part mold-injected EPS foam. It does not have seams so requires no sealant and therefore provides a warm surface with no condensation issues set in a fiberglass inset well insulated cab area.

2) Zamp Powered 200-watt solar energy system, expandable roof top or via portable power connections.

3) Group 31 Batteries, the largest batteries ever put in a Sprinter Class C, providing 210 amp hours of power.

4) In cabinet WiFi, Cellular and Satellite conduit to the roof so you may easily add the connectivity enhancements of your choice to a sealed rooftop box. Simply drill out the identified hole (or have us do it for you) and connectivity enhancements are ready for rooftop mount.

5) A Manifold Water System, reducing the number of water connections. Each tap has its own water line without any connections. Fewer connections makes servicing easier and a simple winterization process.

6) Expansive 43 gallon fresh water capacity, with 41 gallon, each, black and gray tanks.

7) Over 40′ of exterior lighted storage.

8) 80″ long bed in the 24F- the longest bed in its class, allowing comfortable sleeping for individuals up to 6’4″.  The 24P features a walkaround queen bed

9) 7.3 cubic foot residential refrigerator and freezer that runs off the standard 1,000-watt pure sine wave inverter complete.

10) High Density foam dinette cushions that when converted into sleeping area can allow for an additional 6’4″ sleeping area, or location may be used for additional storage.

11)  Higher occupant and cargo carry capacity that previous models, approximating 1,600 lb.

Floorplans Include:

The Winnebago Vita™ and Porto24F Floorplan

Winnebago Vita 24F


The Winnebago Vita™ and Porto24P Floorplan

Winnebago Vita 24P

Winnebago Vita™ and PortoSpecifications

Winnebago Vita Specifications

The all new Winnebago Vita™ and Porto allow you a convenient way to travel with impressive fuel efficiency. Whether you want to travel the country, go off the grid, or simply park in a family member’s driveway, it’s clear the Vita™ and Porto are more than best in class — they are simply in a class all their own.

Call Lichtsinn RV today to find out more about the all new Winnebago Vita™ and Porto.



Emergency Equipment Every RVer Should Have

You’ve probably had people tell you to “be positive” or “don’t worry.” While optimism is a valuable trait in many situations, you shouldn’t let it prevent you from knowing what to do in a crisis or buying the right emergency gear.

In-the-moment emergency supplies

  • Window breaker/Seatbelt cutter tool: If your RV is in an accident and ends up sinking in a body of water, this tool is a lifesaver (literally). It is capable of slicing cleanly through a locked seatbelt and easily breaking glass windows. The tool attaches to a keychain for easy access.
  • First-aid kit: From minor cuts and scrapes to large-scale injuries, it always pays to be prepared. You should always keep a first-aid kit in your car and RV for unexpected emergencies.
  • Fire extinguisher: This is an obvious one, but always make sure you keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible spot in your RV. In addition to purchasing a standard extinguisher, you can install an automatic extinguisher system in the engine compartment, behind the fridge, or throughout the rig.
  • Emergency information card: In case you are involved in an accident and are unconscious when help arrives, be sure to keep an emergency information card in your wallet or pocket at all times. You can buy one to fill out, or make your own with a laminator. Make sure to include your blood type, allergies, and emergency contacts.
  • Pepper spray: You should always have a way to defend yourself, especially while camping. Who knows when some creep is going to sneak out of the woods in the middle of the night? This pepper spray attaches to your keychain and sprays up to 10 feet.
  • Bear spray: Bear spray can be a valuable asset when camping in the woods or mountains, especially in Alaska. With a range of 35 feet, it allows you to stop wild animal attacks before they happen.

Long-Term Emergency Supplies 

  • Bottled water: In the event that something happens to your holding tanks and you are stranded far from civilization, it’s important to have an extra water supply. Keep enough bottled water for your group stored away in your RV.
  • Water purification tablets: If you’re low on storage, an alternative to packing bottled water is to pack water purification tablets. These can cleanse natural water sources of harmful bacteria and make them safe to drink in just 30 minutes.
  • Flash drive: It t may not seem like an emergency item, but a waterproof flash drive containing a will, vehicle titles, and other emergency documents is much more practical than carrying around loads of paperwork.
  • Analog compass: If you end up stranded in a remote area, a good old-fashioned compass is a necessity. Yes, a compass app is available for most smartphones, but if your phone dies, you’ll want a backup navigation system. A paper map of the area is a good idea as well.
  • Glow sticks: During a long-term emergency without electricity, glow sticks are a reliable and waterproof way to produce light. Use them to find your way through the RV, make necessary repairs, or get the attention of rescuers.
  • Batteries: Make sure you pack extra batteries to power devices like flashlights, radios, and walkie-talkies. The last thing you want is for the batteries in all your emergency electronics to die.
  • Portable smartphone charger: A portable smartphone charger can be useful if you wind up with a dead RV battery, especially when you can get a cell signal. This one is waterproof, solar powered, and features a built-in compass and flashlight.
  • Hand crank radio: When you don’t have cell service, you’ll need another way to get weather updates. This hand crank emergency radio warns you about threatening forecasts and requires no battery. It also features a USB port for charging your smartphone.
  • Solar battery charger: Prevent your RV battery from dying by hooking up a weatherproof solar trickle charger. Even on cloudy days, this solar panel can convert sunlight into electricity and keep your battery fully charged.

Roadside Emergency Supplies 

  • Jumper cables: Jumper cables are an essential part of any roadside emergency kit. If your RV or tow vehicle battery dies, you’ll want to restart it. Just hope that another car comes along and is willing to help.
  • Tow strap: There’s always the chance that your RV could get stuck, especially if you’re camping on the beach. This tow strap can pull up to 11,000 pounds and save your vehicle.
  • Emergency flares: Although traditional roadside flares are a common choice, these electronic ones are brighter and last for up to 12 hours. They are also safer and more environmentally friendly, as they don’t release dangerous chemicals or create a fire hazard.
  • Wheel chocks: Use wheel chocks when parking your trailer to prevent it from rolling away, either at the campsite or on the side of the road during an emergency. They might seem like an unnecessary precaution, but the second your trailer starts to leave without you, you’ll wish you had used the chocks.
  • Warning triangles: Give other drivers time to slow down by placing emergency warning triangles along the road behind your broken-down vehicle. You can use these during the day or at night.
  • Safety whistle: If your vehicle malfunctions and you end up stranded without cell service, a safety whistle can save your life. Use it to signal to anyone within a mile.
  • Motor oil: Don’t get stuck without motor oil. Bring some with you so that you can change it if you need to, and bring a funnel to make it easier on yourself.
  • Extra fuel: When camping, it’s easy to run low on fuel far from a gas station. Keep a supply of extra gas or diesel with you, and avoid becoming stranded in the wilderness.
  • Cash: Not many people carry cash with them these days, but you should definitely keep some in your tow car or RV. You never know when you’ll want to thank someone for their help in an emergency (or bribe them to help you).

Emergency Repair Supplies 

  • Extra fuses: It may not be a life-threatening emergency, but blowing a fuse in your RV can definitely make your trip less enjoyable than you planned. Pack extra fuses and avoid the issue altogether, but be sure to check what type of fuse your vehicle uses.
  • Toolkit: It’s good to have some basic tools with you for any minor repairs you have to make on your trip. With this 79-piece, multi-purpose toolset, you can fix everything from loose screws to leaky faucets.
  • Multi-tool pocket knife: For small but crucial repairs, you might not want to lug around your toolkit. Keep this multitool pocket knife handle to fix any small problems your RV might be having.
  • Duct tape: Never underestimate the value of duct tape, no matter where you are. Shattered window? Prevent shards of glass from falling back into the RV by taping it up. Broken taillight? Use this transparent duct tape to fix it and keep you and your family safe on the road.
  • Battery terminal cleaner: Prevent your RV battery from malfunctioning with a battery terminal cleaner. Use it at least once a month to remove all corrosion from the terminal.
  • Headlamp: You never know when you might need to make some nighttime repairs on the road. A headlamp frees up both hands and allows you to see what you’re working on.
  • Disposable gloves: When making repairs in the engine compartment and other grimy areas, it can be very helpful to have a pair of nitrile gloves on hand. You should always keep a pair in your first-aid kit as well.
  • Rain poncho: A rain poncho can also be helpful for those drizzly roadside repairs. The last thing you want is to be soaking wet while trying to fix a tire.
  • Tire repair kit: When you’re out in the boondocks, you can’t always call AAA. This tire repair kit comes with everything you need to fix a punctured tire. As a last resort, always carry a spare tire for your car and RV as well.

Cold Weather Emergency Supplies 

  • Ice scraper: Be prepared for a windshield full of ice in the morning whenever you camp in a snowy spot. This ice scraper/snow brush combo lets you scrape off that frozen layer and drive safely.
  • Tire chains: When driving in icy areas, be sure to fit your motorhome or trailer and tow car with chains. You’ll be grateful for the extra traction when you no longer have to slide around dangerously on the road.
  • Snow shovel: Always remember to bring a snow shovel when traveling in chilly weather. No one wants to be snowed into their campsite with no way to dig themselves out.
  • Hand warmers: In the event that your heater should fail when you’re stuck somewhere cold, hand warmers can provide heat inside clothing or sleeping bags. This pack of 40 air-activated heating packs will warm the whole family.
  • Rainproof blanket: You should always keep a rainproof emergency blanket tucked away in case you find yourself stranded in a freezing environment. You might break down on the side of the road with a broken heater, so make sure you have a way to keep you and your family warm and dry.
  • Waterproof matches: If your RV breaks down and you are stranded without electricity or propane, a fire can keep you warm and heat up your food. Keep a pack of these waterproof matches in your RV at all times.

Accidents happen, and you should always be ready for the unexpected. Having the right gear can be helpful and even save your life in the event of an emergency. Stay safe and add these supplies to your packing list.

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Seven sleeping tips when traveling in an RV

By Edie Marcal of

I’ve always been a huge fan of RVs, and last year, I decided to take my family for an RV camping experience. However, I noticed that RV parks are some of the noisiest places, and depending on your location; you’ll get exposed to sirens, road noises, dogs barking and loud diesel rigs. In any case, sleeping in an RV is still one of the most exciting experiences.

Here, I’ll talk about some of the various ways in which you can improve it to enjoy sufficient sleep during the night.

Winnebago Revel 44E

1. Learn How to Choose The Best RV Parking Spot
I’ve previously mentioned that it gets quite disturbing sleeping in a noisy area. So, you should know how to select the right field.

Here are a few tips:

  • Arrive at the camping ground early.
  • Make sure that you have the right RV parking maps before traveling.
  • Avoid packing next to smelly areas like Dumpsters.

2. Make Sure You Get The Right RV!
Because I wanted to give my family the best camping experience, I had to choose the best RV in the market. These have different levels of quality, and at some point, I felt like I was deciding between brick and stick homes. I even discovered that affordability is better than the quality of sleep when getting an RV for a camping trip.

However, despite your budget, there is something for everyone in the world of RV shopping. I got the Class C Winnebago Aspect because of its luxurious and comfy feel. I, of course, did some few minor adjustments to make it the best full-time lifestyle ‘coach’ to help you fall asleep instantly!

3. Choose a Comfortable Mattress
I also had to choose a good mattress for my family. Keep in mind that even if you have the best camping vehicle, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed will give you sleepless nights. Studies also show that it may cause back and muscle pains and you don’t want such health aches to ruin your outdoor experience, right?

4. Ensure Your Leveling Jacks Are Wholly Extended!
You don’t want your leveling jacks to be partially extended because your RV rocks more once people start walking around inside. I even realized that using ‘auto level’ adjustments of your HWH leveling jacks sometimes prevents the rear jacks from fully extending. In such a case, what happens is that your RV bounces and shifts on its rear suspension. It’s just like it’s your kids jumping around in your truck or car.

Therefore, ensure that you’ve thoroughly extended your jacks until they’re all in contact with the ground and then adjust them from there. By taking some weight away from the suspension, you RV will feel quite stable for a good night’s sleep!

5. Empty Your Suspension Bags
If you’re carrying some load-bearing airbags at the back of your RV, make sure that you take all the air out. I took quite some time before realizing this, but just like the jack extensions, it assists in keeping your camping vehicle from rocking as people move about.

This method works in handy if you don’t have some leveling jacks. Levelling jacks take most of the weight away from the suspension. However, I still noticed that even with leveling jacks, your RV will always carry a lot of pressure with fully packed airbags. All in all, remember to inflate you airbags before hitting the road.

6. Manage Your RV’s Air Flow
Here, it’s crucial to mention that the right airflow plays a huge part in giving you a proper night’s rest. The truth is that an RV feels somewhat stuffy, especially if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Keep in mind that RV’s heat up pretty fast when you’re on the road. So, keep the windows open and buy an active fan to keep the air fresh and crisp.

7. Adjust Your Bedroom Lighting
I like keeping my bedroom reasonably bright. However, I know that there are those of you who prefer sleeping in total darkness. My Winnebago RV has an adequately fixed skylight that glows in the evening, providing one of the most suitable outdoor feelings. I also installed some day-night shades and added some new curtains just to make the room a little bit darker.

There is a lot that you can do to improve your RV for proper sleep. Although these are only seven reasons, I’m sure that you’ve upgraded your camping vehicle using other methods. In any case, choosing what suits you is all you need to do. So, from these tips, which one do you think is the best?

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7 Types of Videos You Will See in Our Video Library

7 Types of Videos You Will See in Our Video Library


Our videos are a great way of learning more about our products, the services we offer, and to get some tips on how-to run features and components on your coach. Here are 7 types of videos you will see in our video library.

1. In-Stock Inventory Videos – Our extensive video library is regularly updated with videos of our in-stock inventory both new and pre-owned. These videos are a great way to get an in-depth look and walk-around of several coaches you may be interested in. See our In-Stock Inventory Videos Here.

2. Live Webcasts with Q&A – Each month, the Lichtsinn RV team broadcasts live from our studio one mile away from the Winnebago Motorhome Division in Forest City, Iowa. We cover various topics and take your questions live. See our Live Webcast Archive Here.

3. How-To Videos – Wondering how to set up the auto-gen feature on your generator or maybe your wondering how to operate your Truma Combi control panel… check out our extensive how-to videos where one of our Winnebago Factory Trained Sales Consultants or RVDA Master Certified Technicians can walk you through the steps. See our How-To Videos Here. 

4. Product Videos – Do you have a specific product in mind? We have an extensive and informational collection of videos on the Winnebago Revel and more! See our Product Videos Here.

5. RV Parts & Accessories Videos – Thinking about adding the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System to your RV? We have videos on that system and more on our RV Parts and Accessories section. See our RV Parts and Accessories Videos Here.

6. RV Service Videos – This section of our website is chock-full of service topics including winterization, de-winterization, orientation videos and more! See our RV Service Videos Here.

7. Product Comparison Videos – Are you debating between a Winnebago product and another brand? We have created a collection of videos that put Winnebago products head-to-head with their competitors to see which product is better. See our Product Comparison Videos Here.

See all of these videos and more in our video library here.

All-New Intent 29L

The all new Winnebago Intent is a re-imagined Class A motorhome that gives you the lifestyle you have been longing for at a price that meets your budget. From the moment you step inside, you’ll realize the Intent is different. Narrow corner pillars in the cab offer incredible views and enhance safety, thanks to better visibility while driving. Complete with an abundance of storage space and an attractive dining and lounge area, the Intent is available in four fresh floorplans. Step outside and enjoy the well appointed Tailgate Package under an easy-to-use powered patio awning. Refill or exchange LP cylinders without driving the motorhome to a filling station. Take advantage of the powered StudioLoft bed above the cab that can be deployed for additional sleeping space. The destination is up to you… after all, you’re the proud owner of the all new Winnebago Intent.










Watch our extensive walk through video of the Intent 29L here.

This coach is powered by the tried and true Ford powertrain:

1.Ford 6.8 litre Triton V10, 3 valve, SEFI

2.460 lb ft of torque or power

3.320 horsepower

4.TorqShift six speed automatic transmission with grade braking

5.Hydraulic ABS

6.Trailering tow package, 5,000 lb with 500 lb vertical tongue weight

7.Seven pin bargman wiring harness

8.Stainless steel wheel liners

9.Automatic hydraulic leveling jacks

10.Rear valve stem extensions

11. Side and rearview camera monitoring system

So many things come standard in the Winnebago Intent, as the only option available is exterior color in Indigo Blue enhancements or Scarlet enhancements, but this Winnebago Intent from Lichtsinn RV includes the following factory installed standard features:

Cab Conveniences

1.Touchscreen RV pivoting radio with side and rearview camera monitor system with 6.2 inch LCD color touch screen, iPod, MP3 input, rear color camera, Bluetooth, all on a rotating display for driver or passenger use

2.Cab seats adjustable armrests, fixed lumbar support, and multi-adjustable slide, recline and swivel

3.Chassis or house battery radio power switch

4.Power mirrors w/defrost

5.Powered MCD blackout front shade

6.Dash workstation with USB and 12 volt power supply

7.Removable pedestal table


1.39 inch HDTV

2.Satellite system ready

3.Tinted windows

4.LED lights

5.Vinyl flooring throughout

6.USB chargers


1.Laminate countertops with decorative backsplash

2.Dual door residential refrigerator and freezer

3.Microwave oven

4.Three burner range with oven

5.Stainless steel double sink

6.Powered roof ventilator fan



1.Shower 26 x 38 in, the largest in the Intent lineup

2.Laminate countertop

3.Flexible showerhead

4.Textured glass shower door


6.Powered roof ventilator fan

7.Towel rings, robe hooks, and tissue holder


1.Queen bed with foam mattress and storage below

2.Powered roof ventilator fan

3.32 inch HDTV

4.Powered upper cab loft bed with smooth, quiet operation


1.Premium high gloss sidewall skin

2.Electric entrance door steps

3.Powered patio awning, 22 ft, with LED lighting


5.Tailgate Package with refrigerator, storage drawer, pull out counter, cargo net, bottle opener, paper towel holder, sink and faucet, HDTV

6.Solar reflective exterior

7.Pass through storage

Heating and Cooling System

1.15,000 BTU high efficiency ducted air conditioner

2.30,000 BTU low profile furnace

3.CumminsOnan 4,000 watt MicroQuiet gas generator

4.Dual deep cycle Group 31 RV batteries


1.Service Center colored labels, pressurized city water hookup with diverter valve, drainage valves, 10 ft sewer hose

2.Six gallon LP water heater w/electronic ignition

3.Heated holding tank compartment

4.Smart LP system with dual removable 20 lb tanks with additional LP capacity

5.Winterization Package water heater bypass valve and siphon tube

Includes the following exterior highlights, in addition to the specifications on our website page and brochure:

1.75 cubic feet of exterior and basement storage

2.80 gallon fuel capacity

3.40 lb expandable LP capacity

4.30 amp electrical service


See Lichtsinn RV’s Intent 29L Inventory here.


Lichtsinn RV has been recognized as the #1 Winnebago dealer, single-location, in North America for 2017- 2018 by Winnebago Industries, Inc. at the Winnebago Redefined Dealer Meeting. Lichtsinn RV has received this award for the last four years.

Lichtsinn RV accepts Top Winnebago Motorhome Dealer Award (pictured left to right) – Heidi Thompson, Vice President and General Manager, Lichtsinn RV; Hope Lichtsinn, Owner, Lichtsinn RV; Ron Lichtsinn, Owner, Lichtsinn RV; Niles Whitehouse, Director of Product Management, Winnebago Industries; Ryan Roske, Director of Product Management, Winnebago Industries; Russ Garfin, Director of Product Management; and Brian Hazelton, Vice President and General Manager – Motorhome Business.
Lichtsinn RV accepts Top Winnebago Motorhome Dealer Award (pictured left to right) – Heidi Thompson, Vice President and General Manager, Lichtsinn RV; Hope Lichtsinn, Owner, Lichtsinn RV; Niles Whitehouse, Director of Product Management, Winnebago Industries; Ron Lichtsinn, Owner, Lichtsinn RV; Ryan Roske, Director of Product Management, Winnebago Industries; Russ Garfin, Director of Product Management; and Brian Hazelton, Vice President and General Manager – Motorhome Business.




















“We are honored to receive this recognition for the fourth consecutive year from Winnebago Industries,” said Ron Lichtsinn, Owner of Lichtsinn RV. “Our team has worked tirelessly to maintain our position as the #1 Winnebago motorhome dealer in North America while providing our guests with best-in-class service. This award reflects each one of our team members who focus on the guest’s experience – everything we do at Lichtsinn RV is for, and about our guests.”

Winnebago Industries also named Lichtsinn RV as the #1 Dealer of Class B motorhomes, #1 Dealer of Class C motorhomes, top 2 dealer for Class A Diesel, and a top 5 dealer for Class A Gas in North America.

“The Lichtsinn RV team and our guests are excited for the upcoming year,” Lichtsinn said, “Winnebago Industries’ motorhome division continues to introduce new, creative products that our guests and team members are passionate about. We appreciate our valued partnership with Winnebago Industries who continue to support our team and our guests.”

In 2014, Lichtsinn RV built a new, state-of-the-art RV dealership and continued expansion and boasting 8 RV service bays for their service guests. The new facility includes a large indoor RV parts and camping accessories store, a spacious service check-in area, a video production studio, indoor delivery and service drive area, and a guest lounge equipped with the latest technology. Lichtsinn RV also offers dealership guests complimentary electrical and water hookups while visiting for RV delivery or service.

Lichtsinn RV sells new Winnebago and Winnebago Touring Coach motorhomes, carries an extensive pre-owned inventory and offers seasonal RV rentals. Lichtsinn RV is the largest Winnebago parts dealer in the United States and provides service to guests from all over the United States and Canada. Lichtsinn RV is the #1 Winnebago Motorhome Dealer in North America for the past 4 consecutive years, as awarded by Winnebago Industries.

Winnebago Introduces the Lithium-Powered Travato 59KL and 59GL

At Winnebago’s Dealer Event in March, the Travato 59KL and 59GL, powered by lithium ion, were introduced. The Pure3 Energy Management System powered by Volta Power Systems ­­is the most powerful, durable, and easy-to-use lithium system in the industry! ­


Under 200-lbs. the three-module automotive grade energy pack provides 8,700-watt hours. It is watertight and durable; the steel housing is the safest on the market. The 59KL and 59GL come standard with the most powerful inverter – a 3,600-watt pure sine inverter – bringing 30 amps of power wherever you go. The Travato’s dedicated 58-volt alternator, or under hood generator, is twice as powerful as competitors. Its compact design keeps it out of the way of curbs and road debris and the auto-start and high-idle control significantly extends air conditioner run time.

The Winnebago and Volta team included the best automotive grade electrical connectors and wiring harness to ensure trouble-free operations and one simple analog gauge that changes color to let you know how much energy is remaining with just a glance.

The MPPT solar controller provides best-in-class solar absorption, up to 30 percent better than competitors, giving you more off-the-grid performance. The Travato 59KL and 59GL come standard with 200-watts with ports to plug-in additional panels.


  • 30 amps – all the time, anywhere
  • Several hours of A/C from stored energy
  • Run everything while driving
  • Amazingly fast charging


  • 8-year battery warranty
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Temperature controlled battery compartment


  • Simple seamless operation
  • Automatic engine start when the battery is low
  • Can charge within 1-hour
  • Highest efficiency solar controller in its class


  • Better neighbor, reduced emissions lower cost to operate
  • Sleep peacefully without a noisy generator
  • Safely leave your pets inside

Learn more about the Travato on our Travato Tales page.

Lichtsinn RV is America’s closest RV dealer to Winnebago and Winnebago Touring Coach Factory, located just one mile north of the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa. Winnebago Industries has named Lichtsinn RV the Top North American Winnebago Dealer for the past 3 consecutive years. We also have the #1 Winnebago Parts Department in the Country, shipping parts throughout the United States and Canada.

Featured Floorplan – Travato 59K


At 21 feet long, and only 9 feet tall, the Travato is unbelievably agile, while still offering a full-featured RV experience that is perfect for the adventurous explorer. The base for the Travato is the Ram ProMaster chassis, which will please value-conscious enthusiasts with its amazing fuel-efficiency. This is the US version of what has been Europe’s most successful commercial cargo van from Fiat, the Ducato. The ProMaster features the 3.6 litre 280 horsepower V6 front wheel drive gas powertrain, paired up with a six-speed automatic transmission! Plus, with torque at 258 lb.-ft. you can still tow up to 3,500 lbs.!

With swivel cab seats, LED lighting, GPS touch screen navigation with SiriusXM satellite radio, a split dinette, and an abundance of features, the Travato delivers a whole lot of fun for less. It has all features for a full RV experience, including a 2,800-watt CumminsOnan gasoline generator, Coleman Mach 10 quieter 13.5 BTU high efficiency AC, Truma Combi hot water and heating system, refrigerator and freezer, and microwave and convection oven that will allow you to bake, brown and roast just like a traditional oven! 

59K Floorplan

Features unique to the Travato 59K include a rear bathroom with wardrobe and fold-down lavatory sink and the Flex Bed System that transforms two twin beds into a cross-coach sleeping area. Simply swivel the cab seats and utilize the pull-out extension and flip-out table for eating or working space.

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The Winnebago Revel Cassette Toilet…The Story

The Winnebago Revel 4×4 was designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts, the all-new Winnebago Revel takes a no nonsense approach to adventure with a straightforward design and function-driven features. Taking full advantage of the proven 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the Revel’s 3.0 litre turbo diesel puts 325 lbs. ft. of torque through an on-demand 4WD system, complete with high and low range and hill descent mode for added off road capability.

Storage and living space are maximized by the flared body and Power Lift Bed that converts to a 49 x 79 inch sleeping surface. Welded aluminum cabinet face frames, dual pane windows with insulated shades, and snap-in screens for fresh air circulation all contribute to the Revel’s off the grid livability.

An additional feature that assists Revel owners to stay “off the grid” for longer is the cassette-style toilet. A cassette toilet pairs the comfort of a permanent toilet with the convenience of a portable black tank.


Portable cassette black tank located on the exterior of the coach.
Cassette black tank located on the exterior of the coach.












Watch THIS VIDEO to find out more about the Winnebago Revel Cassette-Style Toilet


Swiveling toilet inside the bathroom.
Swiveling toilet inside the bathroom.












The 5-gallon cassette in the Winnebago Revel allows you to easily transport the tank to a dumping area specifically for cassette toilets in State and National Parks. Simply remove the cassette from the locking side compartment, unlatch the handle and roll it to the dumping station. Moving inside to the bath, the swiveling toilet allows users to position the toilet for comfort. The operation of the cassette toilet is very similar to other RV toilets.

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