Using and Storing the Travato’s Volta Power Systems Pure3 Lithium Energy System in Extreme Conditions

The Winnebago Travato 59KL and 59GL are equipped with the Pure3 Energy Management System featuring the most powerful, durable and easy-to-use lithium energy system in the industry. This best-in-class system is built in the U.S.A in partnership with Volta Power Systems. Pure3 is built with advanced engineering and a simple user interface so you can have confidence and peace of mind as you travel down the road. Designed for reliability, the Pure3 system makes replenishing power fast, simple, and available through multiple charging options. In mild and extreme conditions the Pure3 Energy System can meet all of your power needs without requiring power hookups or the use of a generator.

Pure3 Energy Management System

Usage in Extreme Temperatures

The lithium battery pack is in a sealed and insulated compartment. Temperatures in the compartment are regulated by the interior temperature of the motorhome.  A good rule of thumb is that if you as the coach owner are comfortable inside, so is your Pure3 lithium pack

The Travato’s Volta Power Systems Pure3 Lithium Energy Pack is sealed in a battery compartment that is heated and cooled with an environmental fan:

  • Fan will turn on at 59°F (Heat Mode) or 110°F (Cool Mode).
  • Fan will turn off at 68°F (Heat Mode) or 90°F (Cool Mode).

The Pure3 pack is discharged as required by the load and should only be used around the following conditions:

  • High Temperature Limit: 135°F
  • Low Temperature Limit: -4°F.

Note that if High Temperature Limit is reached, the pack must cool to 126°F before discharge can continue.

As with all lithium batteries, charging can occur in a wide variety of climates, but as with any battery it does have its limits

  • High Temperature Limit: 117°F
  • If High Temperature Limit is reached, the pack must cool to 109°F before charging will resume.
  • Low Temperature Limit: 37°F
  • If Low Temperature Limit is reached, the pack must heat to 43°F before charging will resume.


As with any storage system, like batteries, fuel or water tank, preparations should be made to protect the life and performance of the Volta Power Systems Pure3 lithium power system when not in use.

  • Charge the Volta Power Systems Pure3 lithium energy storage system to greater than 50% SOC as indicated on the SOC gauge in the vehicle.
  • Turn OFF all vehicle electrical features powered by the Volta Power Systems Pure3 lithium system. This includes DC and AC electrical features in the vehicle as well as the inverter/charger by their control switch or display.
  • With the vehicle engine off and the shoreline unplugged, press the Volta Power Systems Pure3 lithium energy storage pack ON/OFF button. When you turn the button off, the green light on the button may stay on for a period of time while the system shuts down all components. This can last up to a couple minutes. The gauge may blink blue momentarily during this time. You will know the pack is properly shut down when the lights on the button and gauge are completely off. At this time power should no longer be available from the system. The Volta Power Systems Pure3 lithium energy storage pack is now deactivated and the power distribution devices are off.

A few other notices you should be aware of during storage:

  • Volta Power Systems recommends the Pure3 pack be turned on every 3 months to ensure the state of charge is at 50% or above
  • Overnight temperatures in storage can go to as low as -40°F during storage so long as the average temperature for any three month time period does not exceed the temperature range of -4°F to 113°F

Winnebago Travato

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